Serious DA failures brought into the open!

A News Statement by the ANC Western Cape

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 10 October 2013. 17h20. The DA in government today received a truly shocking report by the Auditor General of South Africa (AG) with the worst findings since the Western Cape came under DA rule. It also confirms the ANC stance that service delivery under the DA has seriously relapsed and in crisis!
Less than half (only five) of the fourteen provincial departments/votes recorded a clean audit while serious problems were listed with most of those five. Of the twelve provincial entities two (Cape Nature and the Housing Development Fund) received bad qualified opinions. This fund is a grave cause for concern as it handles billions of taxpayer Rand.
Over the period 2012/13, the quality of performance reports regressed, leadership stagnated, procurement problems were widespread, management responses were slow and vacancies of key positions rendered caused instability or staff background not checked out before appointments. Problems identified in the past years were also not addressed sufficiently, which led to regression in vital areas.
ANC chief whip in the Western Cape legislature Pierre Uys says: “This report is an indictment against the arrogant DA. Most alarming is the fact that regression was also noted in the department of the premier where stagnation occurred, key officials lacked appropriate competencies and management was slow to address issues or limit risks, while deficiencies in internal controls and inaccuracies in reports or documents are also pointed out. The AG informed the legislature that significant areas need improvement.
“It is a travesty and scandalous that premier Helen Zille in her department is not leading by example. The AG is concerned about the way Zille and her department mitigate key risk areas. Poor leadership is the order of the day in too many departments. Is it any wonder then that the whole of the administration had various problems highlighted? There seems to be a lack of consequences for poor performance and transgressions, while accounting officers are not dealt with where they do not perform.”
The DA is laid bare for all to see.
“This is a terrible report with major regression. Something big also went wrong in Cape Nature where that entity (government agency) crashed. MEC’s Anton Bredell (local government, environmental affairs and development planning), Bonginkosi Madikizela (human settlements) and Ivan Meyer (cultural affairs and sport) did not meet the expectation. In fact, they shamefully failed the people of the Western Cape.
“Especially Madikizela has proven that he is the weakest link as his poor political leadership and unresponsiveness to the AG was highlighted. His department fails to meet its targets to provide homeless and poor people with adequate shelter.
“Bredell removed the Cape Nature CEO Manana Moroka who objected to a specific tender process and now we see what became of that entity! With him at the helm of local government, is it any wonder then that municipalities are in trouble? Meyer’s department got severe criticism, while he is a public administration theorist! Even the legislature regressed under speaker Richard Majola, the AG found.
“The DA revealed that its leaders are not fit for purpose. This is not world-class or exemplary. The DA is in deep trouble.
“The real test is how ordinary people’s lives improved as governance goes beyond ticking boxes and complying to set standards. This test the DA also fails as many people must contend with inferior or undignified services. The DA only deceives voters with propaganda and spin that it is superior. It hides the truth. The truth is, it is bad for the Western Cape and should be replaced soon,” Uys added.
The ANC will interrogate these DA governance faults and failures in the next few weeks as each department has to report to the legislature. The ANC will dig further as the AG sampled and checked only about thirty to forty percent of transactions.
Enquiries: ANC Chief Whip Pierre Uys 082 4555 144
Distributed for the ANC by Cobus Grobler 079 694 1688

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7 thoughts on “Serious DA failures brought into the open!

  1. Whether you are DA, COPE,ANC,Icosa,NPP,Afriforum,Waghond or none voter, demit it`s 1 million rand of my money your money that`s been waisted by this so called Municipal Manager Godfrey Louw en Speaker Doris Nayler. How many people in desperate need could have been helped. Raise your voices against this waistfull an fruitless expenditure.Every attempt by the Mayor to do something for the community under his jurisdiction was and is met with great hostility from him (Godfrey Louw) and some ambitious councilors. Eden DM stands as a white elephant,nothing is happening in this institution at the moment,,no service delivery because of his agenda to defeat the Mayor and fulfill the ambitions of some councilors to become Mayor of Eden.This must stop. Please guys raise your voices here on O!O and publicly. Godfrey Louw is destroying this proud institusion!!!

  2. Geagte dames en andrere en Etoll teenstanders en kipgeoiers
    Soos u en u en u en u weet…..
    En soos Uwe nie weet nie.
    Sal ons, nadat ons die autiteurs veslag besleg het.
    En n slag ge- dondonsella proteturaad geprosedeer en appeleer het,
    In samewerking met ons regte Regters sal ons moontlik in stem tot n
    n mate met die Etoll sisteem net n die ANC uit te help.
    Want hulle weet hulle moenie ons pad na GaTenilleng 2014. met n etoletjie of twee nie.
    Kyk die pub like is maat Dom. Kort geheue.
    Ons sal onthou sien en kyk en hoor.
    Dan moet hulle ook op hou sien en kyk en luister en hoor en Verneem.

