The Wessie matter comes to a head

Dis nou naby fyndraai

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 28 November 2013.

09h51. The motion is not tabled because Order Rule 35.2 was not adhered to…


08h10. It now seems quite clear that Eden executive mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen will survive the brutal boiled lettuce and asparagus assault by Western Cape minister for local government and provincial party secretary Anton Bredell.

The feckless Bredell is twitching out of action yet again.

An ANC Motion of No Confidence filed with Eden MM Godfrey Louw yesterday may not be tabled on December 3 for technical and political reasons.

O!O’s indefatigable Cape DA source reveals that the two ACDP members, and the DA’s Lionel Esau and Johann Koegelenberg, and at least one other, would very probably support an opposition motion even in the face of suspension, or expulsion. Especially Esau, the executive deputy mayor, was rather vociferous in his intention to support the motion – any motion to get rid of Wessie.

But Wessie will prevail, so it now seems. Because the DA leadership won’t allow his removal, and the ANC will not do the DA’s dirty work for them.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 25 November 2013. 13h40. And now the ANC has the four votes it needs in Eden, and a fifth is beckoning.

Wessie, it seems, is history.

So… poor Raymond Wildschut was “elected speaker” by the Oudtshoorn “DA majority” (yawn) Friday, and not the political wizard MacPherson, because Ray had suddenly sprung a serious money problem.

If Wessie now also has to be accommodated in the Oudtshoorn top three, the poor DA caucus has a serious problem…

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 24 November 2013. 08h00. On December 3, all things being equal – and politics being as unequal as a loaded dice – the DA controlled Eden council will consider a motion of no confidence in its DA mayor, Oudtshoorn delegate Wessie van der Westhuizen.

The DA caucus threatened to introduce such a motion earlier but was prohibited by the DA leadership. Eden matters, see, are not left to Eden councillors; Eden matters are managed by the DA leadership, some 400km away from the council and several light years away from the constituents.

This time round, a source close to the happenings and doingses tells, a member of the Eden opposition will introduce the motion of no confidence.

DA Speaker Doris Nayler has indicated that she will allow the motion. (If not, will Anton Bredell approach the High Court!? He-he-he-he…)

If the opposition backs the motion in solidarity, only four DA coalition votes are necessary to topple Wessie.

The DA leadership has warned the caucus that any member who supports the no confidence motion will be summarily suspended.

Yet O!O has learned that there are three certain DA coalition votes in the bag and the fourth is about to be secured.

Whether Wessie is guilty of the charges against him or not is virtually no longer relevant – the Eden DA caucus do no longer want Wessie as mayor, or even as member. Period.

Why the DA leadership persists in backing Wessie is quite clear: Wessie is the highest ranking Independent Democrat local government politician beside the party leader, Patricia de Lille.

Therefore Wessie’s continued mayorship, and the associated remuneration, remains a source of income for the ID desperately in need of all it can possibly get and then some.

Also, the DA leadership needs to pander to Pat. She had been on the front stoep of the ANC mansion, approaching the wide open door where lovely goodies beckoned, in the weeks leading up to the 2009 elections, and she is, so O!O hears, even closer to that mansion’s door at this time… and smiling seductively.

Give it up for Pat: She is a formidable negotiator – hell, she sold her bankrupt party to Helen at a ridiculous premium. And she is an expert political merchandiser; she knows how to manipulate the political market to position her quite inferior product for top dollar. Surely, having passed the ANC opportunity in 2009, she is now worth even more than then.

In consequence, the Western Cape minister of local government, Anton Bredell, now firmly entrenched as the most ineffectual of Zille’s mediocre white men, cannot possibly move against a Pat pet. Not that Bredell would have acted if he was allowed to do so by The Madam.

Back to Wessie. He has to lodge his appeal by week-end. He is not ready. He probably won’t be ready in time. High probability, this. Really, O!O knows this.

So Wessie is negotiating.

O!O’s Cape source of impeccable standing tells that Wessie has spoken to Agang and even to the EFF.

“But they’ll never be able to pay him what he demands”, cried an O!O confidant.

Who knows the price of a foothold, though?

And in politics power promissory notes are the currency of the day. But the notes are worthless – consider the DA such payment for the poor sods who crossed in Oudtshoorn on May 31.

Hope, however, springs eternal. And Wessie is in need of hope. There’s an entire academic discipline considering false hope and why it sells.

December threatens.

I, for one, if I am allowed a personal statement, hope Wessie makes it somehow, any how. It’s wrágtag difficult not to like the man. I wish him well. He has some hard decisions to make.

