The Demockratic Alliance is behind you

What the DA is doing to democracy, in the name of democracy, mind, is nothing short of political debauchery.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 16 December 2013. 07h00. There is a rather bold way of saying what the DA is doing to democracy in Oudtshoorn. As, of course, the DA is doing to democracy in Springbok… without as much as a news word about the outrageous carnal interaction with Lady Democracy in Nama Khoi.

JEF (The Justice and Equality Front) captures it well, as if on 8mm, and exposes the Demockratic Alliance for the political plotters who represent the party – under an apt banner: Oudtshoorn’s Watergate and the Deep Throat DA.

Remember Linda Lovelace in Louis Peraino’s infamous, or famous, 1972 Deep Throat, directed by Gerard Damiano? Yeah, that one. The term was used in Watergate too, of course, also in 1972. Deep Throat, the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post, was later identified as Mark Felt.

JEF reports:

On June 24, it was decided to settle the Pierre Nel (DA councillor) v Oudtshoorn Municipality matter by delegating one Ben van Wyk, arrogating as executive mayor on the humpback of May 31, to sign the necessary documents at the offices of DA supporter, boniface, arts entrepreneur, winemaker and attorney Nic Barrow (still one man only despite numerous claims to fame).

Yet it is other items in the notes of that June 24 meeting, notes in the hand of caucus secretary and girl Friday, councillor Julia le Roux Krowitz, that beg attention!

Here is the transcript (it may seem confusing but will soon be explained – this clearly shows how vicious politics is in the Western Cape)…

Read it and be informed: Oudtshoorn’s Watergate and the Deep Throat DA

Remember, the Demockratic Alliance is behind you… take utmost care.

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Click here to follow @DrewanBaird on twitter for updates, new stories, and additional comment
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3 thoughts on “The Demockratic Alliance is behind you

  1. Any news on the Wessie issue Ed? Our undercover comrade must be victorius and then help ANC take it over in 2016- our cadres are not getting enough tenders like when he used to be a I.D councilor there hey.

  2. And so……. It’s that time of the year
    so much gain, so much to fear.
    Everyone is enjoying, celebration, or nursing leaking or licking their wounds, during this much deserved ‘time out’
    Save for those that cannot sleep, deprived of any form of comfort or rest.
    We need more people like that.
    Just enough concions to keep them,
    Just enough to keep them, awake
    Cos sleep won’t come
    For concions sake.
    For those who have lost even that privilege
    Fake it, FOR FAKE SAKE.

    Otherwise, everything is in recess..
    No captain to lie, no reason why, no need to deny
    Main aim is to protect and polish image, what’s left of it, with false friends and suspicious neighbors, whose favours can be persuaded with oom tas and cousin KWV, depends on which side of the railway line.
    No services, no government, no teaparties no nothing.
    What a bargain.
    Everybody knows, everybody sins, everybody wins.
    While dog eats dog, dealer/wheeler and ratepayer grins.

    Dramatic Allowance wish you and themselves well
    Sammy Sammy, ring the bell
    All is just swell.
    In fact give that man a Bells
    Beat it,
    Your greed will need it.

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