MacPherson and Others v Stoffels and Others

So it’s come down to this…
Does Bredell have locus standi!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn.

21 November 2013

Speaker Stoffels this afternoon appealed the Schippers judgment.

In the mean time the DA is literally broadcasting – from vehicles no less – that they, “the legitimates” no less – are “taking over” tomorrow…

13 November 2013.

08h30. The formal press this morning appears to be unanimous about the main purport of the Schippers judgment: The majority of Oudtshoorn councillors may now convene a council meeting to consider motions of no confidence in the mayor, deputy mayor, and speaker.

The DA had been hollering victory and control since May 31 – 166 days ago… 6 months ago! – yet the ANC coalition rules, O.K.

Given the media consensus on the Western Cape minister’s conclusion, surely those xyresic strategists and tactical mavins – Koos Cilliers and Michael Brewis and Seraj Johaar and Anton Bredell and Theuns Botha and Chris MacPherson and Hildegard Fast and Fiona Stewart, to name but a few, must now deliver on Theuns’s victory cry at the Pearl on May 31!?


12November 2013.

14h30. The municipal manager contractual and legal services, Pumzo Tofile, issued the following statement:

The Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning of the Western Cape Provincial Government (“the Minister”) brought an urgent application on 1 October 2013 against the Speaker and the Municipal Manager of the Oudtshoorn Municipality for a mandamus to force the Oudtshoorn Municipal Council to consider various motions of no confidence in the Speaker, the Executive Mayor and the Deputy Mayor of the Council.

The Minister also sought an order declaring that the Speaker’s recommendation to the Council that the conduct of certain councillors belonging to the DA led coalition, contravened the Council’s code of conduct and that their voting rights should be suspended pending a decision by the Minister as to their conduct, was unlawful.

The Speaker brought a counter application to the effect that the dispute should be referred to the Premier in terms of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act.

The Court held that the Minister did not have the power to approach the Court for the mandamus and that a Municipal Council has autonomous powers in this regard with which the Minister may not interfere by way of the type of application he brought in the present instance. The Court did, however, grant a declaratory order in terms of which the Speaker’s recommendation to the Council as described in paragraph 2 above, as unlawful.

The Court further dismissed the counter application on the basis that the provisions of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act are discretionary and that it does not preclude the Court from adjudicating upon disputes such as the present one.

Finally, the Court ordered the Speaker to pay the costs in relation to certain previous applications relating to the holding of a Council meeting for purposes of the consideration of motions of no confidence in the Speaker, Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Oudtshoorn Municipality.
In relation to the costs of the application itself, the Court held that neither party was substantially successful and accordingly ordered each party to pay its own costs.

The Oudtshoorn Municipality is busy studying the judgment and will take a decision as to the way forward in due course.

12h55. The speaker issued the following press release minutes ago:

I am pleased that Mr Justice Ashton Schippers this morning found that the council meeting of 20 September complied with the order of Court made by Mr Justice Henney on 13 September and that the Western Cape minister of local government Anton Bredell had no locus standi in bringing this application in the first place.

The judgement comprises 117 paragraphs and contains fundamental imports for decisions made by speakers and councils.

Moreover, the judgement is marked “Reportable” which means that it will be recorded in the South African Law Reports as it contributes to the development of South African law and will serve as authority in all future relevant matters.

The Court also made an adverse finding against me in dismissing my counter application that the minister should be directed to deal with the matter in terms of the Intergovernmental Framework Act; and in awarding cost against me in the matters launched on 23 August and 10 September.

The Court also found that council’s decision to revoke the voting rights of councillors Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk was illegal.

These findings are also studied and if found to be correct in law, will be accepted.

I am generally comfortable with the judgement and am currently studying it with my legal team to decide whether to accept the outcome in its entirety, or to appeal it in part or in its entirety.

The municipality’s in-house legal adviser will soon issue a statement on the legal implications of the judgement.

Click here for the judgement.

Fact: An MEC can not enforce a local government council meeting.

10h30. Relief sought by Bredell refused; counter application refused; revocation of voting rights illegal; parties to pay own costs; Stoffels to pay de bonis propriis for two earlier applications.

