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Still out in the cold, like the foolish virgins of Matthew 25

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 12 September 2013. 12h00. The philosopher Wittgenstein* (Ludwig, but the great ones are known only by their surnames – we have but one in South Africa: Degenaar; I would have wanted another: (Bert) Olivier of the NMMU) once asked a friend, “Why did people of the past assume that the sun went around the Earth and not that the Earth went around the sun?”

“Well”, replied the friend, “it looks as if the sun is going around the Earth!”

Said Wittgenstein, “What would it have looked like if it had looked as if the Earth went around the sun?”

Exactly the same, of course!

Things, very often, are not the way it “looks”.

The DA is today not in control of the Oudtshoorn Council because the DA is, frankly, collectively not savvy sufficient to have had taken control.

It may look as it the ANC alliance is clinging to power desperately, but… things, very often, are not the way it “looks”.

The DA had a bad strategy on May 31 and have plodded since from disastrous tactic to calamitous manoeuvre, being outsmarted and outwitted by a superior adversary at every turn.

Take the current application for variation in terms of Rule 42(1)(b), to have a Council Meeting on September 19, which MEC Bredell wants to argue before the High Court tomorrow…

Well, let me comment on this at a later stage.

A Special Council Meeting, in all reasonableness, should now be held soonest, to end the disorderliness.

Suffice that the DA very nearly took yet another wrong turn yesterday was it not for… At least the serendipitous advice spared Oudtshoorn further embarrassment.

I am here to tell you, my longsuffering readers, that the DA’s top leadership dreads the moment the current Caucus takes control of the Oudtshoorn Council. And I am not suggesting this dread; I am confirming it on the best authority within DA circles.

Be sure of this though: We will only know who has the majority in Council once the first motion of no confidence is voted.

Remember Wittgenstein!

* I am particularly fond of Wittgenstein for many reasons, especially his critique of Positivism’s claims to provide a single correct scientific description of our world, which I hold pretty dear, even today; but he is endeared to my mind for stories like this one:

Wittgenstein was once shown into the drawing room of Alfred North Whitehead (note the full name) during afternoon tea. He appeared scarcely aware, recalls Bertrand Russell, who tells this tale, of the presence of Mrs Whitehead, but marched up and down the room for some time in silence, and at last said explosively: “A proposition has two poles. It is apb.” Whitehead, in telling Russell, said:” I naturally asked what are a and b, but found that I had said quite the wrong thing. “a and b are indefinable,” Wittgenstein answered in a voice of thunder.”

Luverly, don’t you think? Just luverly!

1967. Russell, Bertrand. Autobiography. Unwin. London.
2000. Delius, Christoph, and others. The Story of Philosophy. Könemann. Cologne.
2006. Dawkins, Richard. The God Delusion. Bantam Press. London.

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4 thoughts on “The DA

  1. En so gaan dit van PLET tot POLOKWANE en TSWANE.

    Wolf wolf, hoe laat is dit , hê
    Hoe laat wil jy hê dit moet wees, hê?

  2. Francois

    Ek haal myself aan: “A Special Council Meeting, in all reasonableness, should now be held soonest, to end the disorderliness.”

    Hoe is dit dat die essensie van wat ek sê nie raakgehoor word nie?

    Hou egter in gedagte: Die DA het net 12/25 setels…

    En onthou Wittgenstein!

    En… Hoekom was daar nie vandag ‘n vergadering nie?

  3. Bra

    Die DA het die tussen verkiesing gewen. Nevermaaaaind wat op 31 Mei gebeur het. Wat hier aangaan (hou van die DA of nie) is ‘n skande! Dit is ‘n klap in die gesig van enige demokrasie en JY wat staan vir reg en verkeerd (allegedly) moet wat hier aangaan ten STERKSTE veroordeel!

    Nee sies man!!

  4. Die DA in Oudtshoorn is onbruikbare skepsels en onbeholpe. Laat dit met hulle goed gaan!

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