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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 July 2013. 09h30. Since June 6, 2012 there have been 46 duly minuted meetings of the DA/Cope caucus. Councillor Wessie van der Westhuizen attended 14 – fewer than a third.

Van der Westhuizen tended 5 verbal apologies and no written ones.

So unreliable is Van der Westhuizen that the Caucus Chairperson wrote the Federal Chairperson, James Selfe, on April 20, that Van der Westhuizen is not even allocated to a committee.

Wessie owes the caucus money.

The caucus chairperson wrote Selfe: “We had all agreed to make an extra contribution to finance our DA offices and support staff. (Van der Westhuizen) is in arrears with this which places an extra burden on the rest of us. It also caused an embarrassment when (Van der Westhuizen) did not pay his fees for our Regional General Meeting and it had to be paid by the Chairman of the Constituency.”

Van der Westhuizen, on April 20, remained the only caucus member not endorsing the “new caucus rules” and he had not attended the DA’s PDMS workshop.

Van der Westhuizen, so the caucus chairperson wails to Selfe, was assigned “guardian councillor” to one of the Dysselsdorp wards, but he did nothing – to the extend that the branch requested his replacement.

The appeal to Selfe continues: “Some of the councillors have lodged complaints against Mr van der Westhuizen because he made promises to build crechés etc in their wards which did not happen and their own credibility is now at stake.”

Note that the complaints are dated 20 April, only some 4 weeks before Van der Westhuizen led the pathetic failed revolt in council to unseat the elected government with the help of five rogue ANC councillors.

It is incomprehensible that Pierre Nel and Ben van Wyk had been suspended – and rightly so – while Van der Westhuizen continue to roost.


The KPMG Report simply showing Van der Westhuizen up as a bad manager. The ENS Report finding that Van der Westhuizen committed fraud, forgery and uttering. The Netstar data confirming outraggeous misuse of the mayoral vehicle. The George file scandal which saw bags of council files removed by the Executive mayor of the Eden District and his wife and son. The offers to five poor unsuspecting, unsofisticated ANC councillors, prevented by an O!O report. The local history. Wessie, Wessie, Wessie… DA, DA, DA…

No manner of spin can explain the DA’s current caucus:

Ben van Wyk, the pseudo wannabee mayor; and Pierre Nel, former speaker, suspended.

Wessie van der Westhuizen… Well, enough said already.

Chris MacPherson: Apart from being being a political whore (NP-NNP-DA-ANC-Cope-DA), and a ruffian, brute and assaulter, as I experienced first hand and in the presence of most all Oudtshoorn DA councillors; he lied to council about the asset register, organogram, and external audit committee – a crime carrying a 15 year jail sentence if the perpetrator is found guilty. (Is not the new DA “King” also looking at 15 years?)

Julia le Roux who argued against the IDP because of inconsistent fonts, pagination problems and erroneous addresses.

Diane de Jager who prevailed over arguably the worst government Oudtshoorn has ever seen.

Each and every other member, as well as the lot mentioned above, implicated in the Constitutional Court Settlement con.

Ye gods and faeries… This lot should run Oudtshoorn!?

Well, if you think so.

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9 thoughts on “Vote DA!

  1. Wonderment. When I read your comment, I wanted to quote Plato to you, and went to the internet to make sure I don’t screw up the quote. That led to me reading a whole bunch of quotes on politics, some from people I have heard of and others from people I have never heard of. Good stuff to reflect upon.

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. PLATO

    Voters don’t decide issues, they decide who will decide issues. GEORGE WILL.

    The most important political office is that of the private citizen. LOUIS BRANDEIS.

    Turn on to politics or politics will turn on you. RALPH NADER.

    We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate. KIN HUBBARD.

    Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable. JOHN GALBRAITH

    Politics. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. AMBROSE BIERCE.

    When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. EDMUND BURKE.