09h50. Everybody’s here… even Koos Cilliers.

09h46. Court 13… Nojawellfine.

08h23. An hour in the gym; a quite hearty breakfast. Game on.

8 November 2013. 16h40. His Lordship Mr Justice Schippers will deliver his verdict on Tuesday, November 12.

I will report live from the High Court.

25 October 2013. 05h30. The Western Cape Director Municipal Governance, Seraj Johaar, told the ANC’s Pierre Uys that his minister only got involved in the Oudtshoorn matter when the Speaker started to ignore court orders.

Ye gods and faeries.

Comment would be an insult to mine longsuffering readers.

Ye gods and faeries.

And the Pa’lowick of the swampy world of Lowick.

Even, too, the Pau’ans of Utapau.

Star Wars species are not really weird, given our politicians and their staffers.

24 October 2013. 09h55. The Supplementary Heads of Argument called for by Schippers J had been filed yesterday afternoon.

The papers represent legal product of extraordinary value and it was decided that they not be published.

The judgment, expected next week, will be published in full.

21 October 2013. 14h35. Schippers J issued a second directive.

20 October 2013. 10h55. Here’s the relevant court papers. Enjoy!

1 Notice of Motion – Bredell
2 Answering Affidavit – Stoffels
3 Replying Affidavit – Bredell
4 Heads of Argument – Bredell
5 Heads of Argument – Stoffels
6 Directive – Schippers J

19 October 2013. 06h45. Mr Justice Schippers directed the parties on Thursday to file written submissions on or before Wednesday 23 October 2013 on the following question:

Whether, having regard to the provisions of section160(1) of the Constitution and sections 36 – 40 of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998, the fourth respondent, the Minister for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning of the Western Cape Province, has locus standi to seek the relief sought in paragraphs 2 – 6 of the notice of motion dated 30 September 2013.

8 October 2013.

18h10. Schippers J is xyresic. The man is highly intelligent and with an impressive memory. He has good humour and expressive body language. This case is in excellent hands. From my vantage point our judicial system is robust and trustworthy.

Schippers challenged and engaged the senior advocates, Willie Vermeulen and Ismail Jamie, regularly and with intent. The two learned gentlemen had to think on their feet and both did remarkably well. Great arguments. It was a pleasure to listen to them – and to His Lordship.

As far as the Speaker’s advisors are concerned, Shaheed Patel and Hardy Mills are on top of their game. Damn, it is great to be surrounded by so much grey matter… and high spirits.

It’s a pleasure, gentlemen.

16h12. Schippers J allows Vermeulen an opportunity to address the Court.

The Court adjourns with Schippers J indicating that he will rule during the course of next week.

15h26. Vermeulen concludes after a bit of a marathon.

Jamie now replies. He refers to the Inter-Governmental Framework Act and s139 of the Constitution.

14h55. Schippers J and Vermeulen are at odds about the reasons for the earlier suspension of four councillors, revoked.

Also about the fact that the Morrison Report was known at the time of both the Rogers and Henney orders. Why, wants Schippers J to know, was the Morrison Report not introduced at those times.

14h30. Vermeulen gets poetic about Bredell’s inaction regarding the Morrison Report on the Nel settlement. Quite poetic: prevarication; form over substance…

14h10. And we’re back. Vermeulen continues.

13h03. Lunch. Till 14h00.

12h43. Vermeulen argues that Bredell should be subjected to cross-examination in order to determine his intentions with the emails. Also Bredell is refusing to deal with the fraudulent actions of DA Councillors.

12h34. Vermeulen introduces the emails between Bredell, Theuns Botha, Koos Cilliers, and Wessie van der Westhuizen.

12h22. Schippers J wants to know on which basis the Counter Application is brought.

12h00. Schippers J is asking Vermeulen whether the starting point should not be august 7 – the date of the by-election.

After a short toing and froing Vermeulen continues.

11h51. Vermeulen takes the Court back to May 31, and starts his argument.

11h50. In a lighter moment, Jamie suggests that an attorney from Oudtshoorn Chairs council for purposes of considering the Motions of No Confidence…

It is suggested from the floor, by interjection, that Nic Barrow be considered.

