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Ye gods and faeries, grab a hold of the facts if you please!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 24 November 2013. 18h45. O!O has learnt that a major Cape daily will tomorrow quote an Oudtshoorn DA functionary that council on Friday resolved to “not table the motions of no confidence”, and not the correct fact that council voted the motions down.

If this is in fact what the DA says, the DA has now added bare faced lying to its portfolio of outlawry, which already includes that fraudulent Nel v. Oudtshoorn “settlement”.

Not only has the DA tried to fob off the legal cost that councillor Pierre Nel is court ordered to pay, to ratepayers, but the DA is also clearly fixing, as His Lordship André le Grange feared on September 10 (see below), to fob off the Le Grange cost order too! Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers will have to foot quite a few millions for the DA’s little legal adventures.

Yet the “main stream” media hollers only about the Stoffels cost orders, which are now appealed. This while the DA’s liabilities have not survived appeal (the Nel “settlement”) and are not appealed (the Le Grange order).

But incredibly, there are ratepayers who still want the DA to govern Oudtshoorn.

There are two DA support cadres: The Eastern Oudtshoorn cadre clamoring for contracts; and Western cadre not wanting the brown and blacks in power.

It’s not a race issue on the Western front?

Why then is the DA caucus split down the colour line? To the extent that separate caucuses are known to be held! Reports of this unconscionable situation are rife even in the halls of political power in Cape Town.

I have observed the recent spate of demonstrations on Verwoerd Sq: Not a white face within a country mile. The Western master cadre remains in its offices while the Eastern cadre are fronted on the streets.

It is time to face up to the painful facts. Not all of Oudtshoorn’s residents, despite their pursy screechings for “democracy”, have arrived in 2013.

The DA attempts to defraud the ratepayers; and the DA lies to the ratepayers… and yet the ratepayers, or, rather, a few of them, want a DA government so badly that they are openly threatening violence in order to bring the Dishonorable Alliance to power!

These threats of violence, and the source of the threats, will soon be revealed in court.

The DA is screaming blue murder about the Oudtshoorn ANC coalition’s so-called “undemocratic” behaviour. But the DA says nothing about the outrageous actions of the party in Springbok – Nama Khoi – where the ANC won a majority in May already and are prevented by the virginal DA from taking power…

And, what about the democratic right of Oudtshoorn ward 2 voters who have a right to return to the ballot box to confirm whether or not they want the beneficiary of the “settlement”, Pierre Nel, to continue to be their representative?

Come to think about it… All elected DA councillors should be sent back to test their support after the outrageous actions since May 31.

Why are some Oudtshoorn ratepayers tolerating the DA; rallying behind the DA?

The mind boggles.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 23 November 2013. 18h00. If what is generally quetched, in what is dubiously acknowledged as the “main stream media”, on “democracy in Oudtshoorn”, can, by some despairing stretch of the imagination be called reporting, it is at best irresponsible, at worst mendacious, probably merely rank soi disant consumerism, but certainly ipso facto nonsense.

I am, of course, not even considering to acknowledge the codswallop on the streets and in social media, where the uninformed and the biased and the ignorant arouse all to orgasmic equivocation.

Here are the simple, indisputable facts.

1. On May 31 the DA attempted an illegal takeover of the Oudtshoorn council.

2. The very next day, Saturday, June 1, the Speaker wrote the DA to avoid court action and to negotiate a solution. The offer was rejected. As were several subsequent like offers to negotiate.

3. On Monday, June 3, the Speaker filed papers in the Western Cape High Court (WCHC).

4. During the first week of June it emerged that the DA offered the five ANC councillors who joined the illegal DA gathering of May 31 financial reward for their crossing.

5. On June 25 the original, pre May 31, 11 DA councillors and the Cope councillor entered into an impugned deed of settlement in the matter Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality, to have the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn pay the legal cost in the DA driven High Court bid to have the then Municipal Manager, Noël Pietersen, removed. The WCHC, twice, and the Supreme Court of Appeal, once, ordered costs against Nel.

6. On August 7 the DA won ward 13 in a by-election and claimed a majority for the DA/Cope Coalition.

7. On August 28 His Lordship Owen Rogers issued an Order by agreement that a council meeting be held on September 4, to consider motions of no confidence in the Speaker, the Executive Mayor, and the Executive Deputy Mayor, after the Oudtshoorn Speaker, Alderman John Stoffels, refused the DA’s demand, on August 13, for a council meeting ito s29 of the relevant act, as Rule 30(2)(b) of the Oudtshoorn Council’s Rules of Order states, inter alia, that no discussion shall be permitted on any matter in respect of which a decision by a judicial or quasi-judicial body or a commission of inquiry is pending.

8. On September 3 the Speaker took ill and was rushed to hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack. The September 4 council meeting was thus cancelled.

9. On September 10 His Lordship André le Grange ordered the May 31 DA gathering and all subsequent decisions by this rogue group illegal, and ordered costs against the DA and Cope councillors and against the DA.

