Disaster Anticipated

Why the DA can’t be trusted

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 10 November 2013. 18h30. On 30 September last year I argued that the DA is not interested in running Oudtshoorn, and that the DA will sacrifice its proverbial first-born on the altar of expediency to attract a defined category of voter: Blacks who currently vote ANC.

Click here for the story – there is also a graphic illuminating my argument.

The DA’s current policy crisis – support, or not, for the Employment Equity Bill; Helen Zille’s so-called ‘plane crash by proxy’ – is political retailing gone wrong.

Like most retailers the DA is looking to stock its shop with products known to be demanded and desired by most shoppers.

A retailer that attracts only some 25% of consumers will look with acute interest at the shelves of the shop attracting some 65% of the market.

The DA did just that – study the ANC shelves – and stocked the EEB.

Only, current customers threatened to take their money elsewhere.

So, like Woolies did with ‘religious magazines’ some time ago, the DA purged it stores.

But many executives are unhappy – some who want to sell the product and others who don’t.

Retailing is a tough and unforgiving game. And the consumer is a bitch.

The EEB is diametrically opposed to the DA’s soi disant raison d’être: An open opportunity society in which every person is free, secure and equal, where everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of his life and pursue her (sic) dreams, and in which every language and culture has equal respect and recognition.

This is the dream the DA claims it will deliver – the South African dream of one nation, with one future, living together under the constitution in peace, security and prosperity, with opportunity and recognition for all the rainbow people.

The term “Open Opportunity Society for All” brings together three key concepts:–
1) Individual freedom under the rule of law – an open society;
2) Opportunity with responsibility – an opportunity society; and
3) Full equality for all.

In doing so, it creates a fourth concept that underpins the DA vision of the proper relationship between individuals, the state and society in South Africa today. Our vision is grounded in the idea that every human being has a right to dignity. Human dignity is the foundational concept that informs our values and vision.

Where the DA governs, it claims, in places such as Cape Town and other municipalities throughout the country (the Western Cape, to be sure and two, or three other) the party is already putting this vision into practice. The DA claims that it has created more economic opportunities, accelerated service delivery and cut crime. The DA claims that it is helping to improve people’s lives.

The DA claims its vision is compelling, harnessing all that is best in human kind, grounded in a rightly optimistic view of our capacity to live well together, and to succeed.

In an email of February 8 2012, copied also to DA Fedex chair James Selfe and Western Cape minister of finance Alan Winde, then DA Western Cape leader and current head of government business Theuns Botha explained the DA’s approach to government:

The DA has 22 municipalities in the Western Cape. We need 16 out of the 30 to make our statement on the political landscape. We are not willing to have any dysfunctional DA council. It is much more valuable to be a good opposition to a bad ANC council than to be stuck with a bad DA council, sucking energy and damaging the brand.

This is an excellent strategic approach represented by a seasoned politician.

The DA can only grow by attracting ANC voters.

ANC voters support the ANC, at least also, by their Apartheid scars and by the scars, real and perceived, of their parents and grandparents. This abating historical pain, sustained by Orwellian rhetoric and ideological liturgy, barricades voters from leaving the ANC fold, and fortresses the ANC support base.

The DA will incessantly pander to ANC voters.

And the DA does not care about alienating its established support base in this humouring of the great unwashed, because the vast majority of voters possibly estranged by new DA assimilation tactics will vote DA (read: vote against the ANC) in forthcoming elections anyway. The DA knows this full well. Only a small percentage of current support will be lost by ruthless political pimping arrogating as political retailing, being unashamed weathercocking for power at all cost… for the ultimate benefit of all, even those who do not realise that what the DA offers is best for them – because the DA says so.

Political weather-cocking in the unsophisticated South African political consumer environment is a calculated risk with virtually no downside.

And if things go awry, as it did with the current EEB fiasco, reports of Zille’s strong handed fixing fury lulls and reassures the customers. Or not.

Things may not be quite rotten in the State of Denmark yet, but things are certainly addled.

In Sue Segar’s profile on DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuku in the November Noseweek (drafted well before the current EEB crisis) issues closest to Mazibuku is reported to be BEE and employment equity. There can be little doubt that all is not well in the leadership caucus in the wake of the EEB ligte mistykie.

At bottom the DA simply has no other offering but a dubitable claim to be better equiped, than the ANC, to implement ANC policy.

No growth is possible but to lure blacks who voted ANC in 2009. And to lure those voters the DA must look and feel like the ANC. Even then the offering is only ‘try us and see’ – there is no real alternative; there is only a questionable suggestion that the DA will be better at it than the ANC – especially because the DA has not ‘corrupt people’ in its midst.

Nogals!? Né!?

