A prank sms; a moment of chaos; a confirmation of DA folly

“Uitspraak ontvang…”

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 November 2013. 20h10. On Thursday, while several Western Cape DA councillors were meeting in Cape Town, a false sms was issued:


“Koos” apparently mimicked Koos Celliers, advisor to Premier Helen Zille, the DA leader; and ostensible instigator of the current edition of MacPherson and others v. Stoffels and others – judgment pending.

In DA circles an insider is suspected of the ruse. To which end remains a mystery.

What remains insightful is the reaction of particular DA members, and of the DA leadership.

Oudtshoorn councillor Pierre Nel was, O!O learns from a source familiar with the immediate reaction, highly concerned.

The DA leadership was shocked.

The leadership’s shock is remarkable and leads one to suspect that they are not in close communication with their counsel.

Nel’s concern is completely unfathomable.

Nel is set to be removed as DA member as soon as the DA has had an opportunity to take control of the Oudtshoorn council.

No single thing the DA did since May 31 speaks to even elementary strategic astuteness. The snapshot reaction to the ruse sms confirms this incapacity.

Whomever was possessed by whatever to issue the delusive text did certainly assist the opposition in evaluating the DA position relative to the pending judgment… and valuable insight was gained by the opposition stragegists.

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6 thoughts on “A prank sms; a moment of chaos; a confirmation of DA folly

  1. WB, ek het gesien ja. Ek was nog altyd ruim beïndruk met Tony Leon. Hy slaan spykers met koppe. In DA-geledere is veel probleme…

  2. Hi Ed

    Het u die artikel oor DA nes ANC in vandag se Die Burger gelees, en Tony Leon se uitlating daarin vervat?

  3. Dis wonderlik as O!O niks het om oor te skryf nie. Beteken dit daar is nie op die oomblik enige “maladministration to expose” in Eden nie?

    Ons kan maar net so hoop!

  4. Die sms blyk ‘n profetiese openbaring van die waarheid te wees,maar vir die plaaslike DA-breintrust ,-‘n groot tydelike sug van verligting.Daars hoop DA. — Aag toggie net ‘n MIS-of ASHOOP nie.

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