Now Wessie blames his PA

Ag assebliéf tog!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 28 September 2013. 12h00. The Executive Mayor of Eden, the DA’s Wessie van der Westhuizen, is blaming his personal assistant for his legal problems.

Van der Westhuizen, once the “Blue Eyed Boy” of the “Blue Wave” has instituted disciplinary steps against his PA, Alvera Josephs, blaming her for the four charges on which he was found guilty by the disciplinary committee.

Be guilty, but don’t blame the PA.

Only idiot executives blame the PA.

By God Wessie, just leave.

Dis há skuld tjou onner; dis sý!

Ag asseblief tog Wessie, gaan net weg. Gaan net weg.

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2 thoughts on “Now Wessie blames his PA

  1. Clearly this fool knows no limit

    1st he states theres a conspiracy against him by Theuns,Godfrey Louw and Doris Nayler……but his paper trail proofs the contrary

    2ndly he states he is standing up to proof that colored people in leadership positions are thiefs,drunkards and cheaters……but the paper trail and special requests for queen size beds proof the contrary

    And now he is blaming his PA…..but the paper trail proofs the contrary and also indicates that you victimized and harresed the poor women

    Really Teflon, catch a wake up and accept the fact that you thought you were above the law as the mayor- and got cought out as is proof by the case documents any member of the public could get a copy of at the hearing…..which you walked out off.

    And you call yourself a man of God with the same loathing mouth that lies so openly and freely?

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