DA to take over on Friday

Surely, nothing can stop the blue wave now!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 17 September 2013. 16h20. With Mr Justice Henney’s Order firmly under the battledress, the scene is set for a DA take-over in Council on Friday.

The notices and agenda, per the Order, were distributed yesterday evening.

The only question that remains is this: Will the motions of no confidence be carried on Friday?

Thirteen votes are required to have a motion carried.

Now let’s see…

It is a known fact that the apostate five – Harmse, Botha, Golliath, Ruites and Luiters – have severe misgivings about the decision to have joined the DA.

The DA burned the poor sods when none of the promises of money and position realised. To the horror of the five swindled, DA self-styled strongman Theuns Botha even denied that any such promises were ever made! Welcome to the DA yet again, doofuses.

Harmse and Luiters are known to want to “take over the DA”… wait for it… “from the ‘boere’”!

Jurie Harmse has been on so many sides of the Council Chamber that he resembles a box. His vote can go anywhere.

This is the selfsame Harmse who said, on October 21, 2010, after the by-elections that handed power to the ANC: “Die Boere se tyd is verby” en “die Boere gaan begrawe word” en “die Boere steek al die geld in hulle sakke” en “julle Boere moet padgee, ons gaan julle doodmaak vandag”.

Op 16 September 2012 snou Harmse die (wit) DA-raadslid, Johan Fourie, toe: “Die donerse wit mense dink ons moet net na hulle luister!”

En na afloop van die raadsvergadering op 16 September 2011 “boer” Harmse Fourie toe wéér!

Die speaker het die onderburgemeester versoek om die vergadering met gebed af te sluit.

Fourie het die speaker meegedeel dat hy niekans sien om tydens ‘n gebed in die raadsaal te staan nie en het bly sit.

Dat die raadslede van Oudtshoorn saam kan bid is na my oorwoë mening ‘n belediging vir enige en elke gelowige en vir die godsdiens in die algemeen.

Na die gebed het Harmse Fourie toegesnou dat die boere mos nie wil staan as ‘n bruin man bid nie, of iets in dier voge.

Harmse can vote for, or against, the motions of no confidence – it all depends on what this Christian pastor’s sangoma (I kid you not!) tells him before the meeting. It was the sangoma that convinced Harmse that the DA’s brand of politics is better than the brand of the ANC; it was the sangoma that bathed Harmse prior to his election victory in ward 13 on August 7… it all depends on the sangoma.

Luiters and Chris MacPherson, and Wessie van der Westhuizen and MacPherson, had open spats over the last few days.

Wessie van der Westhuizen also can not be trusted to toe the party line – he too may vote as the spirit of deception leads.

On February 25, 2011, Van der Westhuizen’s presence in the Eden Council, in direct violation of caucus instructions, allowed the ANC a council quorum to have its budget approved. Theuns Botha wanted to kick Wessie out of the DA… but the Oudtshoorn DA Executive intervened and saved Wessie’s political life.

This was before Wessie voted with the ANC to indict three caucus members… Johann Koegelenberg, Henry McCombi and Patrick Murray on April 20. Theuns Botha wanted to kick Wessie out of the DA… but yours truly intervened and saved Wessie’s political life.

Wessie can vote for, or against, the motions of no confidence – it all depends on what’s best for Wessie on the day.

Peter Roberts is gatvol of his colleagues. I am in possession of an email in which Roberts writes: “Oudtshoorn is not a healthy DA government… I will sink the DA in Oudtshoorn if they don’t do the right thing.”

Roberts can vote for, or against, the motions of no confidence – it all depends on exactly how gatvol he is on the day.

Cope’s John Maxim has contradictory instructions from his provincial and national leaders… and a senior Cope parliamentarian told me last week “ek wil nie in daai gemors betrokke raak nie”.

Maxim has already voted against the DA on more than one occasion in Eden. He votes according to pay cheques for his useless so-called “provincial leader”, Vuyani Gouws, and his cronies, such as Allan Kock.