Mirth all round and from all in Court, including His Lordship.

Adv Vermeulen rises for the Speaker.

11h40. We’re back. Jamie speaks to s106 of the structures Act – “the MEC MUST…”

11h30. Break.

11h20. Jamie calls the Counter Application “without merit” as there is no inter-governmental dispute. Stoffels, the Speaker, not the Municipality, is sued.

11h17. Jamie now moves on to the points in limine and the Counter Application.

11h15. Schippers J disagrees with Jamie that the Court may appoint a chairman to replace the Speaker.

10h55. Jamie is essentially arguing that Speaker Stoffels should have given effect to the both the spirit and the specifics of the Court Orders to consider the Motions of No Confidence, having agreed not to suspend DA Councillors.

10h21. Adv Ismail Jamie, for the Western Cape minister of local government, begins his argument.

10h19. Waiting for the Judge…

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09h30. Several cuppuccinos at Advocado… One of the few pleasures of litigation in the WCHC.

    08h30. The matter will be heard by His Lordship Mr Justice Schippers at 10h00.

    O!O will report in real time from the Western Cape High Court.

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62 thoughts on “MacPherson and Others v Stoffels and Others

  1. Die punt is nog steeds dit: Daar was ‘n tussenverkiesing in Oudtshoorn en die DA het meerderheid in die raad. Die ANC koalisie weier om dit te aanvaar en die mosies van wantroue te laat dien. Goeie moer wat gaan gebeur as die DA Gauteng of dalk NoordKaap ens moet wen!!! Jissie ek kan nie glo dat Stoffels soveel #$%^&* op sy vurk wil laai nie… Los af boetie los af…

  2. Drewan! Jy het nooit Regter Schippers se uitspraak vir ons gepubliseer nie!!! Doen dit tog nou sodat ons onnooslike ek dit ook kan sien!

  3. Mr Baird – I have come recently to Oudtshoorn (difficult name!) My Afrikaans is not so good but ek leer! I am visiting a friend and they have given a lbit of background of what is what here. I have one question I would like answered – You live in democratic country – Yes (I will answer that one! And I want to live here!) If there was an election and now you have a new majority – then surely old regime should get out? Why not? Why is those others still there? That was question 1. Question 2 – Why all silly court case. (I cant see that you have published last court case outcome – need see that to put perspective!) Still, if you are democratic – then majority should rule!
    Quest 3 – who pays for silly court case? I see your roads not so nice – my friend took me to see town today… I have wonderful new ways of fixing roads. I can work wonderous things – and reelly like Oudtshoorn – still a difficult name.

  4. appeal teen judgment. ma dis mos in sy persoonlike hoedanigheid en het geen impak op raadsvergadering more nie. of gaan jul dit gebruik om in beheer te bly??

  5. Het die Daceivers die appel voorsien? Nou wat nou gemaak Wessie? Moet Balla nou weer krismis sonder vleis wees die boere het dan belowe alles sal uigesorteer wees voor die einde van die maand. ‘n Mens kan ook niemand vertrou nie! Balla so0ek ook nog ‘n nuwe kar voor krismis want die Tata is in sy moer gery vir die Daceivers tydens die laaste tussenverkiesing. Balla daai appel word eers middle 2014 o0f selfs nog later aangehoor. Daarna is dit nog SCA en dan Gronwetlike hof toe, dan is dit alweer krismis. Die bleddie ANC!

  6. Now why does this not suprise me with this 11th hour appeal?

    Is the DA sure that one of the planners of the failed coupe is not also behind this stalling too……while he awaits his own fate,so too shall a town be held hostage for his own sake

  7. Jou agbare speaker, ene Stoffels, die een wat nou die regskostes van die saak teen Nel en Van Wyk moet betaal is op rekord dat hy in die openbaar sou gese het dat Gordon April volgende jaar tydens die verjaardag herdenking van Odn nog as Burgemeester sal optree. Jy as werknemer van jou werkgewer moet sekerlik kennis van jou speaker se uitlating dra, of hoe?

    Hoe gaan April dit regkry? Weer deur speletjies te speel met die regsproses?

