Oudtshoorn’s political reality

The indisputable facts

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 8 December 2013. 16h00. It cannot be overemphasised… because of mendacious and biased mainstream news reporting:

Oudtshoorn is governed by an ANC/NPP/Icosa Alliance commanding 12 votes in a council of 25. The opposition DA/Cope Alliance commands 11 votes as the voting rights of two of its members, Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk, remain revoked by council resolution until the suit brought by the Western Cape minister of local government has run its course.

Six indisputable facts remain:

1. In the days leading up to May 31, the DA, represented by a combination of two or more groupings of local councillors, national and provincial leaders, and functionaries and facilitators acting in concert, convinced, for pecuniary reward, 5 ANC councillors to switch allegiance and support illegal DA motions of no confidence in Oudtshoorn’s speaker, mayor, and deputy mayor on May 31.

2. On May 31 the DA/Cope Alliance unsuccessfully attempted to illegally take over the council.

3. On June 24 a meeting of some of the DA/Cope Alliance councillors and others advising or auditing, discussed the illegal registration of voters not ordinarily residing in the eventual swing ward 13.

4. On June 25 the DA/Cope coalition, by its illegally elected assumed mayor, Ben van Wyk, entered into an agreement with Nel to settle the Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality suit relating to the appointment of a former municipal manager, the Reverend Noël Pietersen. This “settlement” callously landed some R4.5m in legal cost in the unsuspecting laps of Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers.

5. On September 20 council resolved to revoke the voting rights of Nel and Van Wyk, pending disciplinary action by the minister.

6. This status quo remains pending the conclusion of the minister’s law suit, brought without locus standi, but containing elements permitted by the high court.

The DA/Cope cabal has refused, on numerous occasions, to attend round table negotiations to address differences.

The DA steadfastly refuses to support the budget and IDP, voted on March 27 and subsequently adjusted to accommodate the DA’s minority demands.

The DA steadfastly refuses to consider any critical items of council business and demands that motions of no confidence only, at this time already rejected by council, be considered.

This matter is responsibly managed by the speaker, even in the face of regrettable hostility spawned of the noisome agglomeration of fatuity, mental faineance and irrational bias; forged in the smithy of frustration; honed in the atelier of enmity and sold in the thrift shop of two penny bargains by the very supporters of the actual powers responsible for the wrangle.

In short, people refusing to acknowledge the facts are sowing dissent for personal reasons while claiming to have Oudtshoorn’s interests at heart. They don’t. Period.

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11 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn’s political reality

  1. Auntie, Auntie, Auntie… G’n niemand is geskors nie. Meestal die gevolg van die DA se slapgat houding en weiering om op te tree teen sy agterbakse raadslede.

    DA-raadslede Pierre Nel en Ben van Wyk se stemreg is opgeskort hangende skorsing… al dan nie, synde die Weskaapse DA-minister van plaaslike regering iets sal moet doen om die raadslede te verwwyder. “Doen” en “Bredell” is nie woorde wat in een dokument saam gebruik kan word nie. Behalwe as die “doen” op mors dui.

    Doen die moeite, Auntie, en vra ‘n DA-raadslid – enige DA-raadslid – oor die opskorting van die stemreg: Die raad, die hele raad, DA inkluis, het gestem (12-0) om die stemreg op te skort. Dit was toe nooit iets wat die speaker gedoen het nie, maar iets wat ‘n behoorlik gekonstitueerde raad gedoen het.

    Kry jou feite reg.

  2. Ed – vergeet jy weer gerieflikheidshalwe dat net die Minister van Plaaslike Regering ‘n raadslid mag skors – volgens die wet? Die Speaker het dit op homself geneem om die raadslede te skors nog voordat die raad ‘n verslag gekry het of voordat ‘n dissiplinere verhoor plaasgevind het. Daar is prosedures wat gevolg moet word volgens die Orde reels van die raad!

  3. Auntie

    Die ANC / Icosa / NPP-koalisie het tans 12 stemme in die raad; die DA / Cope-koalisie 11… die gevolg van DA-oneerlikheid.

  4. Ek sien dat jy gerieflikheidshalwe liewer vergeet het dat daar ‘n tussenverkiesing was op 7 Augustus 2013 waarna die DA/COPE nou die meerderheid in die raad het – 13 teen die ANC koalisie van 12.

  5. En niemand praat oor die DA se verregaande gedrag nie. Vooroordeel is ‘n teef, nè.

    Willem, ek jaag jou saam met Ruth om jou gal te braak op Sê Jou Sê… hierdie draad gaan oor jou maatjies, die Domokratiese Alliansie, se onnoselheid en oneerlikheid.

  6. But, Ed, the Speaker PROPOSED the suspension of voting rights to Council. Clearly an illegal action. And this after a flaud dissiplinary process. You skipped a few steps. For example-There was no committee of council investigating the prema facie evidence. The Speaker brought the RECOMMENDATION after “his own” investigation.

  7. Wassie die speaker nie, Gert… maak oop die ogies en die oortjies.

    Ek en Gordon April het vrede gemaak en werk goed saam. Die anties (van beide geslagte) met die doeke moet dit liefs begin aanvaar.

  8. My vraag het die speaker die reg om iemand se stemreg weg te neem en doen die groep in beheer dan alles reg Het die graad 4 klong ,ek (haal u aan) dan nou so vinnig geleer dat hy en sy span die dorp nou perfek bestuur U fuksioneer moes baie goed op die negatiewe

  9. Elke keer as die DA se ondermyning van die raad berig word, is daar kommentators wat die aandag van die DA se ondermyning aflei met verwysings na gans ander sake.

    Enige kommentaar kan op Sê Jou Sê gepos word; hou egter op bepaalde drade by die ondererrp.

    Ruth, pos gerus jou kommentaar op betalings op Sê Jou Sê.

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