Suleima van der Westhuizen dismissed

Wife of DA Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen found guilty and dismissed by George

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 6 September 2013. 04h00. Two separate reliable sources confirmed, on condition of anonymity, that the wife of Eden DA Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen was found guilty by an internal disciplinary committee earlier this week and dismissed by George Municipality.

On 10 June 2013, O!O reported the events that led to the disciplinary hearing.

At the time O!O suggested that Wessie van der Westhuizen appeared, by all accounts, to have lost it.

Here’s the facts again:

On June 4, in an apparent attempt to protect his wife, Suleima, from a municipal disciplinary threat, Wessie van der Westhuizen acted in ways not ordinarily expected from a mayor, and certainly, if one can trust to the undertakings of Helen Zille and her cronies, from a DA mayor.

Earlier that day a grievance hearing relating to electronic accounts payments (EAP) found that the EAP policy should be revisited and that EAP files should for the time being be confidential with no access by third parties. The hearing was chaired by Director Corporate Services Dr Eddie Rankwana, and attended by the wife of Eden Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen, Suleima; Mr John Mcanjana (SAMWU Chair); Ms Illana Gouws and George Municipality Labour Relations Officer Mr Denver Rennie.

The exact relevance to the events following on this hearing is not clear at this time, but O!O does know that Rennie was called to the Speaker’s office where Speaker Mercia Draghoender was in conference with Rankwana; senior manager and former acting director Siphiwo James; and one Mr Goeda, an elderly employee of the George Municipality, who was being assisted by Suleima with the finalisation of his Western Cape Local Government Organisation (WECLOGO) death benefit claim for his deceased wife.

Goeda alleged that Suleima opened an Absa account for the payment of the benefits but retained the bank card in flagrant disregard of relevant municipal practice.

Based on this claim Rankwana obtained written permission from Goeda to peruse his personal file and instructed Rennie to retrieve the file from Suleima van der Westhuizen.

And then the wheels came off.

Rennie read the authorization letter to Suleima and demanded the Goeda file be retrieved in his presence to ensure that nothing was removed.

Suleima demanded to consult her union representative, Mcanjana, and locked her office door.

Rennie cautioned Suleima not to enter her office in his absence.

Suleima proceeded to call her husband, Wessie, from the nearby kitchenette telephone.

Speaking loudly, Suleima was heard telling Wessie that she intended to call adv Shaheed Patel, a legal consultant serving various Eden municipalities and a known family friend of the Van der Westhuizens, as well as a confidant of Wessie.

Suleima added words to the effect that she “gaan die jong vrek maak” and “wag, Wessie is op pad uit Oudtshoorn uit hy gaan hom kom moer“.

Individuals overhearing the utterances agree that Suleima threatened Rennie.

Suleima then left to attend a SAMWU meeting and later returned with Mcanjana.

Rennie explained the situation to Mcanjana and asked him to advise his client to cooperate.

Suleima then started to scream at Rennie, accusing him of attempting to get rid of her.

She was heard saying, “fok jou man” as she slammed Rennie’s office door on him and Mcanjana.

Rennie then proceeded to insert a keyhole blocker in Suleima’s office door lock; fetched a colleague, Michael Eksteen, and again asked both Suleima and Mcanjana to cooperate. Neither replied.

Rennie reported to Rankwana who instructed that Suleima be placed on special leave.

Rennie drafted the appropriate letter and Rankwana signed it.

As Rennie left his office, he met with Suleima, Wessie and the couple’s son in the passage.

Wessie was seen storming at Rennie and with a finger wagging threateningly in Rennie’s face, said, “jy en Godfrey Louw (Eden municipal manager) wil my mos uitwerk, dit is nou persoonlik.”

Suleima and Van der Westhuizen junior had to restrain Wessie physically as he said, “Los hom ons gaan dit nie hier uitsort nie, ek kry jou daar buite“.

Rennie asked Suleima whether she wanted to remove personal belongings from her office and stood by as she proceeded.

Both Wessie and Suleima shouted at Rennie to leave as they “could not stand the sight of him”.

At this stage Rennie squared up to all three Van der Westhuizens, Gouws, and one Nozuko Williams, and he retreated to a position in the passage.

From his new vantage point Rennie observed Williams assisting Suleima to load files into black bags. He warned Williams that her behaviour may make her complicit in the unauthorised removal of council files.

Williams first heeded the warning, but then returned to help Suleima screaming and swearing that she was only helping with Suleima’s personal belongings.

Rennie ordered Williams out of the office.

Rennie took up his position in the passage again and noted a basket with files bearing familiar ‘sign here tags’ identifying them as council documents. He pointed at the files and warned that official documents were being removed.

Wessie then pushed Rennie out of the way and swore at him.

Rennie retreated as Van der Westhuizen junior and his parents bore down on him, junior saying, “jy kan niks aan my doen nie, ek werk nie hier nie“.

The three Van der Westhuizens left with three black bags stuffed with files and folders believed to be council property.

Suleima clutched a bundle of files to her chest saying, “hierdie is files wat ek self ge-compile het ek sal dit nie hier los nie.”

They finally left the building with Wessie saying that the local government days of Rennie, Theo Roodman, Rankwana and Louw were numbered and that Draghoender would “pay for interfering in the administration of the council”.

Another conspiracy against the first family of Eden!?

Wessie also claims that a conspiratorial cabal – including Eden Speaker Doris Nayler and the Mayco, and municipal manager Godfrey Louw – is responsible for his disciplinary woes in Eden.

Wessie… Voorbok vir skoon regering op Oudtshoorn.

Alle gode en kaboutertjies.

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7 thoughts on “Suleima van der Westhuizen dismissed

  1. Het Mevrou Wessie al geappelleer of bestudeer haar man se confidante nog die uitspraak?

  2. nou is al Nic barrow se hand langers weg. Pyper is weg en klillian siek

  3. En die DA gedoog dit ? mmmm…..skoon regering Zille ? mmm…….
    Wessie wessie wessie, het jy kontakte op Lavender Hill ?…mmmm

  4. Soes dinge no aangat, wiet Boswell Sirkus nodig, hê.?

    Drewn Drewan Drewan. Dietugkommitee en kommesrisse en aanklaers gaan nie te lank van nou, op O!O se were ragweeds steun..
    Jy blyk meer van die dramas en beweginge te weet as die rolspelers self.
    Of het die mure ore?

    Dis n helse ding om te regeer, sê, verduidelik waarsku daai een counselor sy ondersteuners toe, terwyl hy sy pas ge issuede bo en onder stel tande weer regskuif.
    Smaak my hys reg.

    Ons het nou al so ongelykhede onder die mat gevee, selfs die hele carpet lê nou op n

  5. This is not funny, Its ridiculous! How can we let this type of behavior continue? Worst of all is that we are paying for the pleasure. there has to be another way, perhaps a shadow municipality of sorts.

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