The probability of error, Wessie, multiplies the longer one deliberates.

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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16 thoughts on “The Wessie matter comes to a head

  1. @Demit is daar ooit samesweerders,of het Demit net dalk baie slinkse manier gevind om almal te blameer behalwe homself en wil graag persepsie skep dat daar samesweerdees bestaan. Wil Demit ook nie net dalk die sogenaamde same sweerders se name beswaddeer om sy meester se agenda te pas nie?

    Geskrewe bewyse is baie belangrik as mens persone as samesweerders wil uitwys, of werk afluister feite ook deesdae op hof?

    Ek dink nou aan Eden Raads vergadering waar sekere O.D raadslid met ANC saamgesweer het en swak begroting ingestem het- dis bewys weet ek.

    Wat is sy naam nou weer Demit?

  2. Ja wat ne, nou hoe kon ANC dan nou die orde reel vergeet?

    Wie se nie dalk Wessie self het dit met ANC so gereel nie- om komplot teorie verder te versterk.

    Die hemel behoede ons vir DA/ANC en wie ook al. Almal ewe korrup en mags behep

  3. “Demit” Jy leef in n droom wereld van jou eie. Spreuke 26:4 Antwoord n dwaas nie na sy sotheid nie, sodat jy ook nie soos hy word nie. Spr 15:21 Sotheid is n vreugde vir die verstandlose, maar n mam van verstand wandel reguit. Spr 27:22 Al stamp jy die sot in n stampblok tussen graankorrels met n stamper, sy sotheid sal nie van hom wyk nie.

  4. Vir almal van julle wat my seun se naam so beswadder met verkeerde feite en onder skuilname, hou op soos lafarts wees asseblief.

    Ek is net dankbaar dat hy nie op jul snert reageer nie,al weet ek hy voel by nou al seker so!

    William Smith, thank you for your input below.

  5. Demit

    I wish to echo everything that Anthony Le Fleur mentions in his reply to your insultive message.

    Tertuis Simmers and Doris Nayler Brown, what a shame that your names are now being raped by faceless individuals for a sinister scheme- but I know your real charachters.

    Tertuis Simmers, knowing you and your family as well as I do- since when do you have two new brother in laws? In Plettenberg Bay you only have one sister,who’s husband. In a maintenance man for Brian.

    Your three sisters in Cape Town are all married and they still reside and work their with their spouses… where the two new brother in laws?

    Your wife is the only daughter after her sister died, and both her brother live and work in Plettenberg Bay….so what is Demit talking about?

    Its a pitty Demit is a faceless, spineless individual who clearly just wants to stir trouble.

  6. Dear Demit

    Unlike you I am writing under my own name,not some shady false identity to hide a individual who has cowardice behaviour.

    William Smith- don’t know him, perhaps if he can give details after this message I can.

    No more DA- another individual like yourself taking the cowards way on this platform.

    I really hope that Tertuis Simmers and all of the you attack on this platform in your message below, respond under their own names to your false accusations (unless you,Demit, can prove it)

    Attacking a person on personal issues, some really questionable unless you can prove them to me, is another assanine and cowardice act from a person(s) who do not wish to be held accountable.

    This persistant hammering on the licence issue of Simmers is becoming stail…I hope you realize he has rectified his mistake and apologized to the community- under his own name as well.
    If you feel so strong about the issues you highlight- why not make a case with the public protector, under your real name of course.

    And if Tertuis Simmers’ two brother in laws are employed by Eden,why don’t you report it to the Eden MM.

    Tertuis,Doris,Lionel,Koegelenberg ( thank you “Demit” for another name to pray for) and the ACDP caucus members, we are praying for you…because clearly the deceiver and destroyer of all that is good is using a lot of people to attack you guys- God bless you.

  7. Dit is nou twee-maande-en-een-dag sedert die Eden Distrik Raad op 27 September kragtens klosule 14(2)(d) die LUK, Anton Bredell, versoek het om Wessie te verwyder as raadslid.

    (14)(2) If the council or a special committee finds that a councillor has breached a provision of this Code, the council may—
    (a) issue a formal warning to the councillor:
    (b) reprimand the councillor;
    (c) request the MEC for local government in the province to suspend the
    councillor for a period;
    (d) fine the councillor; and
    (e) request the MEC to remove the councillor from ofiice.
    (3) (a) Any councillor who has been warned, reprimanded or fined in terms of
    paragraph (a), (b) or (d) of subitem (2) may within 14 days of having been notified of the decision of council appeal to the MEC for local government in writing setting out the reasons on which the appeal is based.

