Oudtshoorn snubbed again

Leeuwenhof. Today. And it came to pass…
Yet again our future will be decided for us.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 17 August 2013. 00h00. If the DA is in fact to govern Oudtshoorn soon, Oudtshoorn’s fate will be determined by people many of whom only know perchance where Oudtshoorn is… and who care mostly about the political image and power footprint and frazzling brand of the DA, and not much for Oudtshoorn other than a municipality that may probbaly be chalked up in the short DA column of towns ruled.

It will happen today.

In Leeuwenhof, the premier’s residence, where the DA’s federal executive meets today.

Wessie van der Westhuizen appears before the Fedex at 15h00.

Van der Westhuizen’s spifflicated credentials lay like the legendary “white dielectic material”* of Penzias and Wilson across the ruins of Oudtshoorn’s political construct.

Why must strangers gathering at the foot of Table Mountain decide what should be obvious to all locals: Wessie van der Westhuizen is a political canker** and needs be cut.

Will Pierre Nel’s fate be decided today too?

What about the other 9 Oudtshoorn DA caucus members who are party to the Pierre Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality “settlement”… in the “Constitutional Court”?

Will the DA’s top brass have the collective courage of their constitutional conviction?

What will happen to Peter Roberts, by some reports the only caucus member objecting to the “settlement”.

A government dominated by Chris MacPherson, Pierre Nel, Wessie van der Westhuizen, Ben van Wyk… in the words of BJ Vorster: too ghastly to contemplate.

But our governmental fate is not up to us, the voters. Helen Zille and her top advisors will decide for us. We, so it seems, are not found to be able to decide for ourselves.

Oudtshoorn deserves councillors capable, at the very bloody least, to decide for themselves without being forced or conned or bought, for crying in a bucket.

Ye gods and faeries and the vulturous Kowakian monkey-lizards!


We need a Richard Neville, an Earl of Warwick***!

But in the mean time, can we not ourselves rid ourselves from Wessie van der Westhuizen!? At least! Then we can tackle the MacPhersons and the Nels and the Van Wyks and the other political changelings embrowning our town!


* Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, in 1965, were trying to make use of a large communications antenna owned by Bell Laboratories at Holmdel, New Jersey, but they were troubled by a persistent background noise – a steady, steamy hiss that made any experimental work impossible. The noise was unrelenting and unfocused. It came from every point in the sky, day and night, through every season. For a year the young astronomers did everything they could think of to track down and eliminate the noise. They tested every electrical system. They rebuilt instruments, checked circuits, wiggled wires, dusted plugs. They climbed into the dish and placed duct tape over every seam and rivet. They climbed back into the dish with brooms and scrubbing brushes and carefully swept it clean of what they referred to in a later paper as “white dielectric material,” or what is known more commonly as bird shit. (The story has a happy ending, though, in the Big Bang Theory.)

** Canker, n: A pernicious and malign influence that is hard to get rid of.

*** English statesman; during the War of the Roses he fought first for the house of York and secured the throne for Edward IV and then changed sides to fight for the house of Lancaster and secured the throne for Henry VI (1428-1471)

2003. Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Random House. Parktown. 10-11.

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4 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn snubbed again

  1. Hoor hoor!!! ja wat gaan aan innie kaap.PIET LUITERS lek lippe af vir die ene,want hys next in as Wessie uit is.Piet met sy proporsionele loopbaan ,eers UIF,toe sommer vandaar deur die venster na die ANC en nou DA. Kom nou Drewan ,u kan so lekkerrr die swaargewigte van die DA versoek om jou sou gou as moontlik te antwoord,kan jy vir ons die antwoord deliver voor slapenstyd/kerktyd.HOU WESSIE HOU???

  2. Het Wessie, Bredell en ‘kortbroek”Theunsie al bedank ?

  3. Mnr Baird, hoekom moedig jy nie mnr April aan om as onafhanklike kandidaat te staan. Dalk word hy nog die “kingmaker” met jou as sy lyfwag, raadgewer, persverklaringskrywer, konsultant ens. Jy kan dan sommer sy motor bestuur ook. Hahahahaha, hoe lekker lag ek nou as ek daai prentjie van mnr April sien met jou aan sy sy!

  4. Wat gan aan innie Kaap.
    Is Wessie al weg? (Nou klink ek soos iemand anders!)
    Wat van Nel?

    Hoor jy iets of lek Leeuwenhof nie?

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