Le Grange was concerned about the DA settling also his cost order and burdening the Oudtshoorn ratepayers as the DA councillors attempted in the Nel settlement. He was assured and satisfied by the speaker’s counsel that such an outrage would be taken on review.

10. Also on September 10 Bredell vested himself with the machinery of state and filed a Notice of Application for Variation in terms of Rule 42(1)(b) that a Special Council Meeting be scheduled for September 16, eventually for September 20 by agreement between the parties, to consider Motions of No Confidence (Motions) in the Speaker, the Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor, after a similar meeting ordered by Rogers J for September 4 refused to consider the Motions as the Speaker ruled the motions sub judice and not fit for consideration by the Oudtshoorn Rules of Order.

11. On September 13 His Lordship Robert Henney varied the Rogers Order and ruled a meeting be held on September 20 to consider the motions of no confidence.

12. On September 20 the council, properly constituted and quorate, resolved to suspend the voting rights of DA councillors Pierre Nel, the beneficiary of the illegal settlement, and Ben van Wyk, arrogating as mayor in signing the settlement on behalf of the municipality to relieve Nel of the debt and land the expense in the patient lap of the ratepayers.

13. On September 30, the Western Cape minister of local government filed a Notice of Motion to have the council meeting of September 20 continue under the chairmanship of someone other than the speaker.

14. On November 12 His Lordship Ashton Schippers found that the Western Cape minister of local government had no locus standi to have brought the application, but ruled the suspension of the voting rights of Nel and Van Wyk illegal.

15. On November 22 the Speaker appealed the Schippers judgment.

16. Also on November 22 council rejected motions of no confidence in the Speaker, mayor, and deputy mayor.

17. Also on November 22 the parties agreed to argue the speaker’s leave to appeal before Schippers J on Wednesday, November 27.

The DA does not govern Oudtshoorn, its alleged majority in coalition with Cope nonetheless, for one reason only: Illegal acts on May 31 and June 25. All else is conjecture.

Democracy, in this dear Rule of Law Constitutional Democracy we lovingly call South Africa, is quite alive and well, thank you very much.

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19 thoughts on “Get real Oudtshoorn!

  1. Ek lees nie meer die klomp snert wat op die blog verskyn nie. Het net n slag toevallig in gegaan.

  2. As ek geweet het wie jy is, Willem, sou ek jou gebel het of kom sien het. Om te praat.

    Ek is nog nooit gebliksem nie en het nog nooit gebliksem nie – ek is nie ‘n geweldenaar nie; ek gebruik breinkrag.

    Tja, Ben Pannas en Chris MacPherson het beide gedreig om my te bliksem… Ons laat bliksem-dreigemente maar eers daar.

    Ek assosieër nie graag met mense wat bliksem of dreig om te bliksem nie; ek praat, ek gebruik woorde, nie vuiste, klippe of stokke nie.

    Jou DA regeer nie omdat jou DA onwettig opgetree het op 31 Mei en op 25 Junie… en omdat jou DA dom dinge doen.

    Ek berig feite. Lesers wat nie bereid is om te dink nie, lees hulle eie vooroordeel in my beriggewing.

    En terloops… ek verander baie graag van mening. Baie graag.

    Edward Noyes Westcott het gesê: “The only man who can change his mind is the man who’s got one.”

    My politieke oortuiginge is vandag baie anders as in die 80’s, 90’s, en as verlede jaar. Baie anders. Ek weet meer.

    Terloops, nadat ek “The DA, redressing the legacy of apartheid; The Law of the Elephants and the Justice of Monkeys” (kyk in die regterhandse kolom vir die berig Social Injustice) gelees het, het ek my politieke standpunt beduidend verander – voorverlede Saterdag!

    Dink jy nog steeds soos jy gister en laas week en laas jaar gedink het, Willem? So, wanneer was jou begrafnis… jy is reeds dood.

  3. Daarmee volstaan ek. Soos jou werkgewer pas dit jou ook om gerieflikheidshalwe net te se wat jou pas. Gelukkig is die meerderheid lesers van jou blog intelligent genoeg om dwarsdeur jou huidige beriggewing te kyk. Jammer dat jy skryf bloot vir die feit dat jy betaal word om te skryf.

    Geweldspraatjies? Onthou jy die dae toe jy deur jou eie werkgewer se kornuite gebliksem is. Hoe verander tye tog nie! En nou betaal hulle jou om anderkant te kyk en jy aanvaar dit!

    Groete aan jou feetjies in kabouterland

  4. Jip, ek meen die opwelling van geweldspraatjies op Oudtshoorn is beide kinderagtig en onverantwoordlik. Suid-Afrika is ‘n regstaat – vra die DA – en die regspraak en -reëls moet nagekom word.

    Hier word geen truuks uitgehaal nie; die DA regeer nie omdat die DA op 31 Mei en op 25 Junie onwettig opgetree het. Punt.

    As jy wil kwaad wees, wees vir die DA kwaad.

