Delenda est DA

The DA must be stopped

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 15 September 2013. 07h15. Remember my Wittgenstein story about the sun and the Earth?

Things are sometimes, oftentimes, not the way things appear to be, or look.

Who is really deceiving ratepayers at this time?

Is it the local ANC councillors who are “clinging to power”?

Or is it the DA, the soi disant virginal national opposition, who is bamboozling ratepayers?

Bamboozling… v. To conceal one’s true motives from, especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; pulling the wool over someone’s eyes; hoodwinking; leading by the nose.

The DA is, apparently, forcing for a Special Council Meeting to take control of the Oudtshoorn council and administration – for the good of the people of course. (Watch out for vampires on the corner of St Johns and High after midnight.)

What the DA is not telling us is that it will forgo the majority virtually immediately after the Special Council Meeting when the party kicks out Pierre Nel, who had a deal two weeks ago and had it reneged last week by no lesser personage than Helen Zille herself.

In the High Court, on Tuesday, Counsel for the DA argued that Ben van Wyk’s political career in the DA may be shorter than he thinks.

Why not kick out Nel and Van Wyk now, before another “minority government” is forced on Oudtshoorn?

Probably because administration will follow shortly after the take-over and the expulsions.

But the DA ain’t tellin’ ya all this.

In fact, the DA Caucus is so fractured that one can drive a truck through it without causing a scratch.

Just about everybody wants to be mayor and all but a few are clamoring for one of the three top spots; and everybody wants to be on the mayco. Except, apparently, one caucus member who is, by all accounts reaching me, gatvol for the antics of his colleagues.

In a strongly worded email in my possession, this DA caucus member concluded: “Oudtshoorn is not a healthy DA government… I will sink the DA in Oudtshoorn if they don’t do the right thing.”

Ben van Wyk is the mayor designate by the illegal meeting following the illegal coup of May 31; Jurie Harmse is demanding the chain by pressure from the missus; Felicity Magxaka wrote Theuns Botha demanding the top spot… there’s more.

The DA has screwed up since 2007, and especially since May 31 this year, in ways they haven’t even begun to fail to understand.

Oudtshoorn can not be abnegated to the DA.

I used to temper this statement by suggesting that the DA would run a good Oudtshoorn government, but not the current caucus. After May 31, I am of the firm opinion that the DA can not form a good government in Oudtshoorn, judging by the pathetic legal and strategic advice Provincial DA Government agents – not party hacks, but the DA GOVERMENT agents – gave the caucus. This lot should not run a pavement Oros stand on a deserted street. And it follows that the DA should not run a district, or a province… or the country.

There are many people yearning for DA control of Oudtshoorn.

I give you the Diane de Jager Government from 2007-2010 (click here, and here, and here, and here); and I give you May 31; and I give you the Constitutional Court “Settlement” Con; and I give you the budget scam; and I give you the criminal complaints against Chris MacPherson; and I give you the Speaker’s investigation of Jurie Harmse; and I give you the embarrassing failed legal and political strategy that ended in a High Court defeat Tuesday last; and I give you the Wessie van der Westhuizen fiasco… And I rest my case.

We all know by now what the DA does when it takes over – click here.

Delenda est DA*.

*Roman senator Cato the Elder (234-149 BC) ended all of his speeches in the Senate by saying “That is my opinion. It is further my opinion, that Carthage must be destroyed” (Ceterum censeo, Carthago delenda est).

Delenda est Carthago” (“Carthage must be destroyed”) is a Latin oratorical phrase which was in popular use in the Roman Republic in the 2nd Century BC during the latter years of the Punic Wars against Carthage, by the party urging a foreign policy which sought to eliminate any further threat to the Roman Republic from its ancient rival Carthage, which had been defeated twice before and had a tendency after each defeat to rapidly rebuild its strength and engage in further warfare. It represented a policy of the extirpation of the enemies of Rome who engaged in aggression, and the rejection of the peace treaty as a means of ending conflict. The phrase was most famously uttered frequently and persistently almost to the point of absurdity by Cato, as a part of his speeches. (Wikipedia.)

Delenda Est is a famous construction called a Future Passive Paraphrastic. A verb is used to convey the meaning: we ought to do this!

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