Answers please, honourable DA councillors!

Before you “take over”… Again!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 November 2013. 08h10. I mailed Helen Zille, and Theuns and all the DA cronies, my 13 questions yesterday morning… and received no response.

Maybe they’re all just peeved at me. For asking such silly questions like why did the DA councillors try to lift a couple of million from ratepayers and other insignificant things.

Or maybe they just have no answers.

The DA is now threatening violence – very discreetly of course – by makings noises about eviction orders and “no more mercy”. But the suggestive utterances fuel the great unwashed and the meticulously powdered alike.

Interesting times.

Ben van Wyk is apparently the mayor in waiting.

Yet, when I visited the Golf Club yesterday afternoon, on a bit of municipal business, his Lordship Arrogating was lounging on the club stoep overlooking the first tee.

And he is to be made mayor on Friday? I’d have thought he’d be pretty damn busy. I know I am. And several others I happen to work with.

Perhaps Van Wyk works “smartly”, not necessarily “hard”.

Yet, he was easily cozened by Theuns Botha in believing he was mayor after the pathetic DA attempt at a coup on May 31. So he can’t be that smart, I’m afraid.

And the DA Fedex bought his defense of having had the wool pulled over his face… so they can’t be that smart either – and they, all of ’em – have very many advisers!

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 November 2013. 12h15. I am led to believe that the DA, in alliance with Cope, will assume control of the Oudtshoorn council on Friday.

It may be an appropriate time, three days in advance of ultimate and eventual success, to inform the people of Oudtshoorn on some topical issues…

1. Is Pierre Nel’s DA membership still suspended?

2. What does “membership suspension” mean – is a person who is not in sufficient good standing to be a member of the DA still in adequate standing to be a councillor?

3. Are there any disciplinary matters pending against Ben van Wyk?

4. May a DA councillor, polluted by unsatisfied allegations, be nominated for an executive council position?

5. Why did the DA and Cope councillors attempt to burden Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers with legal expense which the Western Cape High Court, twice, and the Supreme Court of Appeal awarded the municipality – a debt that its councillor Pierre Nel should pay?

6. Will the new! improved! legitimate! DA council also “settle” the cost of the Judge André le Grange order of September 10 – and burden Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers also with yet another debt the DA councillors are supposed to pay?

7. Will there be two by-elections early in 2014, subsequent to the usurping of power, as the DA Western Cape secretary, Anton Bredell, indicated?

8. Which two DA councillors will be removed?

9. What will befall councillor Peter Roberts, of whom the DA MP Jac Bekker complains bitterly that “hy is ‘n moeilikheidmaker”?

10. Why did councillor Chris MacPherson mislead council on June 14; and persisted even though he was given the correct facts by special consultant Roland Butler immediately subsequent to his false utterances?

11. Does MacPherson still want to donir me dood; to slaan al die kak uit my; to moer me? Just so I know.

12. O, and please tell the people of Oudtshoorn, once and for all, why the poor five – Harmse, Botha, Golliath, Ruiters and Luiters – were not paid what they were promised in S&T for travelling on that road to Damascus?

13. And… How the hell can we believe you… trust you?

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7 thoughts on “Answers please, honourable DA councillors!

  1. Darem snaaks hoe die selfde mense hoog tekere gaan wanneer die nasionale regering en ander provinsiale en munisipale regerings nie reageer op vrae wat hulle vra nie.

    Dan is dit ‘n moerse performance oor openness en transparency en bowenalles accountability wat heeltemal afwesig is en hoe dit indruis teen die konstitusie en mense se reg om te weet wat binne staatsinstansies met publieke gelde aangejaag word. Daar word altyd bygelas dat die DA nooit so iets sou doen nie.

    99.9% van die tyd kan die aan wie die vrae gestel word nie antwoord nie, want sou hulle eerlik antwoord, dan gee dit die game weg en maatjies moet dan noodwendig opgeoffer word so dis beter vir hulle om vrae te ignoreer.

    Dit is maar hier ook die geval. Sedert 27 September al, nou amper 8 weke, sit Bredell met ‘n versoek van die Eden Raad om Wessie af te dank. Bredell MOET hom beskerm anders praat hy dalk uit oor ander se dinge.

    Ek wonder wat die reaksie sou wees as O!O vervolgens PAIA die DA versoek om die gevraagde inligting beskikbaar te stel….?

  2. On friday I will drive by or maybe even wait outside the municipality for the result. I know for a fact, the speaker will do whatever it takes to remain speaker. NPP rules! Please Ed, inform us what is happening inside.

  3. ED, druk die hele DA en Plain Crash Zille ongenaakbaar en so aaaaaanhoudend hieroor, todat dit ook n ‘plain crash’ word vir hulle
    Min oorleef twee ‘plain crashes’

    Het Mensa Bredell en Klong Theunsie al bedank ?

  4. Andrew en Ed

    Wessie is uitgesort man- so paar kreefies vir Bredell gegee en nou apply die nog steeds sy mind.

    En wie weet,dalk apply hy nog sy mind tot na 2014 verkiesing want kreef is duur 🙂

  5. Ed, Jy gaan nooit daai antwoorde kry nie, moenie jou tyd mors met hierdie spul nie. Wat van Wessie die Teflon VD Westhuisen? Het Bredell nog nie sy maaind apply nie, maar hy kon vinnig vir Raadslid Chris Taute skryf nadat Taute skuldig bevind is deur ‘n dissiplinêre komitee.

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