DA steadfastly refuses to act against Wessie

New excuses…
But O!O has the real reasons for the DA’s impuissance

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 October 2013. 10h30. The DA leadership is in a corner about Wessie van der Westhuizen. They will do nothing to remove their beleaguered Eden mayor. Frankly, the DA leadership is unable to remove Wessie.

The Eden DA caucus wants Wessie out – at least as mayor; preferably as councillor too.

The Oudtshoorn DA caucus wants Wessie out – this is common knowledge. The caucus is only holding off because the leadership – the virginal clean government leadership of the virginal clean DA – will not allow Wessie’s removal.

Wessie is a proportional councillor – he can be removed by the DA at any time and be replaced by someone else.

Why does the DA leadership aggressively oppose the intentions of both its Eden and Oudtshoorn caucuses?

The DA commitment to “clean government” – the biggest political joke since ‘Slegs Blankes’ – is being gang raped as you read here. The poor virgin is screaming in anguish as the DA strongmen take turns on her battered and bruised body. Over and over and over again.

Wessie’s political record has been reported on O!O many times – click here for a summary.

But Wessie remains untouchable. This infrangibility is not a function of Wessie’s ultimate defence – “Ek is ‘n kind van God” – the pinnacle of piteous politicking; but a function rather of the DA’s insatiable edacity for just one more municipality… they have so few.

But, one would argue, Wessie can easily be replaced without compromising the Eden and Oudtshoorn caucus numbers.


So, what is the problem here!?

Let me tell ya’all.

Wessie is the highest ranking Independent Democrat – remember Pat’s orange brigade of also runs bid upon by the ANC and the DA and bought at some stultifying price by a desperate for any-vote-other-than-white-conservative DA Queen of Crusades – in office after Aunty Pat herself.

The DA can not afford to lose the ID in the run-up to the 2014 general election and the risk of denying the ID the virtually reserved Eden mayorship is intractable. There is no other ID member even nearly capacitated to be imported as Eden mayor. Not that this mayorship has big shoes to fill – any replacement will be preferable to the incumbent. But still…

(The DA-ID marriage will only be consummated when parliament dissolves before the 2014 election. If the DA leadership has any hard feelings left over after the conquest of Virgin Clean Government.)

There’s a second reason Wessie is safe from DA attack.

The DA is currently concerned – very concerned; disquieted even; carked, to be sure – about the Cope commitment to the political orgy.

Theuns Botha is setting up a meeting between Cope’s Leonard Ramatlakane and Cope councillors; DA mayors; and, of course, Theuns himself… to address “problems” and to assert DA control.

The “arrangement” between the DA and Cope hangs mostly on an Eden tableau vivant featuring the Eden mayor and Cope’s “acting” Western Cape provincial leader Vujani Gouws. Gouws’s term of office is linked to the mayor’s office and if the mayor falls, so does the Cope WC leader. That means Cope will have to remunerate its WC leader itself and not the Eden District Municipality… and Cope does not have the money to pay its own; it has to piggy back on the DA, as does the ID.

With Oudtshoorn ratepayers so concerned about payments, one can only wonder at the silence of expediency hollering to the only surviving DA standard: Double.

Wessie is safe as long as Helen and Theuns and Ivan and James are forced to dance to the tunes of their minor political partners. And thou, mine longsuffering readers, and the outraged DA whingers of Eden, will have to take it, as Virgin Clean Government does.

Bend over and think of “democracy”… in small letters.

The WC minister of local government, and WC DA secretary, Anton Bredell told Die Burger last week that he cannot act on the Wessie tribunal conviction and proposed sanction, approved technically unanimously by the Eden council (only Cope’s John Maxim objected but without a second to his proposal) because he had not yet received any relevant documentation.

Bredell is l… is uninformed.

Bredell’s office was couriered the relevant documentation on September 27 and received additional information by email on September 30. Bredell is clearly taking his turn on Virgin Clean Government with a vindictive vigour.