Maxim can vote for, or against, the motions of no confidence – it all depends on which leader he is more scared of on the day.

Then there’s Ben van Wyk.

He was completely fooled and bamboozled and conned by Theuns Botha and Nic Barrow, he claims, to sign the allegedly fraudulent “settlement” in the Pierre Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality matter. Perhaps Ben will be throughmegather again on Friday and not know which way.

Van Wyk can vote for, or against, the motions of no confidence – it all depends on exactly how deurmekaar he is on the day.

That’s five swing votes…

The gods help Oudtshoorn. Not that the gods have ever amounted to much.

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13 thoughts on “DA to take over on Friday

  1. Ek wou eintlik niks se nie maar moet noodgedwonge met Ronnie saam stem! Die DA is kak man hulle gaan dit opneuk!

  2. Sterkte aan alle Raadslede vir more se mosies.
    Al wyse hoe die DA die orige termyn kan govern is:My voorspelling of Nee aanbeveling.
    Nel (Speaker)
    Maxim (Burgemeester ,alt onder burgie)
    Harmse (Onder Burgie ,alt Burgie)
    Al wyse hoe die ANC gaan govern is deur die foute en hardkop -en nekkigheid van die DA Raadslede.
    Is daar dan nie verdraagsaamheid en vergifnis onder julle DA nie.Gaan weer deur die notes van Wittgenstein en die top 3 Chess manne,of andersins speel die ANC weer met die Wittgenstein en die Chess troefkaarte.
    My politieke BET is op die ANC.

  3. Is die dikgevreete tokolos nog in die omtes? Die verkleurmannetjie? Hy weet mos wie hy is!

  4. Still dont have an answer! WHO WHO WHO? Is the Sangoma! Everyone has a name, surely this “sangoma” must have one too?

  5. No matter what Wessie does on friday- Patrcia De Lille has got his back. Just look at the circus his making of the so called DA run Eden under his “leadership”?

    Let’s not get into COPE’s Maxim, I believe he is not fit for purpose as a councilor- PERIOD! But because the DA need COPE,or is it COPE the DA, in Bitou+Hessequa nothing will happen to him no matter what Maxim does.

    Peter Roberts,Ben Van Wyk and the rest of doubtfuls- I can’t wait to see what happens.

  6. Pastor Harmse is guided notby theHoly spirit, but by a sangoma – a traditional sangoma… This is the man “The Chalets” voted for.

  7. Pierre, now’s the time to redeem yourself, don’t vote and be prepared to go INDEPENDENT
    This is your last chance or Theunsie is going to produce another convenient corps, ‘.. die lyk van wyle Pierre Nel”

    Hul voel niks vir jou, net geinteresseerd in hul eie sieklike selfsugtige onderduimse speletjies wat deur die belastingbetalers gevonds moet word, vra maar rond oor die pharmaseutiese tenders in die Kaap provinsie vir medisyne kontrakte ! Geen verskil tussen die DA of ANC nie, – I rest my case !

  8. Who is the Sangoma? Is the Pastor’s -pastor a sangoma or does he have (and is there prove?) A sangoma? Would honestly like to know!!!

  9. Dalk moet hulle rugby skeidsregter Romain Poite invoer Oudtshoorn toe as Speaker vir die ene die hond swaai die stert VS die STERT swaai die hond.Ja wat baie rooi- en geelkaarte Vrydag se voorland.

  10. You forgot Pierre Nel. He might not vote, since his days with the DA are numbered. He attempted to con ratepayers. He knows this might just be the end of him. The DA is preparing to kick him out.

  11. Ek kan nie meer wag vir Vrydag sodat die “boere” weer kan oorneem nie! Dan is die Oudtshoorn weer “hollands” en daar sal “vrede” wees en al daai komryts sal vervolg word en dienste sal “gelewer” word aan die DA. Hier kom sommer nog baie sports!

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