Needed… A New Order

The suspensions revoked

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 24 August 2013. 06h45. Will the DA act against Chris MacPherson, Ben van Wyk, Pierre Nel and Jurie Harmse?

MacPherson, Nel and Harmse were suspended as councillors with immediate effect Wednesday because they were interfering with an ongoing investigation into the fraudulent settlement in the Pierre Nel v Oudtshoon Municipality matter.

The suspension of Harmse is a grave matter of particular concern as serious accusations of bribery and corruption, over many years, against Harmse have been brought to the speaker’s attention.

The speaker explained that he sought legal advice before suspending the councilors and was satisfied that he acted within his rights in executing his duties to enforce and protect investigations relating to violations of the Code of Conduct.

In revoking the suspensions yesterday, the speaker said that he hoped the DA and MEC Anton Bredell would act against the councilors.

O!O is convinced the speaker will be disappointed.

I give you a single, damning, argument against the DA acting: Wessie van der Westhuizen.

Oudtshoorn acting municipal manager, as nobody in the Eden structures acted, filed criminal complaints of fraud, forgery and uttering against Van der Westhuizen on Wednesday.

Docket CAS 603/08/2013 (George) is being investigated by the DPCI: Commercial Crime Unit.

“Clean Government” and “DA”: Mutually exclusive terms.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 23 August 2013. 17h45. In light of Mr Justice Burton Fourie’s cost finding this morning in the matter Die Waghond v Oudtshoorn Municipality, cautioning parties mired in the interminable Oudtshoorn political Drogheda* to serve the people above all else, the speaker, just after 15h00 this afternoon, revoked the suspensions of alderman Pierre Nel, and councillors Ben van Wyk, Chris MacPherson and Jurie Harmse in order to avoid additional legal expense.

So the speaker, John Stoffels, told O!O from Stellenbosch where he was attending a speakers’ forum.

The political theatre basined by the majestic Swartberg and Outeniqua mountains is strained beyond even the imagination of seasoned actors.

I can only hope, with most of my longsuffering readers, that order and stability will be restored soon.

What with the doingses of individual councillors and caucuses alike, extreme care is demanded if Oudtshoorn is to survive the current perfect political storm.

The solution will require invasive tactic. Canker can only be cut out or irradiated; it can not be healed by supplication.

The pantheons will not rush to our aid.

What is demanded are intelligence, gumption, mettle, and bottle.

And here’s an opinion, summat I am never loath to give: It can continue not as it was before May 31; it can not be trusted to those of whom 10 have conspired to diddle us… those who by recurred bêtise faltered along.

We need a new order.

And I am convinced that such new order is about to be birthed.

* Captured by Oliver Cromwell in 1649, butchering the Catholic inhabitants.

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15 thoughts on “Needed… A New Order

  1. Mark my words: Oudtsoorn se “mean team” gaan bestaan uit Macpherson, Barrow en Brummer. Brummer en Barrow loop hand om die blaas sedert 31 Mei en Brummer “adviseer” hulle hond wat om alles te maak. Soort soek mos maar soort….

  2. Ai ou Frank, wanneer jy op n openbare forum kommentaar lewer, hersien tog jou eie spelling eers anders gee dit jou opvoeding en politieke ‘diepte en insig’ weg

    Gatvol, hoe is jy nou so stil nadat jy berispe is – jy is seker maar nou persoonlik met OO in verbinding neem ek aan nadat meer en meer kiesers GATVOL raak vir die oneerlike en onbeholpe DA ook, ne ?

  3. Die Ou wat hierdie nuus stryf hy eet saam belasting geld. gaanso lank ‘n ander werk PEL!!!

  4. Tja, ek het nie tans tyd om antwoorde te skryf nie. Andrew is in die kol met sy verduideliking.

    … as die DA my en my span gehad het was hulle al aan bewind op Odn.

    Maar die gode behoede ons van dié 12 aan bewind! Politiek ón-n-n-nósel!

  5. Gatvol nou rig jou skrywe aan die OO privaat indien jy nie wil he dat ek of ander moet op jou kommentaar moet reageer nie dan versoek ek jou om jou versoekies privaat te doen. Of weet jy nie hoe werk hierdie tipe goed nie? Ek sal kommentaar lewer indien ek so voel

  6. Nee Gatvol jy weet mos hoe werk die proses, nie waar nie! Daar moet ‘n raadsvergadering bele word en die nuwe ampsdraers moet verkies word in sidanige raadsvergadering. Jou DA is besig met binnegevegte enwil nie nou ‘n raadsvergadering he nie (lees vorige artikels hierin). So moenie nou jou DA se onbeholpenheid op die huidige ampsdraers plaas nie. Julle weet nog nie eers wie julle as burgemeester gaan verkies nie. Nee sies man!

  7. Mnr Baird. ‘n Demokratiese proses het plaasgevind, naamlik ‘n tussenverkiesing. U werkgewer het die tussenverkiesing verloor wat beteken dat hy plek moet maak vir die nuwe wettiglike verkose dorpsregering van die dag. Of hoe verstaan ek dit? Sal u nie asseblief aan u lankmoedige lesers verduidelik hoe dit werk nie?Watter stappe stel u voor kan geneem word om die Burgemeester en sy kornuite( u woorde) te oortuig om hulle kantore te ontruim?

    Of is dit dalk die ” demokratiese” bestel wat u aanhang.

  8. Vreemd dat jy nog nie een keer gevra of vewys het na die feit dat jou werkgewer verslaan is by die stembus en eintlik nie aan bewind behoort te wees nie. Mis ons iets?

  9. Why is it that politicians like Wessie and all always use religion as a scape goat when all else fails????????

    Perhaps Mr Teflon can start his own church then- Church of the Teflon Saints, he can be the preacher,McCombi its bishop (if I recall a past O!O post correct) and Maxim its “eerwaarde” (if I recall a past O!O post correct)

    Why don’t the DA and COPE get rid of these “holy smoking clowns”- they are an insult to their faith and definitely their parties!

  10. @ Les…my point exactly but if we dont get the message how can we expect them to get it!

    The real problem is that we are dealing with people who have NOTHING TO LOOSE, NO EXPECTATION and even less EDUCATION.

    So, the way to proceed is to go after those with something to loose!

  11. Tony, it’s not about water and lights
    It’s about image and position.

    Some should take a running jump between their IQ’s and their Ego’s.

  12. You never cease to amaze, mr editor.

    Burton Fourie is a man ” uit ons geledere ”
    He understands us Oakes ,
    He even understands that we don’t always understand , UNDERSTAND.?

    The best verdict is when both parties are reasonably unhappy.
    The labour court does not have sole agency on this one.

    Now the fun starts, brother against bro.
    Both unhappy chappies.

    Elf op n single bed , ALMAL wil voor slaap , seg aunt Joanie, mos.

  13. and the new order is…..



    Since the beginning I have been urging people NOT to play political games. Why?

    Simple. there is NO POINT.. (refer to the past 3 months of CRAP that has been going on) What has been achieved? NOTHING!

    TAMISA means, to hell with who’s in. If they dont perform “WE THE PEOPLE” simply take over. How? Believe me when I say that it is NOT difficult. just think who we are up against. I rest my case.

    if we cant beat the likes of all these PALOOKAS at their game, we are in fact no better than they are and then we shouldnt be complaining to begin with…. so remember




    What are we waiting for, LETS TAKE OVER FROM THIS BUNCH OF CLOWNS!

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