I give you an entire Oudtshoorn caucus acting in concert with the DA head of government business, the Western Cape party secretary, the legal adviser to the Western Cape DA premier (and national leader) in an attempt to illegally, by a high court judgement, grab power in the council.

I give you an entire Oudtshoorn caucus attempting to con ratepayers out of some R4.5m in legal fees owing and due.

I give you the blundering, foundering, loopval, mendacious mismanagement of the botched campaign to assume power in Oudtshoorn since May 31, even with an elected majority in coalition since August 7, without even a velleity of strategic qui vive and devoid of all semblance of tactical prowess.

I give you specific Swellendam appointments.

I give you Bitou’s Memory Booysen and the housing disaster of his term.

I give you the DA’ s refusal to act against its Oudtdhoorn rogues.

I give you the DA’ s steadfast refusal to act against the outrageous behaviour of the Cope “provincial leadership” holding Eden ransom.

Trust the DA to ‘deliver better’ than the ANC for honesty and integrity!? For ability!?

Are you shitting me!?

There is no difference between the ANC and the DA. None. Aught. Zero. Nada.

Nationally, I suspect one will have to choose between the EFF and Agang as an alternative to the ANC and the ANC Lite. The pantheons help us all.

Provincially, I have no clue whatsoever. Only the ANC and the DA have capacity, albeit fallible, erratic, and unreliable by record. At least the ANC has a steady stream of available caders; the DA has Anton Bredell and Theuns Botha and the like. We are in dire straits. And without the awesome music.

Locally, I recommend that independents and local community based parties be supported… vote for people who report to you and not to Luthuli House or the Marks Building.

Only one thing is certain in South African politics: We are in trouble.

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9 thoughts on “Disaster Anticipated

  1. Corruption Killer, ek stem saam jou.

    Die onwettigheid van die raadsbesluit om die klagtes, wat hulle self besluit het ernstige finansiele misdrywe te wees, lukraak terug te trek, is onverklaarbaar.

    Wat nog meer onverklaarbaar is dat die raad toegelaat het dat sy kontrak vir ‘n verdere 5 jaar verleng word, wel wetend wat hy aangejaag het in die vorige vyf jaar.

    Ek vermoed ook sterk dat rede agter Brummer se ontslag seker was omdat hy nie saam toesmeerdery wou stem nie.

  2. What grates me, is after Annelizes constant meddling at Housing office and intimidating officials. The real buck stops here guy, The housing Director is not even present. Instead all the lowly officials are thrown under the bus, i.e. Marlene, and the 2 Fouries. Ultimately it is the Housing director that did not ensure the correct procedures were followed when somebody with a existing dwelling was vetted. But then again if the DA can excuse him from investigation and charges been withdrawn before, (see Brummer’s vote against that turn around) what will stop them now?

  3. Perhaps this Tertuis guy you all are talking about should come to the ANC- the only party who cares for the people, but are failed by poor quality councilors on the ground.

    Life in Knysna for us normal people has not improved under the DA-only for the councilors and mayor!

    Seems like Bitou,Knysna also has a bunch of incompetent people running our town

  4. Voorwaar Willempie en Deon- die verskil tussen Annelise en Tertuis is soos om appels met vrot pere te wil vergelyk.

    Selfs met die lisensie storie van hom, wat ek glo deur daai skelm Wessie,daai C(N)OPE streek+provinsiale leiers en sy makkers opgeset is, het Tertuis steeds aanhou ons gemeenskap van Kranshoek bygestaan.

    Al Inbox ons hom op FaceBook of Please Call Me hom- hy kom binne 30 minute terug na ons…en hy bly op George!

    Ek sukkel al 3 maande om afspraak met Annelise te kry oor ons RDP huis- en sy bly 5 strate van my af- hoe verklaar mens dit ha?

    As gemeenskap het ons met Memory afspraak probeer maak oor issues- ons het 4 maande gesukkel.

    En toe nader ons Tertuis, op FaceBook en laas by sy oom se begrafnis, en siedaar minister Bongi sommer self hier om na ons te luister.

    En nog beter,Tertuis woon die vergadering by al is dit dalk nie eers nodig nie.

    So die DA moet wakker skrik en gee Tertuis terug aan ons asseblief. Dis deur hom en sy vrou dat ek DA befin stem het- maar as die vrot Annelise,Memory ens nog hier gaan bly kan DA volgende jaar en 2016 maar vergeet.

  5. Deon. Sonder om persoonlik te wees, die probleem met die DA, veral in Bitou, is dat die oor grate meerderheid raadslede nie die nodige kennis, bevoegdheid of bekwaamheid het om die dorp se sake te bestuur nie. Om dit mooi in die DA se eie Engels te stel, “They are not ‘fit for purpose’.”

