Dumb, Dumber, DA

This is quite unbelievable

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 21 September 2013. 07h45. The outrageous political mismanagement of what should have been a swift, painless Council take-over on May 31 has become a mortifying humiliation to the DA.

The DA failed to see the ANC coming – each and every time.

Remember how the ANC took over control of the Council in August 2010?

Attorney Hardy Mills was the architect of the 2010 take-over and he is also the commander of our own local Vo Nguyen Giap (1).

On August 10, 2010 Mills showed exactly how to take over a Council. All the DA had to do was to emulate the example. The DA could not even copy a success, let alone make one.

I personally warned DA Eden Councillor Johann Koegelenberg on May 31, as Wessie van der Westhuizen was introducing that fateful vote of no confidence in the Speaker, that the DA’s strategy would not only fail, but have dire consequences.

Today the Oudtshoorn DA is the political laughing stock from coast to coast and from Mzingwane to Cape Agulhas.

Not only did the DA botch the attempted Council take-over on May 31, it blundered from boner to bloomer since to arrive yesterday at its Cannae (2).

Thwarting the DA was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was as easy as micturating in the shower. A veritable perambulation in a bosky common (3).

The most disturbing element of the entire fiasco remains the direct hands-on involvement of most senior Western Cape DA Government advisors who are tellingly incapable of guiding the Caucus. One can only worry at their ability to guide the Zille Government!

And while I’m on this point… What the hell are Provincial Government functionaries doing advising the overthrow of a local government!?

Koos Celliers, the Premier’s legal advisor; Seraj Johaar, the Western Cape Director Municipal Governance; Michael Brewis, the Western Cape Director Specialised Support… What are your noses doing in another tier of government, gentlemen!?

I’ll address this outrage next week, but for the moment suffice it to report that when Celliers and Brewis marched into Municipal Manager Ron Lottering’s office after yesterday’s Special Council Meeting, they were “asked” by Mayor Gordon April to leave.

Said April, “Julle het nie ‘n afspraak nie en my MM is besig”, or words to that effect. Celliers and Brewis left.

The disinformation showered on the DA since Monday – which the poor sods bought lock stock and barrel every time – paved the way for a knock-out blow Friday morning: The DA now has only 11 votes in Council… and it will stay 11 for some time to come.

A known DA sympathiser in the administration was even “allowed” to discover what the ANC were up to… really guys; a contest would have been enjoyable – this was like falling out of a tree.

On the ANC side only five people knew what was going to happen Friday morning. Even the caucus was only informed some 30 minutes before the start of the Special Council Meeting.

This is now where the DA is:

They can hardly approach the Court. Because they have absolutely nothing to ask of the Court. Actually, I would love for them to go to Court, it would be a good show.

What the DA did do was lie about a Court Order not honoured and run to the SAPS to lay charges against Lottering and Speaker Stoffels. What charges!?

Eden FM reported claims that Lottering and Stoffels were to have been arrested.

Ye gods and faeries and the Dantari of Dantooine (4)!

The voice recording of yesterday’s Special Council Meeting contains a byte where the Speaker introduces the motion of no confidence in himself. The DA abandoned the meeting and therefore the motions of no confidence can now, by the Rules of Order, not be heard for three months.

If you were to have walked out, DA, you should have done so earlier!

Not only did the DA Councillors remain in the chamber until the motions were introduced, they even stuck around to have the revoking of the voting rights of their Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk voted a resolution!

Ye gods and faeries and Arleil Schous (5)!

The Speaker’s ruling could still have been challenged in the High Court, but to overturn a Council Resolution is an entirely different ball game. Ye gods, ye gods, ye gods!

Oudtshoorn now has a minority ANC Coalition Government with 12 votes to a majority DA Coalition Opposition with 11 votes.

Dear God, DA, and you’s want to run a country.


(1) Vo Nguyen Giap: (1945 – 75) Forcing the U.S. out of Vietnam.

(2) The Battle of Cannae in 216 BCE… Hannibal destroyed the sixteen Roman and Allied legions, led by Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro. In all, perhaps more than 80% of the entire Roman army was dead or captured, including Paullus himself. (Wikipedia.)

(3) A walk in the park, by superior persons.

(4) The Dantari of Dantooine is a race of hard skinned humanoids. (Star Wars, for the uninitiated.)

