Consider the verdict

The egg on the DA’s collective face is not visible because the DA completely lost face

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 September 2013. 11h15. Mr Justice André le Grange yesterday found that the purported meeting of the Municipal Council of Oudtshoorn held on Friday, 31 May 2013 after the Speaker closed the official, legitimate meeting, was convened unlawfully; that all resolutions purportedly taken at the impugned meeting are unlawful and of no force and effect; and that the incumbents of the positions of Speaker, Executive Mayor and Executive Deputy Mayor are those persons who occupied these positions immediately prior to the impugned meeting.

Also, the 11 DA councillors and the Cope councillor who attended this illegitimate meeting, and the five councillors who abandoned the ANC at the meeting and joined the DA, and the DA itself, have to pay the costs of the matter jointly and severally – the 17 councillors and the DA need to contribute around R100,000 each to foot the bill for this little legal mischief forged in the smithy of vexatious and irresponsible bad management, honed by political stupidity. Yes, stupidity.

This lot in charge of Oudtshoorn!?

Are you shitting me!?

They shouldn’t be in charge of an unused longdrop. Period.

A new solution; an out of the box solution, is demanded.

The only issue is this: who will facilitate this solution?

Spare a thought though for the poor gulls who were conned out of councillor and mayco salaries to join the DA – for gain, mind; for gain; they were solemnly promised money and position – and now have nothing; received nothing; and are burdened with a R100,000 debt.

Ye gods and faeries, what a f… foul-up.

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… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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3 thoughts on “Consider the verdict

  1. Teflon Wessie n Independent Democrat ?
    Terrible Wessie eerder n Imploded Demo-(c)-rat saam met daai ‘handsak tannie’ van hom !!

  2. Independent democrats, pretty name. Wessie
    Soon we will have another I’d without a face.
    A faceless I’d will face 2014. Or whatever is left of that card.

    Oosie Noordie
    SUID Wessie
    is dit nou verkeerd?
    Die ANC het ook so als deur mekaar gemaak.
    Weet nie my oosie van my Wessie.

    Nietemin, ons hou vir jou durum as, ou maat.

  3. They must just pay or appeal and pay more! But one thing is for sure you don’t read about the DA’s corruption and fraud in the mainstream media, not a word!

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