    Kyk, jy was nogals knap met die uitblaker van inligting oor geldvermorsing by OM. Dit was nou totdat jou Antie Jessie Duarte en jou oompie Marius Fransman jou siel gekoop het. En van toe af leef jy in ‘n eenparty staat wie jou werkgewer word en hulle stop jou gat toe met geld, my en ander belastingbetalers, se geld vir sogenaamde “vertalings joppies” wat jy moet doen.

    Vertel ‘n biedjie vir jou lankmoedige lesers oor die regskoste van die mees onlangse uitstappie om aan bewind te bly. Wat het jy en jou “regssgeleerde” kollega bereik met julle sogenaamde advies aan julle werkgewer? Niks, behalwe om baie geld weg te hou van mense wat dit brood nodig het.

    So. Kom ons hou julle dop. Kom ons kyk hoe julle en julle werkgewer die komende demmokratiese proseese verder gaan opfok.

  8. So, when you wrote:

    “The papers represent legal product of extraordinary value and it was decided that they not be published.”

    What you actually meant was, “I have been told not to publish” ???

    Not legal product of such extraordinary value that mere readers could not see them. A little like the original mythical apple from the tree of knowledge???

  9. Yes Ed, the DA must please take control. They have everything in their hands to do it! Wessie, please do not hurry this my friend take it step by step and please sort out the mayoralship and who is going to be on the mayco. Jy weet hoe julle hotnotte is en hier is krimis om die draai! Voorspoed!

  10. Mt decision not to publish was a budiness decision, not an ideological one.

  11. Ed, on 24 October you wrote the following:
    “24 October 2013. 09h55. The Supplementary Heads of Argument called for by Schippers J had been filed yesterday afternoon.
    “The papers represent legal product of extraordinary value and it was decided that they not be published.”
    Very weird considering that the papers, once filed, became part of the public record.
    Very, very weird when one considers the “Right2Know” logo so prominent on your website.
    Very, very, very weird when one considers the slogan “If journalism isn’t activism it is stenography.”
    Very. Very, very, very weird when one consdiders the other slogan “No holds barred in your face factual reporting of what you may not even realize you should want to know.”
    It leaves one wondering what concession was contained in the Speaker’s submission that forced you, not unlike the DA, to do exactly the opposite to what you profess to stand for.
    An instance of the piper being forced to play the tune called by the paymaster….?

  12. Het Bredell al bedank ?

    Die regter se uitinge wys hy het GEEN LOCUS STANDI nie, dus hoort hy as “ministertjie met die powere regsopinies wat hom altyd mislei en laat verloor” te laat afdank voordat hy self loop.

    Met sy powere ‘history’ is dit finaal verby met sy reputasie, as hy ooit eenetjie gehad het

  13. Ek sal die DA en die minister en die koukus en wie ook al se verklarings en kommentaar publiseer sodra ek dit kry.

  14. Mnr Baird, as ek u was, sou ek ook nie onpartydige oor die volledige uitspraak lewer nie. En as ek mnr Stoffels was, sou ek eerder my snater gehou het as om niksseggende persverklarings uit te reik. Die regter het sy optredes tydens raadsvergaderings waar die mosies teen hom en sy twee trawante moes dien, as kwaadwillig, onwettig en in eie belang bestempel. Die regter het ook beslis dat hy die regskostes van twee vorige hofsake moet betaal. Sal nogal graag wil weet hoeveel dit hom gaan kos.

  15. kan jy vir die rekord verklaar in watter en wie se hoedanigheid jy die verrigtinge bywoon. Word enige vergoeding deur jou geies teen die Oudtshoorm Munisipaliteit en wel ook vir reis en verblyf.

  16. O my goodness, there will be few people whose tummies will be running till tuesday hey

  17. Nee, wag nou Mr Ed, jy spin jouself nou domdronk.

    Die raadslede is nie op risiko nie.
    Die LUK, Onse Anton, is nie op risiko nie.
    Die regsgeleerdes is nie op risiko nie.
    Die amptenare is nie op risiko nie.
    Die politieke partye is nie op risiko nie.