Although the DA leadership is venial in its refusal to clean up, the Eden DA caucus has had enough. For this purport the caucus is to be acknowledged.

A Special Council Meeting is scheduled, or is about to be scheduled, for October 29. The speaker has armed herself with a legal opinion that a Motion of No Confidence in the mayor (Wessie) may be tabled and voted.

But enters yet again Theuns Botha – “Deputy” WC DA leader and head of government business – to instruct the speaker to hold off until clarity in the Oudtshoorn WCHC matter is obtained.

There is, mine longsuffering readers, no difference between the DA and the ANC.

Stop kidding yourselves.

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14 thoughts on “DA steadfastly refuses to act against Wessie

  1. On 26 September 2013 the Eden Council found that its executive mayor, Wessie vd Westhuizen had breached the code of conduct for councillors and requested the MEC, Anton Bredell, to remove him from office.

    Reportedly the request was submitted to the MEC the following day.

    When a council decides to apply the sanctions in item 4(2)(c) and (e); suspension for a period or removal from office respectively, it requests the MEC to do the deed. It is his decision based on what is before him – the request and the record of the hearing.

    In these two instances, suspension and removal, there is obviously no allowance for an appeal to the MEC as it is his decision, which causes the suspension or removal.

    The MEC is a key player in the process and not an arbitrator or appeal authority. He must clearly base his action on what is before him; the same facts and evidence that was before the disciplinary committee and nothing else.

    If one has regard for the letter of the law, it is clear that any appeal will be against the council’s decision as ratified by the MEC in his role as an integral part of the decision to suspend or dismiss. That is why item 14(3) disallows an appeal to the MEC in the circumstances where he plays an active part in the decision making process.

    He cannot be a player and referee. The ball has been passed to him in the goal mouth and all he has to do is nudge it in. The referee (High Court) will decide whether he was off-side or not when he kicked the ball, after he has kicked the ball.

    Bredell has been poised to kick for 45 days… Why does he not kick?

  2. Andrew, het hy nie ook maar jou opportunistiese wysheid gekry en van opinie verander nie? Jy het dit onlangs dan so mooi gemotiveer? Mens kan mos of hoe?

  3. Dit is hy ja! Skielik nou concern oor Hoogbaard en Vollenhoven, maar hy was die voorbok by nuus konferensies om te se hoe hy korrupsie en wanbestuur beveg. Kak man, in die tussentyd prop hy sy sake vol! Dis hy, ek ken hom dis hy!

  4. The DA will pay at the ballot box for this Wessie blunder. It’s probably better to loose the ID and COPE. Die Oog sien alles, must be Wessie. I’m sure of it.

  5. Los die manne se persoonlike lewens af asb. Ek se ons raak almal soms swak. Daai man “so na God’s hart” het ook swak geraak, maar nou ja los die manne se plesiertjies uit dus nie n grap nie

  6. Daar is mense wat in die DA kantore sit, maar natuurlik nie daar behoort nie. Ek lees gereeld di OO, die binne gevegte steek my dwars in die keel, met die kinder agtigheid, en agterbakse ruggraat loosheid wat daar aangaan. Ek wil graag weet waneer werk die DA raads lede n slag om hul geld te verdien, sien dat hulle so heeldag sit en skinner. Daar is n gemeenskap wat bedien moet word, tot in die beste van hul vermoe, maar dit lyk my hul is meer gefokus om mekaar te takel, en die power struggle voort te sit. Onthou net, almal is nie uitgekerf om Leiers te wees nie, so laat die wat kan lei, dit doen, maar die wat dink hulle kan lei, ek dink nie eers hulle kan in hul hoedanigheid as Public Figures in hul klein gemeenskappe lei nie, maar het n wanindruk van in die Hot Seat wees. Los nou n slag die hoog geplaastes uit, en fokus op jul werk.
    My Quote vir die dag is, Moenie in dieselfde juk trek saam met ongelowiges nie, want watter deelgenootskap het die geregtigheid met die ongeregtigheid, en watter gemeenskap het die lig met die duisternis. So kom asb uit die duisternis, en doen waarvoor jy aangestel is, want gretigheid en jaloesie gaan jou nerens bring nie, behalwe dat jy jouself in die verleentheid gaan plaas as gevolg van onbevoegdheid, sowel as ongelettertheid. So stop nou jul Nonsense, en laat die DA doen waarvoor hy deur ons die Gemeenskap gekies, sodat ons die Wes Kaap n lekker plek kan hou, en sodoende sy Leiers kan respekteer.