  5. Your analysis of ‘The Eastern Oudtshoorn cadre clamoring for contracts’ is certainly true – but only in part and only for a very small number of players in this debacle. What should be borne in mind is that Oudtshoorn has a particularly brutal political history, and consequently for probably the majority of historically disenfranchised (and a very few white) residents of the town a DA council represents what Cyril Ramaphosa warned against: ‘The Boers taking back power’. For a great many residents of the town anything – anything – is preferable to that, no matter how flawed it is.

  6. Willem, ek stel voor dat jy jou uitlatings temper.

    Bepaalde hofsake wat spruit uit die SOE-ondersoek en die houfing van die nasionale vervolgingsgesag oor die optrede van bepaalde Weskaapse SOE- leiers gaan ‘n beduidende invloed hê op hoe die SOE-verslag toegepas gaan word.

    Onthou my Wttgenstein- analogie…

  7. Feetjies en kabouterland. Maar in dieselfde asem sal ek graag wil weet waarom jy nie woord rep oor die huidige dorpsregering se beroerde track rekkord nie. Of volstaan jy by jou pet hate, die DA, vereers. Hoeveel miljoen het jou werkgewer nou weer teen die boom uitgepis? Ek bedoel jy’t tog self die syfers in die goeie ou dae bekend gemaak! Of het die reuk van geld jou geheue aangetas? Jy weet mos, dis dieselfde mense vir wie jy nou werk en wie jou nou betaal! O, ja ekskuus tog. Ek’t iewers raakgelees dat jy te kenne gee dat jy werk vir wie jy wil!

    So hoe veer trek die onafhanklike ondersoek span se ondersoek na jou werkgewer se verkwisting van R200 mil van ons dorp se geld. O ja, ek het vergeet. Die 19 dose met bewyse is by jou werkgewer se hoof met die van van Zuma. Jy weet mos, hy is die een met 700 aanklagte van bedrog teen hom

    Gepraat van dose…….

  8. Ek meen, Willem, dat alle plaaslike regerings die beste sal doen as hulle deur plaaslike partye beheer word waar die raadslede verantwoordelik is aan die kiesers (mét recall ooreenkomste!) en nié na die pype van partyleiers hoef te dans nie.

  9. So. As die DA nie Oudtshoorn moet regeer nie, wie volgens jou is die aangewese regeerders van ons dorp?

  10. Is dir Anti -Zille of Auntie -Zille wat self daar praat ?

    Het Mensa Bredell al bedank so ook ou Faanie Koertbroek Theunsie ?

  11. AZ

    En presies hóé, asseblief, is die ANC-koalisie “onwettig” aan bewind!?

  12. Sorry Drewan jy mis die punt . jy word vergoed [ dalk onwettig ] met BELASTING BETALERS geld vir jou raad om die spul ANC fokkers ONWETTIG in beheer te hou – is dit nie GROWWE WANADMINISTRASIE NIE ??????

  13. AZ

    Die slimste onder ons is dié wat besef dat hulle hulp nodig het en kundige advies koop.

    Diane de Jager, wat sweerlik die vrotste regering nóg op Oudtshoorn gelei het, het tydens haar termyn volstrek geweier om eers te erken dat sy hulp nodig gehad het.

    Oor my werk… ek werk vir wie ek wil.

    Die ANC- koalisie regeer slegs omdat die DA-koalisie op Oudtshoorn onwettig opgetree het en steeds geen respek vir die wet het nie… en omdat die patetiese Anton Bredell nie sy werk doen nie.

    As my teenwoordigheid op Verwoerdplein die korrekte regspleging aanhelp, is ek nogals heel tevrede.

  14. So council is illegally legally in office.
    Or is it
    Council is legally illegally in office
    Now, that’s democracy.
    Three judges, four rulings,
    and still counting.

    History will read:
    In the year of JUDGE so an SO

    OUDSTHOORN was ordered, bla bla
    Now that’s a positive
    Now that’s ‘legit’
    Spy vs Spy comical.
    Or the Mad magazine

  15. Drewan ,ek gee jou gelyk dat die klomp plaaslike DA raadslede n klomp onnosel skape is ,MAAR hulle is nie groter onnosel skape as die klomp ANC skape wat hierdie dorp in sy moer bestuur nie , wat nie kan of wil verstaan dat hulle hierdie dorp tans ONWETTIG beheer en deur jou en sekerlik Hardy Mills geadviseer word hoe om op enige wettige en agterbakse manier aan die mag te klou terwyl hierdie skape hulle nog steeds dik vreet en met alle mag vasklou aan die trog ,en in die proses vir julle derduisende rande van belasting betalers geld betaal waarvoor laasgenoemde FOKKOL waarde kry nie ! Wat maak jou dus anders as al die ander trogvreters ?

    Tragies hoe geld n mens se waardes kan laat verrot nè – sies man , SKAAM jou !!!

    En terloops jou blog se leuse is tans n groot grap – jy is nou midde en deel van die “maladministration ” – sies man , skaam jou weereens !!!

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