    So se die wet. Baie eenvoudig.

    Dit is baie duidelik uit die bostaande aanhaling, [klosule 14(3)] van die wet dat daar onder hierdie omstandighede waar ‘n raad besluit op, of skorsing vir ‘n tydperk (c), of ontslag van ‘n raadslid (e) soos in hierdie geval, daar geen appel na die LUK bestaan nie.

    Dit maak sin, want die LUK se rol is slegs om uitvoering aan die raad se versoek te gee. (Hy kan nie dit doen en dan nog die appel gesag wees nie.)

    Die wet verlang nie van die raad om hom van enige motiveering, inligting en/of bewyse van enige aard te voorsien nie, buiten net die blote versoek om te skors of te ontslaan. Dit is dus nie nodig vir die LUK om sy maaaind te apply nie, nog minder het hy ‘n keuse om die raad se versoek van die hand te wys of selfs te wysig nie soos die geval sou wees as hy ‘n appel ingevolge klosule 14(3)(a) sou moes oorweeg. Daar is niks om te oorweeg nie.

    Dit kan nie eens 5 minute vat om te doen wat gedoen moet word nie. ‘n Goeie PA sou sommer klaar die nodige document opstel en by die versoek aanheg vir die LUK om te onderteken. NIKS MEER IS NODIG NIE.

    Sedert 27 September reeds versuim Bredell om sy wetlike plig in die verband na te kom. Hoekom?

    Nogmaals hoekom, veral in die lig van die eed wat hy afgele het:

    “The Premier or Acting Premier of a province, and each member of the Executive Council of a province, before the Chief Justice or a judge designated by the Chief Justice, must swear/affirm as follows:
    “I, A.B., swear/solemnly affirm that I will be faithful to the Republic of South Africa and will obey, respect and uphold the Constitution and all other law of the Republic; and I undertake to hold my office as Premier/Acting Premier/member of the Executive Council of the province of C.D. with honour and dignity; to be a true and faithful counsellor; not to divulge directly or indirectly any secret matter entrusted to me; and to perform the functions of my office conscientiously and to the best of my ability.
    (So help me God.)
    Wat presies verhoed of weerhou Anton Bredell om sy eed om die wette van ons land te respekteer en daaraan uitvoering te gee?
    Wat presies verhoed of weerhou Anton Bredell om die funksies van sy amp getrou en tot die beste van sy vermoens uit te voer?
    Is om ‘n briefie te laat tik en te teken bo sy vermoens?
    Het Bredell al bedank?

  8. Anthony Le Fleur alias William Smith allias No more DA die ene Tertuis Simmers jy wat `n erkende … is,die eens waardige Doris Nayler wat die Burgemeester gedreig het “ek kom vir jou” en Lionel Esau wat ten alle koste Burgemeester wil wees,maar die DA toets lelik gefaal het remember.Hy het die laagste punt in die evaluering vir Burgemeester ontvang.Watter integriteit het julle. Jy het duidelik geen benul van die bestekenis van die begrippe “normes en waardes nie.`n Jaar het verloop na jul miljoen rand ENS heksejag en steeds sit Teflon Wessie stewig teen die muur want Teflon het `n tien jaar waarborg.Julle wat nou die ANC mosie wil ondersteun om op te maak vir jul miljoen rand ENS mistykie (belastingbetalersgeld) Gepraat van korrup:Jy wat vir vroulief `n 45 000 rand joppie as PA by George Munisipaliteit losgeslaan het en onthou ook sommer die twee swaers se aanstelling by Eden en dat jy vir ses jaar sonder liksens gery het.As jy nie weet wat korrupsie is nie,kyk maar gerus na jouself. Hoe de donner die DA nog met jou, Lionel Esau en Doris Nayler kan opgeskeep sit, sal net hulle weet,want julle doen alles in jul vermoee om jul eie Burgemeester te laat faal.Dan is daar `n voltydse raadslid Johan Koegelenberg wat geen respek het vir sy plaaswerkers nie,wat feitlik nooit op kantoor is nie.Hoe de fok kan hy die belange van die kiesers dien.Eden staan stil en is `n wit Olifannt danksy julle vendetta.Nou verwag julle dat die ANC julle vuilwerk moet doen-sies man.

