Special Council Meeting on September 12

This time the motions of no confidence will be voted as the meeting will take place after the High Court hearing on September 10

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 September 2013. 19h20. The Speaker issued the following notice at 12h36 today:

“The Speaker this morning decided to schedule a Special Council Meeting for 12 September, two days after the High Court hears the Stoffels v Van Wyk and others matter, which matter currently prevents the motions of no confidence to be voted.

“Formal notices will be issued today.

“On 12 September the motions of no confidence will be debated and voted on as the hearing of 10 September (pending judgement) will lift the rules of Order prohibition which had prevented me from allowing the debate earlier.”

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One thought on “Special Council Meeting on September 12

  1. I bet your lawyers won’t be ready on 10 September. Another extention. “pending judgement”

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