(5) Arleil Schous is a noted Defel. He was seen with glowing red eyes in the Mos Eisley cantina. (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.)

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21 thoughts on “Dumb, Dumber, DA

  1. Hel, ek kry lekker tot in my kleintoontjies soos ek hierdie onkapabele lot politici se gemors lees, en steeds word ODN nie bestuur nie, behalwe vir politieke speletjies heen en weer op die belastingbetaler se rekening.

    Francois, ek voel vir jou. Ek het GEEN TYD vir die ANC nie. Oor die oneerlike onkapabele en onnosele DA wil ek nie eens praat nie, hulle behoort van veel beter te weet, maar met daai vrot spannetjie waarmee hul huidiglik sit, ondersteun deur “past sell by date” Bredell en Theunsie in hul stal, deur gewillige Zille gedoog, sal hul nooit eens genooi word om padpatrollies te word nie. Hiervoor gaan die DA nog DUUR betaal in beide geld en ondersteuners – zero reputasie oor – ek is een wat lankal die rug op die spul uitbuiters, patete en huigelagtiges gedraai het

    Dis hoog hoog tyd dat onselfsugtige, eerlike en ervare ONAFHANKLIKES die teuls oorneem. Hoekom gebeur dit nie ? Omdat die inwoners van ODN nog nie genoeg gesuffer het nie, daardie pennie is tans nog in ‘motion’ Wag todat daardie pennie “gedrop’ het, dalk dan te min te laat !

    Ed word as anti DA beskou, deur sommiges as anti ANC. Die korrekte standpunt is hy is anti korrupsie, anti onkapabelheid en staan vir skoon, oop bevoegde regering – finish en klaar !

    Sou ODN se sagmoedige leserspubliek ooit enigsins vir Miles en Baird gestem het, sou hul ooit oorweeg het om te staan ? Sien, daar’s jul antwoord, so maklik soos val uit n boom !!. Dit gaan geensins meer oor die party (almal weet hul is almal korrup en gravy-trainers) dit sal vorentoe meer en meer oor die PERSOON , alias ONAFHANKLIKE gaan, soos wat die duiwelswerk van ‘cadre deployment’ in beide ANC en DA verban moet word en hopelik sal uitsterf, ‘a communist invention,’ vra maar vir Cronin en Zimande van die ‘Gravy Train Parade !!’ ODN is nou maar eenmaal daai slim dorp waar jul oor en oor en oor gecon word !! Eina !!

    Dankie ED, sonder jou was dit lankal nag vir ODN, maar nou word dit nag vir beide ANC en DA, danksy jou!
    ODN se eie Asange, Ed en Manning – VIVA !!!

  2. Francois jy moet asseblief jou geld by daai universiteit gaan terug vra, jou MPhil is nie werd die papier waarop dit gedruk is nie, dus is jy nie in enige posisie om my klas te gee oor political science nie en hierdie aangeleentheid gaan nie oor political science nie, maar gaan oor blote logika en niks anders nie en jy het nie eers standard 5 nodig om dit te weet nie.

  3. Andrew, jy is reg, met n MPhil (PoliSci) weet ek maar bra min. Wat ek wel weet is dat mense soos jy die fundementals van demokrasie vergeet het

  4. vicesquad1

    Nel and van Wyk were NOT eligible to vote on the Speaker’s finding, but no DA Councillor voted in any event.

    Still the DA plunders on…

    (Pardon my silence, due to a full program – I’ll make time to speak to you on Monday!)

  5. Ed Please clarify as meeting was not open to the public. How many councillors were eligible to vote on motion put by Speaker, to council to remove the 2 councillors voting rights. Were the 2 effected councillors allowed to vote. Did the DA ask for caucus before they voted or were they to dumbstruck by what were put before them and could not think as this was not what the came to this Council meeting for.

  6. U

    The Speaker’s ruling is final and may be taken on review in the High Court.

    Andrew is spot on with the Lile-case; I’ll consider publishing details of the case.

    But on Friday Council adopted the Speaker’s Nel and Van Wyk ruling by 12 votes to nil.

  7. U that provision in the code of conduct is unconstitutional and it will in due course be declared unconstitutional in the matter of Andile Lili v MEC for Local Government of the Western Cape and Others. You must remember that the Council took the decision by resolution.( Please read the article and the previous one very carefully and slowly then maybe you will be able to comprehend the strategy and tactics employed by the ANC

  8. The Speaker taking away voting rights? Is this even possible? Is’nt the MEC the only one that can remove a Councillor and thereby taking away a councillor’s rights.

