The table laid. Bredell served. Zille served.

Tomorrow’s High Court matter

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 8 October 2013. 15h20. Speaker Stoffels has served his Counter Application formally on Premier Hellen Zille during a meeting in the DA offices in Gardens earlier today.

Stoffels’s legal team received an urgent memo from the State’s Attorney this afternoon wherein Bredell objects to testifying. He reserves his right to ask for a postponement if Stoffels would insist to have him take the stand.

Already Bredell has conceded that he did, in fact, participate in email correspondence plotting the illegal, by Mr Justice le Grange’s verdict, coup of May 31.

Stoffels’s legal team is currently converging on Cape Town. There will be a mighty Oudtshoorn Government presence in Court tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “The table laid. Bredell served. Zille served.

  1. Die papbroek oud-burgemeestertjie van die Swartland is ‘n regte papbroek, hy beter kom getuig of bedank en gaan koring oppas in Malmesbury! Hys nie ‘n MEC se gat werd nie.

  2. I am flabbergasted. Why would Minister Bredell be so shy to testify? Seems to me like he had lots to say recently, why not say it in open Court under oath where it can be recorded for posterity?

  3. Anton is dan die man wat knaend hof toe wil neuk. Nou hoe dan anders. Gee hom die kans om te staan, sy saak te stel en gee die anderkant dan die geleentheid om gesprek te voer met hom. Dis baie maklik en lekker om agter versigtig bewoorde eedsverklarings en ‘n horde advocate en regsgeleerdes te skuil, maar nie so maklik om te staan en jou punt te verdedig nie. Nie almal het die ballas daarvoor nie.

    Lyk vir my Zuma, wat gedurig aandring op sy dag in die hof en dan alles uithaal om dit te vermy, is onse Anton se eie bloedbroer.


  4. Yster Swart het dit baie duidelik gestel in die 4de kabinet. Mense wat dink hulle is donders slim, is nie altyd so donders slim nie. Bredell se slimheid het slinksheid vorendag gebring en nou is dit sulke tyd. Anton it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

  5. Ed, how would the outcome of this case influence your Teflon finding prediction?

  6. Bredell conflicted himself and should therefore resign and the matter must be investigated by the Public Protector. This is outrages and tantamount to corruption!

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