    Wat wel op risiko is, is die staatskas, wat ons as belastingbetalers knaend moet aanvul.

    MAW die stomme belastingbetaler is op risiko.

  18. Hi Ed

    Indien DA/COPE Oudtshoorn die sakieverloor met koste,hoe gaan diese party raadslede betaal?

    DA weet ons sal nie, COPE het ook nie geldjies in bank nie- ek bedoel hul het nou finaal leier maar is daar geld na daai moewiese hof saak?

  19. Ronnie. Afrikaans is far more expressive – “gatkruipend” nog ‘n Engelse word is “toadyish” An interesting origen from toad eater. A guy who used to eat allegedly poisonous toads to show that his charlatan master’s snake oil worked.

    Anothe roption is perhaps obsequious – oordrewe onderdanigheid. But I still prefer gatkruipend!

    Sorry, you’ve got me going and I love language…

    Adam Smal uses the word gatkruipers so beautifully in one of his poems where he talks of “gatkruipers van die profete” Such a beautiful line.

  20. FRED: hagiographic – (Is ek reg of naby),”behandel ‘n persoon of onderwerp soos ‘n heilige”.Dis maar nou met my titseljie teologiese kennis uit selfbemagtiging.

  21. Ed as a former Eden employee who is engaging on this platform without using my real name ( to protect me from definitive victimization from Mr Teflon and his merry staff who do his biddings) I earnestly hope that this Oudtshoorn issue comes to an end soon.

    I still engage with most of my fellow Eden co-workers and it is worrying how they all say that there is no real political leadership at present there- and that Teflon and his staff are now harrasing them for information on councilors+ certain staff members who they want to illiminate/humiliate because they are perceived to be against their corrupt activities.

    Mr Teflon ” Die oog sien alles”, at one stage in 2011 after your first council meeting I admired you, believing you would bring progress+change- how my respect has withered away.

    Goodluck to Godfrey,speaker Nayler and those councilors who stand firm for what’s wright- Mr Teflon and his merry men can only attack you on personal issues on the road ahead. Ask Alvera how they threathened and intimidated her before the hearing!

  22. “The papers represent legal product of extraordinary value and it was decided that they not be published.”

    What absolute unadulterated unctuous crap! It is nauseating beyond belief!

  23. I have read the papers and the words of Thomas Sowell perfectly express my feelings at this point.

    “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way to make decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” Thomas Sowell.

  24. I think the MEC only has locus standi when it concerns the reluctance or inability of a municipal of municipal council to fulfil its executive and constitutional obligations. See section 139 of the Constitution and section 106 of the Systems Act . But yes I am not privy to prayers 2-6 of the Notice of Motion.

  25. Guys, I apogise for not having published the papers! It is now important for all to understand the issues at hand. I’ll publish as soon as I am at my desk again – not so easy to publish the large pdf’s from my BB.

  26. I hear the Eden DA is scheming up against their own mayor… Even asking ANC help! And Theuns is advising. Ye gods and faeries. I’ll publish the story when I find a moment.

  27. Ed, what relief was asked in para’s 2-6 that would cause the Judge to think that an argument could be made for locus standi? Reading the legislation he stipulates must be considered in arguments it is not possible to find anything that could be interpreted to give the MEC locus standi. Am I dof, or could he just as well have referred to the Road Traffic Act for all the good it does for the MEC’s position?

  28. Ed, is it fair so summize that Bredell is losing AGAIN and that this is all part of a DA plot so that Wessie can still pay as Eden Mayor while Bredell applies his mind?

  29. Barrow die ROT knaag tot jy voel, die rot het n grote wat hy die week gaan laat val.Moet nie so stil wees nie man .Speel bietjie met my kom ons praat bietjie met mekaar man die blok is stil sonder nicky my rooiwyn is op meskien het jy nog laat ek gou hoor hoe skel jy as jy dronk is. My span die bulle maak nou met my soos jy met die DA gemaak het, net stront vir plesier veroorsaak.