    Vir n begin, ons verklaar alles wat oo skryf of bebryf as hoogs geheim.
    Dit gaan ons baie moeite spaar, baie verduidelikheid verleentheid spaar sowaar.
    My favorite advokaat oom john Vorster het ge glo aan reg is reg
    Eenman eenstem, eenwoord sommer.
    ‘Ek is die man, ek is die stem’
    After all julle hat mos klaar gestem…. Vir my gestem….
    En politiek is soos n dame.
    Sy mag maar haat gedagte verander.

    Soms is ons bly dat sy mag. Soos nou.

  3. Godfrey Louw is ‘n slang wat alreeds voorheen skuldig bevind is aan wanbestuur en die voorsitter van sy dissiplinere verhoor het met afloop van sy verhoor gewaarsku dat Louw hom weer aan sodanige oortredings sal skuldig maak indien hy nie ontslaan word nie. Maar die Daceivers het hierdie grap vir munisipale bestuurder heraangestel en hy het sedert sy heraanstelling op vele kere “fruitless and wasteful” uitgawes aangegaan. Theunsie Botha (Minister cum businessman) beskerm hom! Gaan lees maar die Ouditeur-Generaal se verslag oor Eden DM en watter swak bestuurder hy nou eintlik is! Cope het nie teen Louw se heraanstelling gestem nie, so dit is ‘n bietjie opportunisties om nou daaroor te braak.

  4. Two wrongs can simply not be right with this facts the ANC must ask the SIU to investigate this is the reason we has this agency’s The time has come give me that facts I will lay that complaint Allen glad u mention this Why not go and report this to the police don’t go for grand stand show what cope stand for and do it or I will leave cope with all my followers

  5. What crap is this? Have you travelled through the country yet. Have you seen what other provinces look like? I visit many areas all over South Africa. Even I can see this AG is smoking crack. A bunch of lies. The AG’s office is comprimised. And I don’t even like the DA anymore because of this Wessie and Nel nonsense. This is high-treason. How low can you go?

  6. The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end,there it is.- Winston Churchill.

    Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it,it shines clear.- Mahatma Gandhi.

    This is the truth and nothing but the truth as set out by Allan Kock what really goes wrong at Eden District Municipality.

    Wasting of almost 1 million rand by Eden District Municipality Municipal Manager was a fruitless wasteful expenditure compared to the questionable

    Subject: Wasting of almost 1 million rand by Eden District Municipality Municipal Manager was a fruitless wasteful expenditure:

    A fortnight ago Cope had a press conference and openly stated as to why they will vote against the motion that was to be discussed in the Special Council Meeting of 26 September 2013. In this year very early in January it came to our attention that the Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen was investigated by the Speaker – Doris Nayler and the Municipal Manager/ MM – Godfrey Louw. From the start we questioned the flawed process which they followed and there were many irregular things which have left us dumbfounded.

    What was strange to us is that the Council of Eden District Municipality/CEDM closed its final Council Meeting on the 12 December 2012 and then a day after – 13/12/12 the Speaker laid 10 charges to the MM when Councillors were on their way to their different destinations to enjoy the festive season with their families. Then on the 04/01/13 the ENS auditors were at the premises of Eden District Municipality/EDM conducting an investigation against the Mayor, Mr.Lincoln Fischer and Cllr. Gert Niehaus without the knowledge and authority of the council of EDM.

    On two consecutive Council Meetings the Speaker and the MM flatly denied that there was an investigation as they knew at the time that they were very wrong in not following due processes of the procurement policy of EDM.

    Most political parties queried this abnormality and questioned the Speaker and MM as to who authorized the procurement of the services of ENS Forensic Auditors without the approval of Council of EDM.

    In all those meetings they totally denied everything, they were told openly what they did was out of order and there was no need for them to deviate to the Policies of Council. Councilors argued strongly as to why this issue was not referred to the committee of the SCOPA of EDM?

    The fact of the matter is that the Councilors of EDM at the time did not know that all their sensible questions were being posed on deaf ears because the MM had already made a first payment of R401.777.04, second payment of R171.000 third payment of R83.196.67 then on the Special Council Meeting of 26 September 2013 he stated on his Council Report that the Financial Implications of the hearing/proceedings is unknown BUT HE ESTIMATED THEM TO BE AROUND R180.000.