  9. Once an individual starts contemplating vandetta theories against him,there is normally two things it says about him:

    1. This is an unprincipled man, who is willing to protect himself by making people believe hi lies

    2. This is a man who does not confront the facts on the table in real legal manner to prove them wrong

    Sadly, Wessie characterizes both points above.

    I believe he has now gone a few steps further:

    1. As he cannot debate Tertuis Simmers,Doris Nayler,Lionel Esau and his ACDP “caucus partners” on principles- attack their credibility

    2. Use COPE as his praise singers- because Vuyani Gouws’ contract is linked to his term and “Eerwaarde” Maxim just has not got the grey matter it requires to even be a councilor

    3. Use this platform himself under false names and or his office staff to further attack Tertuis Simmers,Doris Nayler,Lionel Esau and the Eden MM

    Sadly in the DA those that are principled normally are offered on the altar for morally corrupt “leaders” like Wessie- really a sad story all on its own.

    To Tertuis Simmers,Doris Nayler,Lionel Esau and your ACDP “caucus partners”- given how you are being attacked with inaccurate information and personally, remember that your moral and just values set you appart from those morally corrupt individuals leading this attack on you.

    We are praying for you- as community leaders like you are scarce. God Bless You for showing us that not all politicians are corrupt individuals who only lust for power and the spotlight at any cost.

  10. @demit you either love gossip or don’t worry to asses information for their correctness

    I do not believe that Doris Nayler Brown or Tertuis Simmers would even contemplate talking to the ANC about a motion-I know them both for more then a decade in the DA and they are principled individuals. Lionel Esau I do not know personally, but given his track record as a former teacher and in ASWD I know one thing- he is a respected man for being principled and sticking to the rules of any organization.

    So instead of hiding behind your identity,clearly to fuel trouble and damage these good peoples names- confront and ask them for the truth.

    The ANC are not easily used,but rather use anyone for their own purposes- this is a proven fact….do you remember how Wessie as a I.D councilor of Eden voted with ANC and co for a flawed budget?

    And while you seem to believe Wessie’s vandetta theory- have you actually read the final ENS Report before believing Wessie’s vandetta theory?

    As grown ups we are suppose to think before we assume.

    Or are you “Demit” one of those individuals who are employed by Wessie in his office, or better yet- are not Wessie himself?

    Stop damaging good peoples on this platform, come foreward with hard,tangable facts- AND NOT LISTEN TO GOSSIP STORIES!

  11. Proudly ACDP- magtig nie alleen verkrag die ACDP sy kampstige godsdienstige inslag nie,hulle is eerder `n klomp vals leraars wat die waarheid mistas.
    Saul Barnard- Hier is die ironie- Die DA in Oudtshoorn probeer die ANC deur mosies van wantroue uit die kussings te lig, maar slegs 70km verder probeer sommige DA raadslede soos Doris Nayler,Lional Esau en Tertuis Simmers met behulp van die ANC die DA Burgermeester uit die kussings te lig.Hoe werk koalisieregering dan vir die DA en ACDP. My gevolgtrekking : In een Munisipaliteit werk die DA en Cope teen die ANC en net oor die berg in `n ander Munisipaliteit is die DA, ACDP en ANC in koalisie waar dit sekere fosiele soos Lional Esau en Doris Nayler pas om hul sinistere heksejag op hul eie Burgemeester te laat slaag.Hul faal liederlik met hul ENS ondersoek en nou gebruik hul die ANC mosie om teen hul eie op te tree.
    Andrew net die volgende – `n Regsgeleerde het ten minste `n regsgraad nodig om te paktiseer, nie `n matrieksertifikaat nie,of wat praat ek vriend.Groete en totsiens Andrew.

  12. Ed I’m not sure if my memory is fading with the age- but is the ACDP also not a coalition partner with DA in Eden and a few other municipalities?

    If they are, I must say that they have been very quiet so far in this Wessie matter, yet one of their councilors served on the disciplinary committee if I recall the newspapers correctly.

    Your clarity on this matter will be appreciated

  13. Wat gaan DA se leiers an daai DA raadslede doen wat met ANC mosie gaan saamstem jong?

    As DA leiers gaan optree teen hulle wie gaan saamstem-waarom het hulle dan nog nie teen Wessie en sy ras gebaseerde uitlatings in media opgetree nie? Of was diese uitlatings ook komplot teen hom as vooraanstaande bruin leier?

    Die hele storie word grap hoor, nee wraggies

  14. Agang will not touch him with a stick. He must just join Cope that is where he belongs in the political wilderness. But he might manage to get a red beret.

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