  30. Niklaas Waghond Barrow ek is Andrew Van Aswegen ‘n kleurling soos julle ons mos noem met ‘n Afrikaner van wat jou al baie lank dophou toe jy en Drewan nog jommas was. So los nou asb vir Baird af deel maar met my! Ek het ook op jou kakkerige blog kommentaar gelewer en ek merk dat daar nie veel op jou blog aangaan nie, so ek sal my voortaan daarvan weerhou om daar kommentaar te lewer. Ek skryf maar kakkerige Afrikaans en jy weet Drewan is flymskerp as dit by Afrikaans of die Queen se taal kom. So los die man nou in hemelsnaam nou uit.

    Groete Ou Grote

  31. Barrow laat ek nou vir jou se daai Hardy het nou al dat jy jou gat sien jy het groot seviele sake teen jou binnekort gaan jy alles weer moet terug gee vir die mense van oudtshoorn al gehoor van “The biggest loser” onthou jy die dag toe Pietersen skuldig bevind is wie het by jou op die stoep kom sit en koffie drink na die hofuitspraak die landros wat Pietersen gevonnis het. Dit sal nie weer op oudtshoorn gebeur nie .Daar is n goeie span in Mills Botes en Baird. Hier kom n ding

  32. Ek dink die hondjie is maar net erg hartseer dat hy nie so lekker geld maak soos Mnr. Mills nie – dit klink vir my maar net na suurdruiwe. O’ja, en wie is Mnr. Barrow om enigsins enige iets te sê oor wat die belastingbetalers geld kos? Was hy nie die ene wat probeer het om die belastingbetalers uit, hoeveel was dit meer as R4miljoen, se kostes te verneuk met sy Munisipaliteit/Nel skikking nie? A nee a man! Hoe sê hulle nou weer? Die wat is glashuise bly moenie klippe gooi nie. Wanneer gaan die waghond meneer Barrow se optrede in daai skikking ondersoek? Wat doen die waghond omtrent al mannewalis van die DA brigade daar op Oudtshoorn?

  33. Andrew

    Skryf net ‘n nota om mnr Barrow daarop te wys dat ek nie jy is nie, en jy nie ek nie – hy meen klaarblyklik ek is jy en jy ek.

    En ek is skeitbang vir mnr Barrow. Ek wil nie moeilikheid met hom hê nie, assebliéf tog nie, jirre.

  34. Ou Brak wat is dit met jou te doen wie vir April se regskostes betaal? Wil jy dalk die rekening betaal, Ou Brak?

  35. Die hond is terug met ‘n moerse geblaf wat mense uit die snags uit die slap hou! What a nuisance!

  36. Thanks. Learned a new one today. Goes to show, read what IS there not what you think is or should be there.
    Xerophilous – as in an adaptation to your climate. Be thankful I didn’t call you a xerophyte…

  37. Vrae aan prokureur Hardy Mills

    U het die afgelope paar jaar gereeld vir Gordon April en die ANC Raad op Oudtshoorn opgetree.
    My inligting is dat u letterlik miljoene Rande se regskoste van die belastingbetaler van Oudtshoorn geëis het. Wil u nie graag vir die inwoners van Oudtshoorn sê hoeveel geld hulle al betaal het vir u dienste.

    Ek weet u sal sê dat hierdie in prokureur-en-kliënt aangeleentheid is, maar is u kliënte tog nie eintlik die belastingbetalers nie? Kom, wees nou deursigtig en gee hierdie bedrae vir ons. Dit is nie goed dat sake soos hierdie op straat bespreek word sonder dat daar helderheid gekry word. Ek neem aan dat die regsdienste wat u aan Gordon April en ander Raadslede vir kriminele sake deur hulself vereffen word en nie deur die inwoners nie? Die Wet maak nie hiervoor voorsiening nie. U behoort dit te weet.

    U was die prokureur vir Gordon April en Raymond Wagenaar in kriminele sake in die Streekhof in Oudtshoorn. Die saak was reeds geplaas vir Verhoor. U het nie verskyn nie, met die verskoning dat u die volgende dag in die Hooggeregshof in die Kaap namens Gordon April en die ANC Raad moes verskyn. U het toe ‘n prokureur Botes van u broer se firma in Vereniging aangestel om verder namens u te verskyn. Botes het lekker besigheidsklas na George gevlieg, luuks tuisgegaan en lekker hier gekuier. Hy het toe uitstel gevra wat na ‘n skropbering deur die Landdros toegestaan is. Wie gaan Botes se koste betaal? Hoekom is ‘n prokureur van Vereniging ingevlieg vir ‘n blote uitstel? Hou u hierdie sake maar so tussen die familie?

