O!O to Zille on the… Situation

“Would you have any one member of this caucus in YOUR office!?”

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 22 September 2013. 16h00. I wrote DA Leader Helen Zille without reply this morning:

Dear Helen

Your silence on Oudtshoorn is earsplitting.

Not only is your local caucus in disarray, but its political piracy and strong natural turn for dupery and mendacity are discombobulating.

Would you have any one member of this caucus in YOUR office!?

Why then, by the pantheons, is Oudtshoorn to endure them!?

You’re the boss of this DA… Entity; fix this thing.

And, dear God, get some advisors that know their derrières from their cubiti – it’s embarrassing, to be sure, even to me!

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2 thoughts on “O!O to Zille on the… Situation

  1. I beg to differ. HZ is in control, it is just that she is as corrupt as the rest of them. All she cares about is the power she sees on the horizon and which those nearest the (naked) Empress assure her is there for the taking.

  2. Ed, to explain Zille’s continued silence and solution on many important matters and mostly looking the other way, has to been seen in context with a statement you have made where i beg to differ big time. Quoting you….”You’re the boss [ Zille ]of this DA … Entity; fix this thing.”

    She would like to be in charge, even have the public believe it too, but cant, simply because she is NOT in charge. It becomes clearer by the day that someone else higher up is pulling the strings. Some sceptics will call it a conspiracy theory, but those who know, KNOW !!

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