Teflon Wessie walks the plank

Summat’s gotta give!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 September 2013. 11h20. The prosecutor in the disciplinary matter Eden District Municipality v Vernatt van der Westhuizen argues for a severe sanction to follow on the tribunal’s guilty finding:

That DA Executive Mayor of Eden – he is also the DA Caucus Chair in Oudtshoorn – Wessie van der Westhuizen, be forthwith removed as mayor… and as councillor.

Yet, so my mole in the DA’s top leadership reports, Fedex Chair James Selfe is not wont to remove Wessie and is suggesting that the “process” – that god-awful smattering of sounds arrogating as a word: “process” – be honoured before Wessie is made history.

Wessie is teflon coated because he is one of the only Independent Democrats in any position of power – after Patricia de Lille.

When next you hear Helen Zille talk of “clean government”…

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10 thoughts on “Teflon Wessie walks the plank


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    11 September 2013


    DA loses Oudtshoorn court case – ANC WCape

    11 September 2013

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  2. Oh, but Andrew, you must be mistaken – a lot has changed in Hornlee. For instance, the (dis) honourable mayor’s house have been extensively improved. That must mean something for the property values of her neighbours mustn’t it?

  3. It all makes sense now why the I.D failes- just look at the Eden and Knysna mayor!

  4. The people residing next to her are living in horrible conditions and she is doing sweet f..k all about it. Nothing has changed in Knysna and more particularly in Hornlee since she became the mayor of Knysna. She has absolutely no vision!

  5. Mike yes there is this woman Wolmerans who is not actually the mayor. She does not have a clue whats going on at Knysna municipality. The de facto mayor is Wasserman and we all know it. Wolmerans for the past two years only improved a her live and that of her family. She extended her house in Hornlee without building plans and bought herself a 4×4.

  6. The DA is becoming a joke, just like Mr Teflon

    The proof is there, the ENS report is there- but the DA wants the process to “run its course”?

    Perhaps James Selfe needs to wake up and smell the roses in eden. If he has followed this case against Wessie he’ll know that Mr Teflon will rape the process to prolong it till after 2014 elections- so to keep on being paid as a “DA mayor” for doing nothing!

    Vote DA again- hell NO!

  7. There were 4 ID members who benefited from the ID/DA deal. I forget the fourth was but the other is Georlene Wolmarans, a lady who lost her ward yet experienced the miracle of becoming Knysna’s hated mayor.

  8. Wessie is not worth a councillor’s underpants, he must simply go! Bredell can’t spin this since there is more than enough precedents where a disciplinary committee found a councillor guilty for even lessor crimes and was dismissed. The previous ICOSA strongman Petrus Roodtman who was a councillor at Eden was dismissed for inflated travelling claims and he received an suspended sentence for five years.

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