    U en Gordon April en die ANC Raad kan kat-en-muis speletjies speel oor wie die dorp moet regeer, maar sal daar uiteindelik ‘n einde aan kom. Wees verseker dat al die prokureurs, advokate en adviseurs met inbegrip van Morisson en sy agterryer met ‘n vergrootglas deurgegaan sal word. Die mense wonder wat u verblyfrekening by ‘n gastehuis buite die dorp die afgelope paar maande was. My inligting by die Munisipaliteit sê dat dit elke week plus / minus R 25 000 was. U bly op Plett?

    Die inwoners van Oudtshoorn wag in spanning op u reaksie.

    Die uwe,

    NJ Barrow
    Namens Oudtshoorn Waghond

  38. No Fred, I do mean “xyresic” – razor sharp. Do you call me xerophilous by the climate of my town, or by my writing!?

  39. The ANC is as bad as the DA, make no mistake. They do NOTHING to better the life of their members, supporters or the rest of the population. They are, exactly like the DA, power hungry in order to fill their own pockets. I say away with party politics in local government.

  40. Enrico. I think he means “xeric” and not “xyresic” as he has it or “xeyrisic” as you have it. But what else would one expect from a xerophilous creature?

  41. Ed. “xeyrisic’ please define? (Bietjie hoog vir my en dit is net ‘n rooooooi lyn onder daai word!) I am very proud of the Speaker’s legal team and their performance today and I hope that the outcome will be in favour of those who stand for the truth. It is not strange to me that MEC Bredell chickened out when he got ear of the possibility that he might be called to testify. It just shows you that he is indeed “a man of straw” and should in actual fact be farming somewhere in the Swartland. The truth must be told about what actually transpired in Oudtshoorn and that needs a clear and concise narrative to be compiled setting out the sequence of events with the view that same be submitted to the Public Protector for investigation. One thing I am very upset about is the fact that the ANC and its allies are failing to make proper use of the Chapter 9 institutions specifically in municipalities where we are not in control and in the Western Cape in particular.

    I am firmly of the view that the ANC and his coalition partners and alliance partners must stand together and form a united front to better the lives of the communities whether they are black, white or coloured. We can do it only if we are united and selfless in what we are doing. The great Oliver Reginald Tambo once said that the ANC is a mighty organisation and that no other formation can destroy the ANC only the ANC can destroy itself. We as members of the movement must be take note of those wise words of that great leader. Amandla!

  42. Vir n baie lank tyd het die D-A in hul slinkse pogings geslaag, om munusipaliteite oor te neem met hul slinkse planne. Die uur en tyd het aangebreek dat die mense verantwoordelik vir die wanbestuur binne die Wes-Kaap regering hul punch moet vat. Km wat wil hier in Oudtshoorn gn julle nie julle kak reg kry nie.

  43. A nee A sies man Bredell.Daar gaan my bietjie respek ook vir jou.Jy’t die trompet geblaas hier in Oudtshoorn. Die DA Federal moet jou nou ‘n Skotse rok aantrek na Lunch.

  44. Bredell moet maar net kom sodat hy kan verduidelik waarom hy provinsiale amptenare gebruik om op politieke aangeleenthede advies te gee. Misbruik van sy amp as MEC.

  45. Hulle moet sommer almal gedagvaar word om te getuig! Teflon Wessie moet kom se oor sy dagboekie

  46. Pale toe pale toe nader na die pale toe ,die DA is belaglik wat se Afri forum van raadslid van DA en Cope wat sand en klip gesteel het hulle saak is ook terug getrek kan hulle daai enetjie ok laat terugsit

  47. Die telling 0-1 teen DA.Eks daarvan oortuig die tweede een gaan voor eenuur gecore word,of pasop vir 0-3.

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