    Lekker dsg

  7. I do not edit comments, but I will from now on in. Come on guys! There are places one does not go…

  8. Die oog sien alles can be one of the following people employed by Teflon,if not Teflon himself:

    Sylvester Taylor- former teacher who served on SADTU with Wessie… former AVBOB employee

    Vuyani Gouws- former teacher who failed when he was given post as transformationt and special projects at district office in George . What happened to the R2 million rand of the projects that is unaccounted for Vuyani…or can’t you cope with giving us the truth or a intrim report provincial chair?

    Suerhette Fransman- well she brags… so she will be on top to protect her boss- literally

    Theo McMaster- his son in law is a ID/DA MP/MPL I believe, but is also a former teacher

    Or…John Maxim- clergymen who built his house,not on faith, but by sand and stone belonging to the CG Municipality

    @ed the Simmers SARS issue-is it not legal to submit all your IRP5’s(which will have a code+monetary value for travelling paid out) you receive in a financial cycle with a log book….as a former municipal employee who regularly worked with SARS submissions as well I remember it as such?

    Better question as well- in 2011 Maxim’s car was broken and he used McCombi’s vehicle for a trip to Cape Town and claimed S&T’s that were paid out into his bank account/was given a cheque before departing on the trip- I dealt with the paperwork myself before departing from Eden…..

    Now is the Maxim scenario not same as Simmers’ one I wonder?

    If die oog sien alles is employed by Wessie,or is Wessie himself, then no wonder he committed all those fraudulent and consistent deviations as highlighted by ENS report!

  9. Dit kan net die bestuurder of PA van Wessie wees wat hier praat want sulke skrywes is vertroulik en derhalwe kan niemand dit sonder die Speaker of Wessie self bekend maak nie. Dit beteken dat daar bv een persoon oorbly wat oor homself skryf en dit is Boet Wess

  10. Wie is die Oog weet jy nie van Morester hostel se boeke nie .Jong laat die polisie die goed ondersoek laat wessie in hof gaan verduidelik dit is die speaker se reg om n ondersoek te loots so asb ek hoor nie dit nie,ek hoor mooipratjies sonder substansie.Die MFMA is baie duidelik as daar n vermoede bestaan dat bedrog gepleeg is moet dit ondersoek word. Dit is binne die speaker se reg so sy doen haar werk en die speaker was nie deel van die verhoor nie daar was n displnre verhoor en Wessie was skuldig bevind .Swartbooi was destyds so skuldig bevind en Bredell het spoedig reageer .Die vraag is het wessie of het hy nie Kaapstad toe gery of het Hy nie en was dit wettig of was dit nie. Die relevante rolspellers wie getuig het was die getuie geloofwaardig almal praat van Hekse jag wie het geeis hoeveel was dit ek verneem daar was 4 klagtes uit die tien wat blystaan het . Die eerbare ding vir Wessie bedank en betaal die onwettige geld terug Hy het niks by City of Cape Town verloor nie hy moet onthou hy het so saam met Sakkie Jenner rondgery gaan trek sy SNT die tyd toe hy voorsitter was van gemeenskapdienste NOG N SALARIS dit wat die man doen hy moet gestop word dankie Dorris en LOUW

