The Homecoming

Will the DA dump Wessie on Oudtshoorn?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 14 August 2013. 07h25. Wessie van der Westhuizen just wants to “come home”, the poor fatigued sod…


Wessie simply wants to avoid the consequences of his atrocious management of Eden.

And the DA seems quite content to dump this useless councillor on Oudtshoorn, having deployed him in Eden with disastrous consequences.

This is the man, at this time, history ignored, in fairness and currency; nowness:

* Hy het sedert 2011 dit nog nie reggekry om die bevindings van die KPMG-Verslag uit te voer nie;
* Die ENS-Verslag bepaal dat hy skuldig is aan bedrog, vervalsing en uitgifte;
* Netstar-data dui op verregaande misbruik van die Eden-burgemeestersvoertuig;
* Die George Lêer-skandaal lees soos ‘n sleg sepie: ‘n Dreigende Van der Westhuizen en vroulief en seun dra sakke vol munisipale lêers weg;
* Hy bied posvlak 5-poste aan om ANC-raadslede vir ondersteuning te vergoed.

Ye gods and faeries, this man a leading councillor in Oudtshoorn!?

To date Oudtshoorn has had the benefit of Wessie’s indolence and absence. If he is not here, he can not cause harm. He was here on May 31, and look what happened.

Since June 6, 2012 there have been 46 duly minuted meetings of the DA/Cope caucus. Councillor Wessie van der Westhuizen attended 14 – fewer than a third.

Van der Westhuizen tended 5 verbal apologies and no written ones.

So unreliable is Van der Westhuizen that the Caucus Chairperson wrote the Federal Chairperson, James Selfe, on April 20, that Van der Westhuizen is not even allocated to a committee.

Wessie owes the caucus money.

The caucus chairperson wrote Selfe: “We had all agreed to make an extra contribution to finance our DA offices and support staff. (Van der Westhuizen) is in arrears with this which places an extra burden on the rest of us. It also caused an embarrassment when (Van der Westhuizen) did not pay his fees for our Regional General Meeting and it had to be paid by the Chairman of the Constituency.”

Van der Westhuizen, on April 20, remained the only caucus member not endorsing the “new caucus rules” and he had not attended the DA’s PDMS workshop.

Van der Westhuizen, so the caucus chairperson wails to Selfe, was assigned “guardian councillor” to one of the Dysselsdorp wards, but he did nothing – to the extend that the branch requested his replacement.

The appeal to Selfe continues: “Some of the councillors have lodged complaints against Mr van der Westhuizen because he made promises to build crechés etc in their wards which did not happen and their own credibility is now at stake.”

Note that the complaints are dated 20 April, only some 4 weeks before Van der Westhuizen led the pathetic failed revolt in council to unseat the elected government with the help of five rogue ANC councillors.

It is incomprehensible that Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk (temporarily) had been suspended – and rightly so – while Van der Westhuizen continues to roost.

Wessie appears before a disciplinary tribunal on Thursday and Friday.

Will the DA do the right thing?

What is the DA doing about the Oudtshoorn caucus and the Constitutional Court con; the “settlement” in the Pierre Nel v Oudtshoorn Municipality matter?

The DA suspended Ben van Wyk and Pierre Nel; lifted the Van Wyk suspension upon tearful remorse of being conned himself into conning the ratepayers.

But it is clear, from the handwritten “resolution” endorsing the settlement, that all DA councillors were in on the scam. Yet the DA leadership has targeted only Nel.

I have only a velleity of expectation speaking to “DA justice”.

But we’ll see.

And I’ll apologise – right here on O!O – if the DA surprises us.

Unlike the DA attitude, truth be told – Fedex boss James Selfe has to this day not apologised for lying about the buying of the five.

But I have long not had any faith in the DA. Look at May 31. Look at June 25. It’s not so much the hanky panky; it’s the stupidity, the lack of planning, the arrogance, the obstinance, the pig-headedness that gets me.

The pantheons help us.

The Homecoming

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5 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. En wie van ons onthou nog Athol Trollip (Die einste) se gevoelens oor Afrikaners wat hy in Junie 2011 perongelik uitgestuur het per e-mail.

