DA control?

A new Leon Schuster movie

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 December 2013. 08h10. So. The Dumbocratic Alliance still does not control the council.

It’s been 186 days since Theuns Botha announced that the DA had taken over the Oudtshoorn council.

During this 6 month period the DA “took over” more times than one cares to recall – including yesterday, if car broadcasts in the townships Sunday evening were to have been believed.

At this time the DA knowns not a next step. One had been suggested, and the strategic supreme team of legal virtuosos and strategic mavins – Koos Cilliers, Michael Brewis, Anton Bredell, Fiona Stewart, Jac Bekker, Theuns Botha, and Chris MacPherson – is mulling it.

This is the lot responsible for what Leon Schuster will produce next year: How to botch a 5 vote swing in a 25 member council holding 12 to start.

Chuck Norris will play Bredell.

On a serious note, the DA’s performance continues to be embarrassing by all measures of means.

The botchup is the result of equal measures of arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity.

This can’t possibly be a government in waiting.

Can it!?

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5 thoughts on “DA control?

  1. Pastoor Ronnie Prins jy en dominee Esau Willemse het julle godtheid verruil vir politiek.en vir geld.dit is mos weer desember maand drink tyd vir jou pastoor ronnie drink tyd.julle doen al die vuilgoed onder die naam van die Here.en dominee Esau die fontuintjie raak leeg.

  2. John stoffels as gita mcgregor mors al di geld mar op di ou einde misluk di plan. En drewan baird as Zinzi skinder als oor wat hy hoor. hie is I paar gesegde. 1 die wiel draai
    2 slim vang sy baas
    3 moenie te hard juig oor sukses nie.die mense wat jou vandag toejuig staan jou more teen wanneer sake vir jou verkeerd loop-zinzi jy kan di boodskap afgee vir Gita

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