    The most disturbing thing is, the MM lied in a Special Council Meeting of 12 March 2013 because he cited that the financial implications of the entire investigation were around ±R250.000.

    Why did he lie to the Council of EDM when his first payment which was more than R400.000 was paid before end February? On the other side the Speaker who is the instigator of the investigation against the Mayor denied more than once in Council Meetings about the inquest from the ENS forensics Auditors.

    What the readers need to know is that the Speaker gave the Mayor a preliminary report from the ENS Forensics Auditors on 25 January 2013 and then on the 05 February 2013 she wrote again to the Mayor demanding his comments pertaining to the findings. Note very well that the first council meeting was early in January where she denied that there was an investigation against the Mayor.

    I’m raising all of the above for you to see why we say that there is a well designed witch-hunt against the Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen which is orchestrated by a well known Senior Politician. We are not sure as to why he chases Wessie in this cruel and ungodly way? What is this that he wants to benefit from this deep tension that is hovering over EDM, the entire region is wounded over this impasse and nothing good is coming from EDM except the in-fighting of politicians. I firmly believe that the Speaker and the MM have a very strong case against them which they must answer too. Here we talk of a serious cash of tax payers which has been totally wasted because of ambitious individuals who are not happy in positions where they are in.
    Wessie has masses from West Coast up to Kurland near Bitou, wherever he enters a venue people wants his attention and a piece of him. Jealousy is at play at EDM because some of those Councilors it will be very difficult to fill a hall with a capacity of 50 people.

    They are running like headless chickens making lousy Press Statements like the one of last week where Godfrey Louw had a Chilling Confession of confirming that he won’t be in a position to lay a criminal charge against Wessie van der Westhuizen because the amount is less than R100.000. Why must he waste Almost a Million Rand and not open a Criminal Case? I’m just asking…….

    In a Special Council Meeting of 26/09/13 Cllr. Carmichael Ngalo asked the MM as to why they don’t they open a criminal case against Wessie with the SAPS if they feel that he has a strong case to answer? The MM couldn’t provide a sound answer, instead he opts a week after the Special Council Meeting to do damage control in the media by psyching the public by throwing a R100.000 figure which is far from the truth.

    If Godfrey Louw and the Speaker has used close to a Million Rand of Tax Payers Money to put Wessie to the gallows, why is it difficult to open a criminal case? What it is this that they are fearing?

    The truth is – Wessie’s travelling costs which were APPROVED by Godfrey Louw costs less than R20 000.

    I don’t have to say much about Gert Niehaus’s issue as his press statement of last week was very explicit for everyone to know what is happening at EDM. However is very hard to comprehend that such smart individuals like them can classify unpaid debt as a fruitless wasteful expenditure when no cash was exchanged between Linda’s B&B and EDM. I’m just asking……

    It amazes me that the meeting attended by the Mayor with his own vehicle in Pretoria is viewed by them as a highly costly exercise.
    Even this trip was APPROVED by Godfrey Louw and funny enough he is the one who is now questioning his own SIGNATURE. What does authorization means? I’m just asking……….

    The Speaker and the MM needs to be reminded that in 2011, the Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen , Cllr. Henry McCombi and the PA of the Speaker – Miss Renay Poongavanum used a hired vehicle from George to Durban to a SALGA Conference. The costs of that trip were more than R20.000 so it really puzzles me as to why they did not find that trip a Fruitless Wasteful Expenditure? Why not ask another forensic firm so that we can see who has corrupted the systems of EDM in 2011? I’m just asking……….

    Is it because the Speaker was afraid that the truth was going to come out that her PA went to Durban free of charge using EDM resources? Maybe she feared that the people were to see that she is not so innocent/clean as she claims? I’m just asking…….

    Furthermore the reason why she didn’t put this issue into her charges of ENS forensics auditors maybe she was afraid that Cllr. Wessie van der Westhuizen and Cllr. Henry McCombi were going to expose her very bad with concrete evidence that her PA benefited from all the luxury of travelling with them.

    In case the Speaker and Godfrey Louw have forgotten, I want to refresh them and tell them that the conference was mainly for councilors not for the PA’s.

    The silly argument which they now raise is, why did the Mayor not used a flight last year in October when he went to Pretoria so that he can save on costs when he went for the meeting. Simple answer they must provide us with the price of a return air tickets and the hiring costs of a vehicle versus the amount paid to him.

    What baffles me more in this, is why did the Speaker and the MM not raise the same sentiment when the PA of the Speaker was on her vacation to Durban? Who is fooling who here? The fact is, the Speaker was the one who facilitated the entire exercise of ensuring that her PA gets a free lift to Durban. Now let’s ask this question – what is the policy of EDM when it comes to such corrupt practices as displayed by the Speaker? I’m just asking……..