    Is it not frightening how apposite the last quote is to the latest shinanigans in Oudtshoorn…

    Food for thought

  2. Best is to stay out of the politics. “Poli-” greek word meaning many. “- tics” English name for a blood sucking pest. Thus? Politics = many blood sucking pests.

  3. STEM, laat jou huishulp vir n Onafhanklike kandidaat stem of, as daar nie een is, uit protes wegbly sodat dit die partye se proporsionele verteenwoordiging beduiwel
    Hoe minder mense dan stem, hoe moeiliker gaan hul dit vind om aan bewind te beduiwel-en-bestuur, todat n Onafhanklike met integriteit eendag sy opwagting maak ! !

  4. Ag nee k.k man die DA het nog nopoit beginsels gehad nie op skrif ja, maar so het die IFP, ICOSA, NPP ens . Daars ‘n hele klomp skelms in die DA en julle en ek weet dit, maar daars ‘n sekere stel reels vir DA mense en ‘n stel reels vir ons almal.

  5. Ons huishulp wat in een van die wyke woon se sy is baie verward. As u nou so negatief praat teenoor die DA, wie sal u aanraai moet sy voor stem? Die ander party wat kandidate stel is die ANC. Wat is u opinie gesien in die lig van die feit dat hulle net so sleg is. Waar sou u u kruisie getrek het?

  6. Hoe dan nou?

    As Wessie dan so k*k sleg is, hoe is dit dan moontlik dat dieselfde mense wat oor hom kla hom terselfde tyd kies as koukus leier? Dit maak mos nie sin nie. Of het hulle nie ‘n keuse gehad nie.

    Die geld wat hy skuld is ‘n baie maklike sakie om op te los. Die raadslid se bydrae tot ‘n kantoor is onder die omstandighede ‘n verpligte bydrae vir publieke verteenwoordigers. As hy uitstaandes het moet hy doodeenvoudig kragtens die DA konstitusie aanmaning ontvang en as hy nie binne twee maande betaal het nie is dit automaties goebaai meraai. Dan kan niemand hom help nie, en niemand hoef eens iets te doen nie. Die computer doen dit outomaties om middernag.

    Wat het gebeur ivm die disiplinere prosess teen Wessie? Lyk vir my dis net suutjies onder die tapyt ingevee Dit is werklik ongelooflik dat die DA leierskap al die party se waardes en alle geloofwaardigheid en integriteit so prysgee om Wessie te beskerm.

    Amper soos met hulle nuwe koning. Die DA se eie reeels se dat as ‘n lid aan sulke kriminele dinge skuldig bevind word, dan verval sy/haar lidmaatskap outomaties. Die computer sny hom kop af. Dadelik. Outomaties. Sodra hy skuldig bevind word. Sulke mense is nie welkom in die DA nie. Dit is nou as hy ‘n lid is.

    Blykbaar as jy skuldig bevind word voor jy ‘n lid is is dit oraait en is jy welkom as ‘n lid,

    Is ek al een waarvoor hierdie goed geen sin maak nie? Is ek so dof?

  7. So the DA computer kicked Brummer out of the DA for being behind in contributions !
    What will it do to Wessie, or is it a “selective racist computor” ?
    Wanneer gaan Wessie en Bredell BEDANK swaarmoedige lesers ??
    Zille se skippe neem al meer water, ‘sterkte !’.
    Laat Agang sy gang gaan, die nuwe tuiste vir ontnugterde DA’s !

  8. Weirder and weirder.

    What with the new King being brought on board despite his criminal convictions for kidnapping, manslaughter and assault in flagrant violation of its own constitution, and the many other arbitrary applications and non-applications of its constitution it is becoming exceedingly difficult to predict how the DA leadership will act next.

    But there does seem to be a pattern emerging; dishonesty and corruption are rewarded and the perpetrators are protected. This is really weird from a party which has always prided itself in championing honesty, integrity, accountability and which requires the highest standards of ethical behaviour. The DA persistently presents itself as more principled and honest than other political parties, especially the ANC, yet it is becoming clear that they have abandoned the fundamentals of their own constitution.

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