Forensic report on DA “takeover” and Nel “settlement”

Oy vay iz mir!*

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 August 2013. 09h35. The Preliminary Progress Report on the investigation into alleged offences and irregularities surrounding a deed of settlement and a purported party political take over of the Municipal Council was filed in the Western Cape High Court last week.

The report forms part of the Speaker’s Heads of Argument in Stoffels and Another v Van Wyk and Others, set down for August 13.

The investigators, advocate Bruce Morrison and advocate Elmien Vermeulen recommend as follows:

1. That serious consideration b given to reporting this matter to the head of the Commercial Branch of the South African Police in George for further investigation and the necessary steps to be taken to prosecute the perpetrators in question.
2. That under Schedule 1 of the Municipal Systems Act, No. 32 of 2000 disciplinary action be considered against serving councillors in respect of the rogue illegal take-over of the Municipal Government on 31 May 2013.
3. That further investigations be carried out to bring to book offenders who have on the available evidential material which we have perused, prima facie contravened provisions of the Prevention of Corrupt Activities Act No. 12 of 2004.
4. That Nic Barrow’s conduct be reported to the Law Society.

The Morrison-Vermeulen Report

* Oy is the most expressive and ubiquitous exclamation in Yiddish.
It is an expletive, an ejaculation, a threnody, a monologue. It may be employed to express anything from ecstasy to horror, depending on (a) the catharsis desired by the utterer, (b) the effect intended on the listener, (c) the protocol of affect that governs the intensity and durantion of emotion required (by tradition) for the given occasion or crisis.
Oy is often used as lead-off for “oy vay!“, which means, literally, “oh, pain”, but is used as an all-purpose ejaculation to express anything from trivial delight to abysmal woe. Oy vay! is the short form of “oy vay iz mir!“, an ominous phrase for everything from personal pain to emphatic condolences. (Vay comes from the German Weh, meaning “woe”.)
Source: 1968. Rosten, Leo. The Joys of Yiddish. Pocket Books. New York. 277-279.

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5 thoughts on “Forensic report on DA “takeover” and Nel “settlement”

  1. Ek dink maar net Willempie, but how many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? One to tell someone where to buy it, one to explain the risk of ladder versus chair and one to understand the difference between bayonet and screw.

  2. “How many lawyers does it take to state the obvious? sou my Engelse vriend vra. Die antwoord lyk vir my is “DRIE.”

    Eerstens stel die speaker ‘n prokureur aan om al die feite en papierwerke mooi agtermekaar te sit en die instruksies vir die advokate op te stel. (Teen die tyd dat hy/sy dit gedoen het sou hy as prokureur reeds die antwoord gehad het.)

    Dan stel die prokureur TWEE, nie een nie, maar TWEE advokate aan om ‘n “ondersoek” te doen en aanbevelings te maak.

    Die hele ding is uit die staanspoor uit eenvoudig en wat gedoen moet word voor die hand liggend. Enige raadslid wat sy sout werd is sou tot presies dieselfde slotsom as die regsgeleerdes kom. So eenvoudig is dit.

    Miskien kan O!O ‘n bietjie navraag vir ons doen en publiseer presies wat hierdie oefeninkie die munisipaliteit in onnodige regskostes uit die sak gejaag het. Waarsku hulle sommer teen aanbeveling 3. Los dit, dis nie nodig vir die munisipaliteit verder geld te mors op regskostes om die kriminele aspekte verder te ondersoek nie; die polisie sal dit op hulle koste doen.

  3. bring the perpetrators to book that’s the right thing to do. I hope Eden will do the same!

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