    The readers will recall that the MM two weeks ago questioned the timing of our press statement. Why did he not ask our timing in Council when we laid a case against him to the Mayor after we saw that he was misleading Council and wasting tax payers money?

    I want to put it in Public that I will formally in this week lay a charge of all the above to the office of Public Protector – Miss Thuli Madonsela. I certainly believe in her capabilities and I trust that she will tell publicly as to who has a right timing/not.

    All concrete evidence that we have at our disposal will be handed over to her so that she can arrest this Circus at EDM.

    It will be her alone and her team that will tell us if its right for a Minister cum business man to poke his nose in EDM affairs. We shall provide her with the letters from the Speaker where she plainly refused to do her duties as prescribed in the municipal systems act when she was requested by the Mayor to call a Special Council Meeting after 7 days of receiving the complaint from Cope to investigate Godfrey Louw.

    We also have a letter which we want her to see from this Minister cum business man where he was instructing the Speaker to request the Mayor to ask Cope to withdraw the case against Godfrey Louw.

    She must tell us if its really right/wrong for a Minister cum business man to abdicate his full mandate where he need to discharge duties for his provincial legislature and focus on narrow selfish interest of manipulating the Council of EDM? I honestly really want to know…….

    The Minister cum business man will for sure be compelled to provide answers to the enquiry of the Public Protector. The Public Protector will come and tell us if it was really correct/wrong for the Minister cum business man to force the employment of Godfrey Louw in June 2011, he will definitely have to seriously explain what did he mean by saying he will defend the re-employment of Godfrey Louw even to the “Highest Court”.

    We shall also report about the meeting of late last year which was held at Dros restaurant between the Speaker, MM and the Minister cum business man. The municipal systems act 32 of 2000 & regulations clearly stipulates the job purpose of the municipality manager.

    (1) Municipal managers must provide for leadership and direction of the administration of the municipality through effective strategies to fulfill the objects of local government provided for in the Constitution, 1996 and any legislative framework that governs local government;
    (2) fostering relationships between the municipal council and the administrative arm of the municipality as well as other key stakeholders; and
    (3) creating an environment that defines the purpose and role of local government as a means to involve people in shaping the future of communities.
    Godfrey Louw has unfortunately failed all these duties listed above because he is an active player that play all roles (administration & political). It is my strongest view that EDM will never be effective as long as you have a municipal manager that alternates in those roles. He must be taught a lesson that politics is for politicians.

    We shall also ask the Public Protector if its correct/wrong for an employee to claim for R60.000 of tax payers money and use it for her own pleasure, selfishness and greed without doing what she applied for? Godfrey Louw has avoided to address this issue and we don’t really know as to why he is reluctant to act? Miss Madonsela will do us a great favour because she will attend to it.

    Without any fear/ favour/ prejudice, we shall ask her if its correct/wrong to claim for SNT when you are Councilor that doesn’t have a valid drivers license, when you don’t even have a vehicle that is registered on your name? We will register our dismay about a Councilor who claimed with an unroadworthy vehicle that belonged to the MEC of Education in the Province. Is this not a breach of code of conduct? Why was a disciplinary committee not established by the Speaker so as to investigate the matter and make a finding on the alleged breach of code of conduct? I’m just asking……………

    It will be very important that she must tell us if our Timing is not correct when say with full conviction that the MM Godfrey Louw and the Speaker Doris Nayler must pay back the money of tax payers which they wasted simply because they were rushing to execute the mandate from a well known and respected political handler.

    Lastly I think her involvement will ultimately disclose to the public as to how much did Cllr. Wessie van der Westhuizen costs the EDM in his travelling.

    Proverbs 24 verse 11-12 “Don’t hesitate to rescue someone who is about to be executed unjustly” 12 You may say that it is none of your business, but God knows and judges your motives. He keeps watch on you; he knows. And he will reward you according to what you do”.
    This is an attempt from my side as a law abiding citizen to reveal the dark concealed secrets of Eden District Municipality to our leaders and the general public that has been fed fabricated lies so as to cover the tracks of evil doers.

    From a true South African
    Alllan Kock – writing in his personal capacity

  7. Die DA kry stadigaan op sy MOSES! Dis ALTYD die uitloop van ARROGANSIE en n balk in n ander se oog raak te sien.
    Kyk, almal weet die ANC is by vrotsleg verby, maar die huigelaarskoek word deur die DA geneem.

    Het Bredell en al daardie onderpresterende moegoe’s al bedank ?

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