Too stupid; too tricky; too chicken

The local DA Caucus can not be trusted.
They shouldn’t be in charge of managing ducks to water.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 15 July 2013. 05h35. Since fraudulently attempting to “take over” the Oudtshoorn Council, the 11 DA councillors and their Cope sidekick have lied, connived, and chickened out of their own disgusting doing.

Them in charge of Oudtshoorn!?


The downright stupidity of the DA’s failed attempt to gain control of the council on May 31 can only be indicative of the party’s abject lack of strategic thinking.

The despicable “settlement” in the Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn case shows a side of the (local) DA that is quite terrifying – DA members will serve their own interests while claiming to act for the benefit of ratepayers. This amounts to duping ratepayers while lying about it.

And then, when caught out, they deny the deception!

Let’s do the sums.

Following the DA line, for the sake of argument, the DA needed 11 votes for a “majority vote” as the “Deed of Settlement” claims.

This meretricious calculation is based on willful case law interpretation and a depleted number (20) of total councillors at the time.

The DA and Cope could muster 12 votes at the date of the “Resolution” underpinning the “Deed of Settlement”.

Yet surely Nel could not have voted as he stood to benefit directly from the decision.

Therefore all the remaining 11 had to support the “decision to settle” or there would not even have been an opportunity to attempt the ridiculous “Deed”.

This “Deed of Settlement” of June 25 is every bit as stupid as the risible “take-over” of May 31.

But ALL of ‘em had to be in on it! All 11, with the 12th, Nel, concurring.

Yet at present, with DA Leader Helen Zille foaming at the blatant chicanery, most all of the 11 deny participation!

Stupid, deceiving chickens!

Ag nee sies man, dis om van te kots!

It is abundently clear that the DA councillors are now privately pointing fingers at Nic Barrow, but are too damn scared of Barrow to openly do so.

Ye gods and faeries, and the Phlog of the forest moon of Endor.

And this lot is fighting three by-elections for control of Oudtshoorn.

Ye pantheons and all sympathetic mythological beings of comfort, help us!

Let’s summarise:

By now everyone with sufficient brain function to control basic bodily functions realise that the DA’s failed drive for power in the Council on May 31 has little to do with service delivery and is all about worming out of a R4.5m legal bill. And they executed the “take-over” like the fools they are.

When the coup backfired and dumped tons of egg on all DA faces, the DA launched an equally futile Plan B: They moved to prevent Council from approving the budget before the cut-off date of 30 June.

On 27 March Council unanimously approved the Draft Budget, but when Council, after the DA’s May 31 debacle, convened to have the final budget approved, the DA conjured all manner of opposition to the budget they approved nearly 3 months earlier.

The DA’s Chris MacPherson blatantly lied to Council in motivating the DA’s refusal to approve the budget:

Lie number 1: Council does not have an audited Asset Register.

Lie number 2: Council does not have an Organogram.

Lie number 3: Council does not have an External Audit Committee.

This after MacPherson, by various eye witnesses, praised the presentation of the budget in workshops and indicated that the DA would support it.

When Plan B spectacularly failed with MEC Anton Bredell about to have the provincial cabinet approve the March 27 draft budget, the DA conjured a “Constitutional Court Deed of Settlement” to avoid the R4.5m legal bill.

When caught out, the DA councillors denied participation in the “Settlement”.

Such is the Oudtshoorn DA Caucus: Wessie van der Westhuizen; Chris MacPherson; Ben van Wyk; Pierre Nel… the gods help us.

The DA running Oudtshoorn!?

At your peril.

At our peril.

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7 thoughts on “Too stupid; too tricky; too chicken

  1. Investigative public, Ek het dan by jou reaksie gekry en %$!*## you too.

  2. Aag ou Allycat, kruip maar gerus weer terug daar waarvandaan jy kom, lee visblikkies en al !
    Jou stompsinnige kommentare gaan geen verdere reaksie ontlont nie…. #@$% !!

  3. Nou mnr Baird. As dit nie die DA is wat ons gaan kom bevry nie, wie na jou mening sal die redder/ridder op die wit perd wees?

  4. Drewen,Does your new post appear on an approved organogram?. I think not as this document seems to change daily without the approval of council. Selective reporting is what I`ve been reading. If you want to sell your soul to the devil,good luck. You`ll need it.

  5. Pletty

    The Draft Budget was, in fact, approved, and became one of three budgets – the one of the previous year; the draft; and the draft with adjustments not approved – available for use if so instructed by Province.

    The Draft is now indeed the one…

    If you want an explanantion from me, none will be forthcoming – I am simply not sharp enough to understand.

  6. Just because everyone’s looking at me, doesn’t mean I’m paranoid……. you think?

    Ok, everyone’s stupid. I think some might be but not all. Does not a 5th column come to mind? It’s easy to tell. I’d look to see why jumps ship, now that the tables have turned.

    Then again, to what end? Drewan, like I’ve said many times before. All this politicking gets us no further towards the reason for there being a municipality in the first place….. SERVICE DELIVERY.

    It just seems to me that ultimately it really doesn’t matter who is in power. Whether it’s the DA, ANC, ICOSA or any other tin-pot party. Siding with this one or that is just a circus parade with an endless stream of clowns without a ring master.

    The problem isn’t just a municipal one, it’s a people one. With an apathetic majority nothing is going to happen any time soon and the politicians know this and that the reason they still have jobs.

    All this reminds me of the TV series “BOSS” where the mayor brings the town to a dirty halt when, when, unable to get the council to vote his way, the trash piles up in the street and he revels in the filth, in the certain knowledge that sooner or later, something or someone’s going to break, which eventually happends. (incase you were wondering)

    The sad unfortunate truth is that until folks hurt, and hurt bad, nothing changes and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    So, now that I’ve ensnared myself in a paradox of frigin note…… guess I’ll just shut up a do some work.

  7. CORRECTION. “On 27 March Council unanimously approved the Draft Budget…”

    Stating this is as deceptive as the DA’s various spurious claims and detracts from the credibility of your report. If you have the bull by the goolies on such a simple point, how much of the rest is based on ignorance or wilful misinterpretation of the law and fact?

    The budget was NOT “approved” by Council on 27 March. All that happened was that the Mayor TABLED a draft budget and council voted to accept the draft, thereby enabling the MM to comply with section 22 of the MFMA and the councillors to consult widely and adjust where necessary regarding the TABLED budget ito section 23.

    Having done so, council returns the revised budget to the Mayor. Then once he has made the necessary changes if any he would submit his own revised draft budget to Council for its approval before end of May. Then and then only can it be said that council has approved the budget.

    Comments by individual councillors or groupings of councillors made during the process, especially before the draft is tabled, are meaningless. Only a properly constituted council can approve the budget.

    What would be real interesting to see is the revised draft of the tabled budget as returned to the Mayor to guide him in doing the final draft for approval by the Council on 31 May. That documentation will reveal just how involved the councillors were in the process.

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