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There are always untold stories…

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 2 August 2013. 12h30. As I write the DA Election Machine is making noise in Voortrekker Road.

It’s nouveau suasion a la Desperate Alternative.

And it may well work!

Remember: All governments govern by mandate of the not so bright and sophisticated.

But I digress.

I have a story to tell about May 31.

In all of the debates in which I have been involved over the years, and there had been many, I had never erred by underestimating the other side.

And the supreme idiocy of the DA tactic on May 31 haunted me from the moment the hapless Wessie van der Westhuizen – Wessie van der Westhuizen! – attempted that first no confidence motion.

The DA leaders – Theuns Botha and company; the DA advisors – Koos Cilliers and company, can be suspected of many things… but they are not stupid.

So why did the DA do what it did on May 31?

The local DA councilors strike me not as Mensa candidates, truth be told; and personally I would not want any one or group of them decide my lunch even, but their leaders, at least, are not daft. So why…

I figured it out on the Monday after the May 31 fiasco.

And I’ll tell this story some days after August 13 – the court date.

Then there is a story that can not be told at all.

Telling this one, best seller it is sure to be notwithstanding, would be political sacrilege and a violation of trust and confidence beyond imagination.

Suffice it to be said that politics make for the most freaky bedfellows.

The outcome of next Wednesday’s by-elections is critical. I am convinced that August 7 represents the most critical point in Oudtshoorn’s recent political history.

Vote your conscience. Vote your mind.

Consider your vote carefully.

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2 thoughts on “Untold stories

  1. Is Theuns Wessie mal, is Wessie Theuns mal,is Theuns Botha Bredell mal,is Bredell Theuns mal??? verseker nie!!! Die klomp idiote is werelde van mekaar verwyder.Die vrotsige Wessie wat die gebeure van 31 Mei gelei het wou ten alle koste sy politieke loopbaan red deur die optrede. Theuns was soos `n pitbull op sy spoor om van hom ontslae te raak.Die ENS report is nog die grootste spook in hierdie geliefde omroeper se lewe,afgesien van die diamant saga in 1994. Wessie slaap nie,hy kan nie slaap nie,want as die kaping van die vrotsige vyf misluk is dit tickets vir hom. Wessie kom van Redelinghuys- dit is Oudtshoorn,hier verkoop mense nie mekaar vir `n paar silwerstukke nie.Die Vrotsige vyf het hul mense uitverkoop vir `n meevallertjie daarvan getuig die uitstappie na Riversdal en die uitspattige uitstappie van die vyf en hul gades saam met Wessie en sy saaidkick vrou na Jeffreysbaai.

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