  11. OO. Daar is n gesegde wat so lui: al vaar die leuen hoe snel, die waarheid egter haal dit wel. Dit is duidelik dat jy Wessie jou teiken gemaak het en dat jy nooit gaan rus totdat jy sy val gesien het nie. Of beter soos jou vriend Theuns se..,,… totdat Wessie se lyk agtergelaat is nie. Miskien moet ons na die feite n slag kyk:

    Op 21 November 2012 skryf Wessie n brief aan die Speaker waarin hy haar versoek om op te hou om sy Mayco te verdeel. Vier dae daarna hardloop die Speaker sy kantoor binne met die dreigement dat sy hom uit sy pos gaan uitwerk. Volgens haar het Wessie n oorlog begin wat hy nooit sal wen nie.

    Daarna n skielike ENS ondersoek terwyl almal met reses is. Terloops slegs die burgemeester kan toestemming vir forensiese ondersoeke gee. O ja… Die opdrag was dat alle raadslede se reis en verblyf ondersoek moet word. Selfs Wessie sn is ondersoek. Waar is die ander wat gery het. En, vind jy dit nie vreemd dat 10 klagtes skielik verminder is na 4 nie, sonder dat Wessie aan die Esau sirkus deelgeneem het nie.

    Wessie het nog altyd die proses respekteer. Die proses is nou by die minister soos deur die wet vereis. Waarom is Nayler nou bang om haar eie proses te respekteer. Dit het alreeds meer as n miljoen rand gekos en nou respekteer sy haar eie proses nie . Dis tog die opdrag wat sy en Godfrey by Theuns in die Dros in George gekry het. Kom ek se jou wat is die waarheid.

    1. Dis n heksejag op Wessie deur Godfrey en Doris wat persoonlik is. Hulle is egter te sleg om self te fight en misbruik raadsgelde vir persoonlike fights. Onthou jy Morne Hoogbaard, Kelvin Vollenhoven en nou Andy Lamont.

    2. Hulle het gedink dat Wessie baas Theuns se skikking sou aanvaar om hom uit Eden te kry.

    3. Hulle besef hulle het geen saak teen Wessie nie. Waaron kan daar nie vir Anton se uitspraak gewag word nie.

    Ten slotte. Dis baie vreemd dat jy geswyg het toe Koegelenberg n vrou met haar kinders na jare van sy plaas gejaag het. Jyt geswyg oor Simmers se eise by SARS sonder dat hy n motor op sy naam gehad het. Vir jou inligting. Ons respekteer Wessie. In Oudtshoorn is hy n leier wat deur alle partye respekteer word. As hy dan uit Eden verwyder moet word sodat Theunsie hulle hul hande op Eden se grond kan kry, laat dit so wees. Ons weet dat die waarheid gaan seevier.

    Come on Drewan ,you said it yourself:” Changing one`s mind” Start looking at both sides of the coin. I`m sure one looks here at ones integrity.Observer tried to compare you with Godda a man with no integrity.I don`t share this sentiment with the Observer.Again :”Changing one`s mind.”
    Wessie is van die begin van sy termyn opgesit om te faal deurdat Theuns sy instrumente soos Godfrey Louw wat in hul kele afgedruk is, Speaker Doris Naylor en Lional Esau wat die laagste punte ontvang het na die onderhoude vir Burgemeester van EDEN. Kom ons wag vir die uitslag van Bredell se kantoor. Hul voorlegging aan die Minister lack substance daarom nou die benoude spronge van `n Special Council meeting wat nie gaan realiseer nie.Komaan Drewan, Wessie kan alles wees , maar `n rower of dief is hy beslis nie.

  12. ……………………./´¯/) PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE DA
    …………………/…./ /
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  13. The DA believes that they are the only real choice voters have- yet some of their local “leaders” like Teflon are the reason why they will lose votes in 2014 and 2016.

    Incompetant local leadership proves that the DA is so focused on the bigger picture that they are showing the voters in these affected areas the middle finger!

    Is the Eden DA led government the one the voters deserve Helen, a DA government lead by a individual who lacks any political moral fibre?

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