Sal die DA Oudtshoorn vir een maal eerste stel!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 22 Julie 2013. 14h20. Sal die DA Oudtshoorn vir een maal eerste stel?

Nooit gesien nie!

Die DA se regsverteenwoordigers het gister laat weet dat hulle nie tans ‘n besluit kan neem oor Oudtshoorn se Hardy Mills se aanbod nie (sien hieronder).

Nou ja, dan gaan die saak maar voort. ‘n Bekende senior advokaat is nou aangestel en dié glimlag van oor tot oor. Soms is die lewe ‘n lied.

Maar nie vir Oudtshoorn se DA-raadslede nie: Hier kom selfs hoër koste.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 18 Julie 2013. 07h50. Die munisipaliteit se prokureur, Hardy Mills, het Dinsdag ‘n aanbod gemaak aan die prokureur van die DA en die Oudtshoorn DA-raadslede:

I write further to the various items of correspondence that have passed between us on behalf of our respective clients, and to the counter-application lodged by you in the above-referenced application.

As faintly acknowledged in your counter-application, this matter will become moot immediately the results of the by-elections scheduled for 6 August are announced. If the Democratic Alliance, with or without its coalition partners, wins a majority in the Council, the first and second applicants will lose their respective positions. If, on the other hand, the ANC, with or without its coalition partners, wins a majority in the Council, the DA will have no say in the election of the Speaker, the Mayor, and other executive positions in the Council.

The Court hearing the application on 13 August, a week after the elections, will want to know why costs are being expended and judicial resources wasted on a moot dispute.

Against that background, I am instructed to offer to withdraw the application, causing your counter-application to lapse, on the basis that your clients pay the costs of the application.

I would add that, should you not accept this offer, I am instructed to consider applying to amend the Notice of Motion so as to seek a declaratory in connection with the purported settlement of the Nel litigation by DA members of the Council – a move that has been acknowledged by the national leader of the party to have been unlawful and worthy of disciplinary action.

We are convinced that, given the patent unlawfulness of your client’s’ conduct post the council meeting of 31 May, a Court would properly grant costs on a punitive scale, and personally against your clients. However, in the interests of moving forward, and saving costs, we are willing to settle for costs on the ordinary scale.

Please note that this letter is “with prejudice”; we reserve the right to place it before the Court as and when the question of costs falls to be decided.

Die ding staan nou só:

Dit is ‘n voldonge feit dat die DA se politieke avontuurtjie op 31 Mei onwettig was – en sommer baie dom.

Die gevolglike hofsaak, wat op 13 Augustus aangehoor word, gaan onnodig wees want Oudtshoorn se regering sal op 7 Augustus reeds by die stembus aangewys word.

Mills maak dit in sy brief duidelik dat die hof op 13 Augustus sal wil weet wat die partye nou eintlik in die hof soek en hoekom hulle so geld mors, en hoekom hulle die hof se tyd mors.

Twee uitkomstes is moontlik:

1. Die DA wen ten minste een wyk op 7 Augustus en word die nuwe dorpsregering.
Die nuwe DA speaker sal eenvoudig die saak terugtrek en die belastingbetalers sal die koste moet dra.

2. Die ANC wen al drie wyke op 7 Augustus.
Die saak gaan voort ten einde ‘n kostebevel teen die DA-raadslede in hulle persoonlike hoedanighede te verkry sodat die belastingbetalers nie met die koste opgesaal sit nie, soos wat die DA se raadslede enorme regskoste met ‘n sogenaamde “skikking” in die Nel vs. Oudtshoorn-geding in die belastingbetalers se skote wou dompel.

Die speaker se aanbod, in Mills se brief, is kortliks die volgende:

Die hof sal op 13 Augustus hoor dat die speaker die DA-raadslede die dag na die onsuksesvolle “oorname” gevra het om terug te staan ten einde regskoste te vermy en dat die DA geweier het. Almal weet die DA-raadslede was verkeerd – dit is werklik nou nie meer te betwyfel nie – en die hof sal baie waarskynlik gelas dat hulle die koste persoonik moet dra.

Hou in gedagte dat die hofsaak die direkte gevolg is van die DA se weiering om te erken dat hy op 31 Mei ‘n blaps van helse verleentheid gemaak het. Dis nie soseer die onwettigheid van die optrede nie; dis eerder die onnoselheid daarvan wat so ‘n verleentheid is.

Daarom stel die speaker voor dat die DA skik en die koste, soos dit nou staan, betaal; eerder as om die risiko te loop om moontlike penaliserende koste (hoër, strafkoste) te betaal as die hof so sou gelas op 13 Augustus.

Dis soos om ‘n turksvy dorings en al nóú te eet eerder as twee láter.

Wat sal die DA doen?

Well, there are two factions in the DA: The cowboys riding a posse under Sheriff Theuns Botha, guns ablazin’ and hittin’ nuttin’; and the doves, who want to do the right thing right, but are pretty much snookered by the blazin’ guns and preponderance of political testosterone.

The cowboys have a new problem since Tuesday, when Mills told counsel for the lot of ‘em that he may well amend his Notice of Motion to tell the court of the May 31 council shenanigans.

I have some juicy information about the raucous that one caused.

But, alas, I can not break privilege.

How will Helen Zille turn out of this one?

She’s running into trouble, to be sure, judging by the way she tried, unsuccessfully, truth be told, to spin the removal of Ben van Wyk as candidate in ward 13 for August 7…

She told me “absolutely NOT” when I enquired on Sunday whether she would condone Van Wyk’s candidacy in the shadow of his participation in the rogue “settlement”.

Yet, the DA now wants us to believe that Van Wyk was replaced to meliorate the gender balance of the candidates!

By the extremely attractive bright pink, full red to dark brown Zeltrons of Zeltros*, when Zille visits our town soon, years after first promising to do so “soon”, she would have to convince at least me that she does not regard us as bucolic bumpkins feeding from whatever we can find under rocks.

Really, Helen, “gender balance”!?

I wrote her:

“Personally, I would have suggested a line like ‘Van Wyk was removed to prevent the gnomes at the municipal fountains from harassing the faeries after midnight’.”

Which group will prevail?

The cowboys or the doves?

And what will happen to Oudtshoorn?

* A Star Wars species, of course.

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