Criminal complaints against Wessie – finally!

But it is NOT the DA that acted

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 22 August 2013. 06h15. Criminal complaints of fraud, falsification and uttering have finally been made against DA Eden Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen.

But is is not the DA that did it.

All the DA did was to look on as the internal disciplinary charge sheet was so watered down that forensic experts predicted an acquittal!

In addition to several serious complaints*, the renowned level 3 BBBEE forensic investigative firm, ENS – Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs – found sufficient evidence to declare Wessie culpable of fraud, falsification, and uttering… but the wise people of the DA Fedex even on this Saturday last granted Teflon Wessie the benefit of an internal political conspiracy as a counter.

A simple question remains unanswered yet yet incandescently clear: What would have been the response of DA leader Helen Zille if a reputable forensic investigative firm found a black ANC mayor to have “committed fraud, forgery and uttering, breached the MFMA, exceeded his authority, abused his position, breached policies and procedures, failed to act in the best interests of the municipality, acted dishonestly, interfered in the administration of the municipality and breached the code of conduct for councillors”, as did ENS found of the DA Executive mayor of Eden and the DA caucus leader in Oudtshoorn.

This was on 31 January 2013… some seven months ago. And Wessie van der Westhuizen is still the DA Executive Mayor of Eden and the DA caucus leader in Oudtshoorn.

On 13 February 2013 I wrote the Western Cape deputy Leader, and then DA Eden Constituency Head, Theuns Botha:

Nee, magtag man, só kan ‘n DA-raad darem nie valshede oor sy burgermeester verkondig nie, man!
Ek lees tot my skok en verbystering, ja, selfs met ‘n gesonde skeut gemoedsbekakking in vandag se Burger dat Wessie van der Westhuizen geheel en al onskuldig is op ál die bevindinge – bevíndinge! – van ENS!
Ek dring daarop aan dat die Eden-raad onmíddelik die koste van die ENS-verslag terugeis!
Speaker Nayler en munisipale bestuurder Godfrey Louw moet beide aangekla word!
Dis allerverskrikliks! Dis vermaledydend!
Grappies op ‘n stokkie…
Wessie se openbare uitsprake stel die DA-raad en die DA-speaker in ‘n uiters ongunstige lig. Dit is ‘n ernstige oortreding van ‘n DA konstitusionele regulasie en vereis onverwylde optrede deur die party.
Ek sien reikhalsend uit na aanduidinge van leierskap!

Unfortunately my little attempt at satire, wasted as always on Botha, turned out to have been prophetic: Today Naylor and Louw are indeed the targets of the DA after the wise people of the DA Fedex granted Teflon Wessie the benefit of an internal political conspiracy as a counter to fraud, forgery and uttering.

The DA has lost all credibility as the bastion of clean government and transparency.

The only question that remains unanswered is why the DA is prepared to smash it’s brand, albeit soi-disant, on Wessie van der Westhuizen… What has Wessie got!?

Whatever it is, it is big enough to scare of Helen Zille.

Oudtshoorn acting municipal manager Ron Lottering yesterday evening laid the charges against Van der Westhuizen.

Trust to the DA?

Beep… beep… beep… beeeeeeeeeep. Period.


Case closed.
* Here is Van der Westhuizen’s record, again, not that the DA would take any real notice…

Die plaaslike DA-voorbok, die DA se uitvoerende burgemeester van Eden, Wessie van der Westhuizen, het sedert 2011 dit nog nie reggekry om die bevindings van die KPMG-Verslag uit te voer nie.

Netstar-data dui op verregaande misbruik van die Eden-burgemeestersvoertuig.

Die George Lêer-skandaal lees soos ‘n sleg sepie: ‘n Dreigende Van der Westhuizen en vroulief en seun dra sakke vol munisipale lêers weg.

Van der Westhuizen bied posvlak 5-poste aan om ANC-raadslede vir ondersteuning te vergoed.

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5 thoughts on “Criminal complaints against Wessie – finally!

  1. Come on Ed what has happened to the “conflict of interest”? Who is this DA prosecutor what is his background and how was he appointed? It will be quite interesting and then I will be able to make some inferences.

  2. Andrew

    I suggest that a professional may accept briefs from whomever pays the quoted fees?

    It seems to me that this advocate is running rings around the DA prosecutor…

    And did I not predict that Teflon Wessie would pull a rabbit out of the hat?

    Didn’t I!?

  3. And now that advocate from the Eastern Cape is representing Teflon Wessie in his disciplinary hearing. Approximately two months ago the advocate from the Eatern Cape withdrew as Wessie’s representative due to a conflict of interest because “he is acting for the ANC and is an ANC lawyer”. Now what has changed? Is he not an ANC lawyer anymore? Is this opportunist now DA lawyer? Is he now showing himself up the arses of the DA and Wessie in order to get some work now that the DA is going to take control in Oudtshoorn? I am just asking, maybe someone can show me in the right direction if I am wrong.

  4. And it was actually Godfrey “Fruitless and wasteful expenditure” Louw’s duty to lay criminal charges against Teflon Wessie, but he failed dismally in his fiduciary responsibilities towards the Eden municipality and the people of Eden. He must also be brought to book. Louw violated section 173(1)(a) of the MFMA and he knows it or ought to have known it, but I know he does not understand the MFMA because he admitted it in his disciplinary hearing. He is still struggling with his minimum competency levels for accounting officers as required by the Municipal Regulations on Minimum Competency Levels.

  5. Dankie Ronnie, baie dankie! Jy het my ‘n groooooooooooooooot guns bewys! Laat Wessie ook in ‘n landroshof gaan staan in die beskuldigde bank waar vele van ons moes gaan staan op gefrabiseerde klagtes deur die DA en sy funksionarisse. Hy moet voel wat ander gevoel het. Dit is vernederend om daar te staan veral as jy weet dat jy onskuldig is, maar hy het nie ‘n verweer nie en sal seker na die eerste verskyning sy regsverteenwoordiger afdank soos hy met Wikus ou Patel se tjomma gemaak het. Elke hond kry sy dag Wessie elke waghond kry sy dag!

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