    “Please answer this Arsehole once and for all , deal with the Afrikaner issue that he raises and tell him to stop masquerading as a rate payer organization especially if he is the reincarnation of the AWB , KP , FF+, NAZI . Stuur die IDIOOT in Sy moer asseblief . Athol

    Sent from my iPhone”

    Dis nou vir jou mooi, ne?

    Ek weet nie wat Stanford Slabbert gese het nie, maar dis moer snaaks dat hierdie Trollip mannetjie so skynheilig kan wees.

    Dubbelstandaarde Alweer.

  2. The statement below on Politicsweb this morning.

    Athol Trollip

    14 August 2013

    DA ECape leader says councillor violated party constitution by circulating racist email (Aug 13)


    The DA has concluded a comprehensive disciplinary process whereby charges were laid against Councillor Stanford Slabbert for the circulation of an offensive and racist email. This gave rise to a disciplinary hearing attended by Cllr Slabbert and the legal representative defending him, with the DA providing a prosecution and a disciplinary hearing panel.

    The recommendation by the Provincial Disciplinary Council was that Cllr Slabbert’s party membership be terminated after he was found guilty of contravening clauses, and of the DA Federal Constitution. This was confirmed by the Provincial Executive Committee.

    In terms of the Federal Constitution any member, including a public representative, is guilty of misconduct if he or she: fails to carry out his or her duties or responsibilities according to standards set by the Federal Council of the Party or of the relevant Provincial or Regional Council as embodied in the applicable Code of Conduct, or to standards required by any statutory rules of conduct required by the public office he or she holds; brings the good name of the Party into disrepute or harms the interests of the Party; acts in a manner that is unreasonable and detrimental to internal co-operation within the Party;

    The actions by Mr. Slabbert are contrary to the values of the DA and are condemned in the strongest manner.

    The hearing panel found the content of the e-mail as divisive, insensitive and containing statements that can be classified as racial stereotyping and racist by nature.

    The forwarding of the e-mail by Mr. Slabbert brought the name of the party into disrepute and did not reflect it as being a non-racial party for all voters who subscribe to its principles and values. Non- racialism and equality for everyone is a founding and fundamental principle of the DA.

    Public representatives have an important role to play in ensuring that they adhere to, live and personify the values and principles of the DA as an elected public representative representing the party at all times. The DA’s Federal Constitution, Code of Conduct for Public Representatives and the Values and Attitudes Statement and all other relevant policies require such behaviour unequivocally.

    Statement issued by Athol Trollip MPL, DA Eastern Cape leader, August 13 2013″

    The DA put its money where its mouth is, for once.

    I have not read the relevant e-mail but on the basis that it was racist, I agree, racism is not acceptable.
    It is against the founding principles and the code of conduct of the DA. (
    It undoubtedly brings the good name of the party into disrepute. (
    It is undeniably detrimental to internal co-operation. (

    On the other hand, in the DA’s book Wessie’s behaviour, which undoubtedly violates all these rules, is apparently acceptable.
    No disciplinary action has been taken in the many months since the DA has become aware of his on-going violations of the party’s principles and code of conduct.
    In contrast Nel was almost immediately “suspended” and is to face disciplinary action.

    The disreputable King Dalinyebo is welcomed with open arms, by the self-same Trollip, despite his actions being anathema to everything the DA purportedly stands for.

    While racism is top-of-mind, one is inevitably led to ask why the DA is applying its rules strictly and mercilessly to white members and not at all to black and coloured members?


    I hope not, but can anybody come up with another logical explanation?

  3. Verlede Donderdag toe sien ek Wessie dans en sing soos ‘n waferse Jacob Zuma op ‘n trokkie voor die munsipaliteit. Maar hy het nie “Umshinni wham” maar “Its good to be back”! Wessie laat my baie dink aan daai Kaapse vlakte Nasionaliste wat tydens die 1994 verkiesing die Regte Nasionaliste gehelp het om die Weskaap Nat te hou. Hule skel en gaan vreeslik aan. Lelike maniere met voortande wat weg is.

  4. OO, verklaar vir Wessie n Persona Non Grata op ODN, ondersteun deur n ‘online” petisie !

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