What is the DA up to now!?

I have no expectation of DA intelligent strategy and decisive tactics, but…

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… You’re reading, aren’t you!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 29 August 2013. 08h50. The DA approached the High Court yesterday, Wednesday, to force a Special Council Meeting for today, Thursday.

Obviously the DA, having won ward 13 on August 7, is convinced that the DA / Cope alliance now holds a single vote majority of 13 in the 25 seat Council. And the coalition wants, rightly, to take control of the Council and the administration.

It is obtrusive that the Eden disciplinary hearing of the DA / Cope Caucus Chair, DA Eden Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen, starts at 09h00 this morning – a hearing Van der Westhuizen must attend as the prosecutor, adv Anton Coetsee, last night denied even another last minute Van der Westhuizen request for yet another postponement.

Van der Westhuizen’s new Cape Town based legal representative is not ready to proceed. But Coetsee said nyet and that is that: Van der Westhuizen appears this morning. Period.

The question now begs: Why demand a Special Council Meeting where 13 votes are required to carry motions of no confidence in the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and the Speaker, when it is clear that the DA will be one member short at fyndraai!?

Can there be another explanation but that the DA expects the support of yet another member of the opposition coalition?

It is so that the DA grip on power is dissipating by the hour. To this I can speak comprehensively, but client privilege demands my silence.

I think the DA’s position is weakening so alarmingly that it needs to get to Council soonest to have any hope of taking power. The loss of a Council Meeting today is indeed a hefty blow for the DA.

I am not ruling out a DA take-over on September 4 – next Wednesday – or soon thereafter. I am, however, saying that a DA take-over is not a certainty. A day, what say 6, is a lifetime in politics.

I predict that Van der Westhuizen – Teflon Wessie – will indeed pull a greyish hare from a weathered top hat today. Unless Speaker Doris Nayler acts on excellent advice received. Acts she not, Wessie will walk the hearing. Only to face criminal charges in court, though. Unless…

Whatever the denouement of the current knottiness, Oudtshoorn will be ruled by either a coalition needing to clean up its act dramatically, or by a cabal including 10 individuals that had absolutely no scruples in attempting to defraud ratepayers of millions in the scandalous Pierre Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality “settlement”; by a cabal including at least 11 dimwits who spectacularly screwed up an attempted Council coup on May 31, proving that they can hardly be trusted to manage a lunch order.

We have problems, people of Oudtshoorn.

In closing, I should express my absolute appal about the DA’s failed High Court bid yesterday:

Seated at a conference table in the Keerom Street Chambers yesterday morning, I first had a friendly, as usual, chat with the most competent provincial government agent, Seraj Johaar – always a pleasure Seraj – and was later greeted by a Bredell confidant, Michael Brewis, who introduced legal advisor Koos Celliers, whom I have only known by telephone conversations previously.

Good men, all, and I especially rate Johar, but what in blazes were Western Cape Provincial Government employees doing instructing counsel in a political Oudtshoorn matter!?

No, please don’t give me that!

What is going on here!?

The DA. And the ANC. Flightless birds of a dark flock. No bloody difference, I’ll have you know my longsuffering readers.

One positive flowed from this exercise adumbrating futility: Rogers J waved the parties out of chambers with a “Well done, people”.

O, and I had the privilege of meeting Western Cape Judge President Hlope. Nice fellow.

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3 thoughts on “What is the DA up to now!?

  1. Wessie laat my nogal baie dink aan Jacob Zuma. Hy hou van sing en media haal vir die verkeerde goed! Maar ou Wester (Wessie) is nie so smart soos Zuma nie en het ook nie sy party agter hom nie!

  2. Wessie must have his day in court! I don’t think that the DA is very sure of taking power comes 4 September and I predict another by-election in the very near future. HKNGK!

  3. Right so we are almost at the end of yet another political process with all the intrigue and waste of rate payer’s money that goes with it……… NOW WHAT?

    Well, bottom line. It matters NOT whether it’s the ANC, the DA or ICOSA or any other opportunistic “party”.
    (In fact I quite like the word “party”; it reminds me of words like “practice” for doctors and “act” for lawyers. Politicians get to have a “PARTY” at our expense, every time!

    Back to the thing. It could be the “moon party” for all I care. If the job doesn’t get done, what difference does it matter and it doesn’t matter if the DA is perceived to be more competent than ICOSA or the other way round. Whatever.


    Now you can ignore the question if you want to, AT YOUR PERIL, or you can contact TAMISA to find out.

    Its your choice, but remember…

    When the lights go out – Its too late and when there is no water in the taps, well…… then were all screwed, white, coloured and black and green alike!

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