Great victories

Like the DA victory on Friday

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 23 November 2013. 10h30. In today’s Die Burger, on page 6, Eden Mayor and Oudtshoorn DA Caucus Leader Wessie van der Westhuizen is quoted on Friday’s council meeting outcome: “Vandag was ’n oorwinning vir die DA.”

I started to think about other great victories…

Summer and autumn of 1940. The Battle of Britain. On October 12, Hitler officially canceled Operation Sea Lion and Great Britain emerged undefeated… ‘n Oorwinning vir Hitler!
October 30, 1974. The Rumble in the Jungle. Mohammad Ali puts down George Foreman just before the end of the eighth round… ‘n Oorwinning vir Foreman!
November 22, 1997. The Springboks 52; Les Bleus 10… ‘n Oorwinning vir die Hane!


November 22, 2013. ANC Coalition 12; DA Coalition 11… ‘n Oorwinning vir die DA!

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2 thoughts on “Great victories

  1. Kyk die amerikaners verloor nooit.
    Hulle is altyd positiefs
    Pour bis se shows a 100 negative growth
    and we are counting.
    Hoor HOOR

    ALMAL vrek behalwe ons besigheid

  2. Jammer dat ek moet vra Ed- maar is Wessie regwys of is die oorwinning waarna hy verwys sye eie,en nie die v.d DA nie?

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