  9. Vicesquad 1 that is indeed the nature of politics and people like old Francois does not understand politics and how you can use the legislation and the rules to outsmart the opposition. The problem is that the Dacievers do not read they are only thinking about the payslip. The actions of the provincial staff who were advising the DA coalition MUST be reported to the Public Protector. Their actions are irregular and amount to an abuse of power. Zille and Bredell sent them to Oudtshoorn and this matter can not be left like that.

  10. Reading through the above one has to wonder- did Wessie Teflon Van Der Westhuizen not willingly mislead his caucus in council prior to leading them out of the meeting, and then by also leading them out of the chambers?

    When will the DA leaderships eyes open to see that this man, and so many others are destroying the DA from within.

  11. U Said . As I understand it from reading what was said by Speaker at Council meeting , he Speaker wanted Council to make his decision a Council resolution. Without Council resolution his decision had no power .You now have a Council resolution taking away the voting rights of these to Councillors. DA/Cope councillors did not vote on it. Nor did I read that they had their vote of decent noted. You now sit with a council resolution that has legal standing. It can only be overturned by a Court of Law. Do you really think these DA/COPE guys will take this chance taking it to court ,after last debacle where they must still pay R120 000 each. They were outsmarted by ANC and could not think on there feet at meeting. They will be out of pocket (MAYCO positions) for at least 3 months. that is the nature of politics

  12. I ask again Ed. Did the councillors apply their minds? Did they have the report on the 2 criminal councillors infront of them in writing? It’s serious charges. Was the entire report read verbally by the Speaker?

  13. Was DA/COPE alliance not majority at Council meeting. is 13 not more than 12. Does DA understand that majority rules. Surely by not using our 13 votes then 12 is more then 0 . How dumb is dumber. The deserve to be note in control.

  14. OO Please clarify the calculation . is there 23 Councillors in Oudtshoorn Council. Is 13 greater than 12. If DA/Cope alliance voted against motion put by Speaker that it would not have been a Council decition. If 13 DA/COPE majority voted against this DA would be in Control of Oudtshoorn today. If I am Correct than DA/CPOE as you put it : They to DUMB to rule the town

  15. Francois

    Altyd lekker om met ‘n rasionele leser te praat!

    Hou in gedagte dat die feit dat die DA nié aan bewind is nie, ‘n funksie is van DA-optrede, en nié van ANC-optrede nie!

  16. Having said all that (en granted), vra ek weereens, en weereens kry ek nie ‘n antwoord nie. Hoekom eerbiedig/aanvaar die ANC nie die uitslae van ‘n tussenverkiesing nie? DIT is tog waarop dit neerkom. Die DA kan net soveel modder gooi na die ANC, en omgekeerd, maar dit is nie die punt nie. Ek vra weer, hoekom nie die uitslae aanvaar (of die DA of die IFP of die VF+ of wie ookal gewen het) en eerbiedig nie? Of is dit nie ‘n demokrasie nie?

  17. Francois

    As die DA nie onwettig opgetree het op 31 Mei nie, was die DA ‘n week later aan bewind.

    As die DA nie halstarrig geweier het om sy onwettige optrede te erken nie, voordat die WKHH op 10 September so bevind het nie, was die DA net na 7 Augustus aan bewind.

    As die DA nie die belastingbetalers uit sowat R4.5m probeer con het nie, was die DA gister aan bewind.

    Ek sal my laaste gram energie gebruik om te verhoed dat Oudtshoorn deur 12 onbeholpenes en ‘n pateet wat nie eens sy komiteevergaderings bywoon nie, nes Wessie óók nie, regeer word.



  18. Where was Cope when council voted to strip 2 DA Councilors of votings rights . Surely at that time DA COPE alliance was majority , or did the dumpers not use their majority . Or did COPE jump ship
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  19. Dit bewys net weereens dat die ANC etters nie die uitkoms van n vry en regverdige verkiesing kan eerbiedig nie – en jy steun dit. #disgusted

  20. I hear Michael Brewis was sent to observe the meeting by the Minister, and was denied entry into the meeting? Is that true?

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