ANC Coalition set to continue in power

Own goals making for telling DA defeat

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 10 October 2013. 07h00. His Lordship Mr Justice Schipper thanked counsel yesterday afternoon for what he called excellent legal argument.

Indeed it was insightful to listen to two heavyweights bent on a knock out.

Ismail Jamie, for the Western Cape minister of local government, Anton Bredell, made much of Speaker Stoffels’s late introduction of the fraud finding against DA Councillors Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk.

Schipper J called the charges “serious” – the second WCHC Judge after Le Grange J to do so in 30 days.

Jamie argued that the Speaker can not forever rely on the fraudulent Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality settlement.

One wonders why the DA does not clean its own house!?

Jamie argued that Stoffels should have introduced his objection against Nel and Van Wyk in the agreement resulting in the Henney Order setting up the September 20 Special Council Meeting, and not at the meeting.

Jamie also argued that the Speaker is not an Organ of State and therefore that the Speaker’s counter application – calling for an Inter Governmental Dispute – was invalid. He had to concede on this point when his authority was questioned by Schipper J and refuted by counsel for Stoffels Willie Vermeulen.

It is remarkable that Jamie did not once offer any argument to counter Vermeulen’s dissection of Bredell. The minister was made out to be derelict and conspiratorial, and his counsel made no attempt to refute the accusation.

Vermeulen clearly convinced the Court that the Provincial Government conspired to usurp power for the DA in Oudtshoorn, and that the DA Councillors are suspected of fraud in the Nel settlement.

It is quite abundantly clear that the ANC Coalition will continue to govern Oudtshoorn for some time to come.

The DA’s broken promises to Jurie Harmse, Stokkies Ruiters, Pieter Luiters, Hendrik Botha and Jeremy Goliath, and indeed to the people of Oudtshoorn, will continue to disappoint.

Five people with families to support were conned out of the highest paying jobs they would ever have…

And the DA remains the ANC Coalition’s biggest ally in continued control – the own goals are as telling as they are spectacular.

All things being equal, and in politics they very nearly never are, the ANC Coalition may well govern until the 2016 Local Government Elections.

For this incredible reality the ANC Coalition can thank Nic Barrow, Pierre Nel, Ben van Wyk, and the inept advisors circling like the proverbial albatross.

And speaking of birds, the promised golden goose ain’t layin’ no eggs.

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2 thoughts on “ANC Coalition set to continue in power

  1. Die skrif is aan die muur,die damwal besig om uit sy nate te bars.Wonder maar net hoe die DIE HOORN se berig hierna gaan uitsien.Soos ek vroeer ook op ‘n tydjie gese het dat die “KANNA’s gaan terug huistoe toe kom een of ander tyd een vir een,want kersfees breek aan.Ook my gelukwensinge aan ‘n uitstekende regsspan uit beide kampe.
    Ek sal ook graag die papers wil study,maar nog steeds “its not over until the fat lady….O die donkie is ‘n wonderlike ding.Wag nou net vir sy agtertoe skop.

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