Wessie guilty!

Days after Mrs W was found guilty, Mr W is convicted too! Eden’s first family is a disgrace! For us people and for the DA.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 September 2013. 15h30. DA Eden Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen was today found guilty by the disciplinary committee on 4 of the 5 charges he faced, after several charges were dropped by the prosecutor.

Thanks to my source in the office of a certain MEC, I amable to share information of particular interest: 3 (the 2 DA members and the ACDP member) voted for conviction and 2 (the ANC and ICOSA members) for acquittal.

Wessie’s own political alies voted against him, and his so-called foes voted in his favour.

This after Wessie promised one of the DA tribunal members a Mayco post!

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8 thoughts on “Wessie guilty!

  1. Politics will never change.
    Not for humans
    John Vorster once remarked,
    and that’s why I am successful, ( he promptly qualified )

  2. Wessie gaan die rassekaart speel wanneer die DA hom uitskop. Hy gaan probeer smokkel met die bruin mense se koppe. Predictable. Daar is baie bruin leiers in die DA, selfs die federale voorsitter is bruin, so daai stupid argument, wat hy in die koerante geplaas het, dat omdat hy bruin is, word hy vervolg, is sy swak deurdagte, eenvoudige, rasse-kaart-speletjie wat elke skelm gebruik as hy of sy in die sop beland.

  3. Gegewe agbare teflon se strategie om almal en alles behalwe homself te blameer- watter vertragings taktiek kan ons arme Eden bewoners nou van die nommer 1 verwag?

    Sal DA darem nou wakker skrik en die man die pad wys, of gaan Wessie Teflon Van Der Westhuizen lewenslyn gegooi word uit Kaapstad ten koste van die DA se “morele waardes” wat Wessie ook al in sy glory in verkrag het?

  4. Ed if your information is accurate, I believe the DA councilor who was promised a MAYCO post but still did the just thing must be applauded.

    But every article I’ve read on this site indicates the DA FEDEX appoint their mayors and MAYCO,am I right? So is/was Wessie a FEDEX member to make promises like this to any DA councilor to buy their support?

  5. I am disgusted by the ANC in Eden! There may have been some procedural mishaps in this matter, but the facts speak for itself.

  6. This is a confirmation that Wessie is corrupt and we all know it. I can’t understand what political game the ANC is playing and in particular Piet Van der Hoven I can understand ICOSA’s position in that Patel is ICOSA’s funder and and Wessie is Patel’s tjomma and confidante, but the ANC, whats in this for the ANC?

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