    Die verskil in hierdie opsig tussen Annelise en Tertius is ‘n perfekte voorbeeld.

    Tertius het ‘n lang betrokkenheid by die DA en die politiek. Voordat hy ‘n raadslid geword het, het hy vir die DA GEWERK, die nodige kennis ingewin, en himself BEKWAAM om die werk van ‘n raadslid te kan doen. Hy het die nodige kennis en ondervinding ingewin. Hy het sy posisie binne die party en as raadslid/burgkom lid verdien deur HARDE WERK en op MERIETE. As hy ‘n ding doen, doen hy dit uit ‘n posisie van kennis en nadat hy die nodige huiswerk en navorsing gedoen het. Hy staan nie vir nonsins nie want hy het himself bemagtig om nonsins te kan sien kom.

    Langs hom is Annelise met geen track record nie. Reguit uit die ID in die raad. Sy het geen kennis van die DA, raadsake, munisipale sake, niks nie. Sy doen duidelik nie die moeite om haarself verder te bekwaam nie, en moer maar net voort. Omdat sy nie die nodige bevoegdheid het nie, kan sy nie nonsins sien al slaan dit haaar teen die voorkop. Sy sit in haar posisie vir net een rede, sy is onkundig en buigbaar. Sy is ‘n klassieke affirmative appointment.

    Ons kan nie verwag dat Annelise op die selfde vlak sal kan perform as Tertius nie. Dit is dus geen wonder dat daar besig is om ‘n gemors aan te gaan in wyk 7 en die Bitou munisipaliteit as ‘n geheel nie. Die ander raadslede DA en ANC in Plett verskil nie veel van Annelise nie. Nie ‘n enkele een is “fit for purpose” nie. Dis ‘n resep vir nog ‘n DA “plane crash.”

  6. Monitor the number of DA colored and black mp’s and mpl’s versus the number of white mp’s and mpl’s after the 2014 election. Look at what they do, not say, and who they promote, and look at who they support when in government. This is after the DA takes Gauteng.

  7. Open what? Its funny that you should mention Memory Booysen

    I live in Kranshoek, part of what the IEC call ward 7- and boy oh boy what a disaster with the current housing project!

    How can any mayor justify that a person living in a brick shelter gets a RDP house….NEXT to the brick house his living in-and all of this in Kranshoek where the Bitou Speaker Anelize Olivier lives!!!

    Last week the Western Cape MEC of Human Settlements held a public meeting and was not happy with the mayor nor his incompetent staf’s reply on this issue when residents asked questions regarding this.

    And shockingly I had to hear that a current district councilor, who use to live there and is loved by his community for his honesty and transparency, has to help the community resolve their housing issues as the Bitou speaker and ANC ward councilor did nothing on this issue.

    What are councilors like him,and many others I believe, doing in a party who putts incompetent mayors like Memory in charge of a town?

  8. Well said ED
    Truthful, factual and from the heart.
    The DA will hate you, the ANC will love you whilst denying your allegations
    The Taxpayer will pay, pay, pay !
    Your closing statement prophetic ” We are in Trouble”…..
    …….Unless Independents heed your call !

    Time to stand up and be counted , that simple!

  9. Reading this post is actually very nausiating- why Ed you may ask?

    Reading todays newspaper,and those of this week we should realise- the DA are so hell bent on getting the majority(black) vote that they are offering their liberal legacy on the altar of “growth”

    The Open Opportunity Society For All,which should read the Open Opportunity Schemers for Some, is actually the biggest farce the DA could preach to the electorate of our country.

    Over the last few years the DA has been on a road to window dress their party and obtain more power.

    How did they do and are they still doing this?

    1. Win over the colored vote- to get them the Western Cape,which they did in 2009. Yet if we look at the colored MP’s and MPL’s- all yes ma’am brothers in sisters

    2. Further use the colored vote to win more municipalities in 2011-they govern 22 now in the Western Cape, yet if we look at the capacity of some DA mayors…need I say more?

    3. Start luring the black voters by putting up poster boys who are seen as yes ma’am brothers…does the name Memory Booysen sound familiar? What’s his track record as a mayor so far?

    4. Then to further rope in the colored vote- merge with the I.D…..didn’t that deliver us a few gems and a Teflon who are incompetent hey?

    5. And finally- once the DA accomplished all the above…..centralize power and tell each DA caucus what to do and who to choose!

    The DA is undemocratic and huge a farce.

    DA public rep’s are accountable to their leadership and their weeling and dealings behind the scene- look at Oudtshoorn and Eden, and not to the voter or rate payer.

    The sooner colored and afrikaans speaking white voters realize this,the better!

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