Proof of the DA’s deplorable trickeries

Don’t be fooled!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 July 2013. 14h30. The DA will have you believe that Ben van Wyk was replaced as Ward 6 candidate to address the gender balance of the three candidates for the August 7 by-elections.

What a joke.

I have already reported on my email conversations with DA Leader Helen Zille in this regard.

Well, now Van Wyk, and Pierre Nel, have had their membership suspended because they were part of the fake “Deed of Settlement” in the Nel v. Oudtshoorn matter.

“Gender balance”.

Ag assebliéf tog.

But the suspension of Nel and Van Wyk is hypocritical.

For the meretricious DA argument that its 11 members, and the Cope member, represented a “majority” of councillors on June 24, when “Resolution 24/6/13” was adopted, each and every one of the councillors had to be party to the deception in order to maintain pretense.

Nel, “a party to the Settlement”, clearly could not have participated; therefore Wessie van der Westhuizen, Chris MacPherson, Julia le Roux, Peter Roberts, Johan Fourie, Raymond Wildschut, Ewa Fortuin, Felicity Magxaka, Diane de Jager, Ben van Wyk, and John Maxim ALL had to vote for a “majority” to be claimed, however fictitious.

Therefore it is at best disingenuous of the DA’s Federal Council to suspend the membership of only Nel, the beneficiary of the false settlement, and Van Wyk, who signed on behalf of the municipality. At best disingenuous; probably mendacious; possibly fallacious; certainly dishonourable.

Every single one of the DA caucus HAD to be complicit in order to preserve the pretense; every single one of the DA caucus should be suspended.

But the DA can not answer to the demand because a suspended member may not participate in any DA program or function, and there are three by-elections to contest!

Already Nel and Van Wyk are debarred from participating; the DA can not afford to have its entire caucus excluded.

Again, the DA looks the other way in answer to expediency.

If Nel and Van Wyk are suspended, the entire caucus must be suspended.

The DA is conning Oudtshoorn.

And the DA refuses to respond to simple, direct questions.

Take care, my longsuffering readers, not to be blinded by a justifiable aversion of the ANC and miss the deplorable chicaneries of the DA, rotten to the core.

Rotten to the core!?

Surely that is farfetched!?

Well, no, actually. It is not farfetched!

Remember the threat by James Selfe that O!O should retract the accusation that Jeremy Goliath and Hendrik Ruiters were offered employment at Eden District Municipality as reward for joining the DA?

Well, they were not employed, but only because O!O reported that the DA intended them to be employed by Eden.

And now O!O has irrefutable proof that the DA did, in fact, offer Eden employment to Goliath and Ruiters.

A note, in his own hand, in his own notebook, the one with “Algoa” on the cover, by Eden Executive Mayor Wessie van der Westhuizen, one of the organizers of the DA’s failed take-over attempt of the Oudtshoorn council on May 31 reads:

Mayco: Jeremy
————-Botha——Posvlak 5

This under the date May 29, where a meeting in Riversdale was scheduled for 18h00.


Why Riversdale!?

Who’s in Riversdale!?


There’s more in the notebook. Much more.

It would appear as if poor Wessie misplaced his notebook.

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8 thoughts on “Proof of the DA’s deplorable trickeries

  1. Wessie is net die kroon van die pitsweer, Pasaas; die ganse ettersak moet uitkom.

  2. Is daar regtig niks anders te skryf behalwe Wessie, Ben, en Gordon April en die ander bruin leiers nie.Ons ken nou al die Wessie insident uit die kop uit. Dit raak rerig afgesaag. Dit lyk dits daai ouens se gesamentlike website wat deur Oudtshoorn online geadmin word. Gee ons iets om oor te praat. Nie een sous nie.

  3. Wessie, Wessie Wessie! Die heilige Wessie wat nooit koorup is nie en wat na die vorige munisipale verkiesings die wereld aan die brand gehad het oor hoe die ANC Eden Distriksmunisipaliteit besteel het en hoe die ANC mense onwettig aangestel het ensovoorts. Jy onhou mos ne Wessie. Jou gat word binnekort toegesteek deur jouself. Ek wil meer weet oor wat in daardie dagboekie wat hy Patel gekry het aangaan.

  4. Wessie, soek jy jou ‘note book’ terug, make me an offer or i’ll “Snowden” some more !!
    En as Theuns en sy trawante my kom soek sal ek vir assiel vra by die Ai-en-Cee en vir weke op die George lughawe skuil. Dalk gee Pee Wee my assiel !

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