DA Councillors silent

And the silence screams, “We are implicated!”

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 8 July 2013. 14h15. Attorney Hardy Mills, for the Speaker, wrote the DA Councillors, and the Cope one, on Friday afternoon:

Dear Councillors,

I attach hereto a letter from the National Leader of the Democratic Alliance Helen Zille, in response to my letter dated 3 July 2013, a copy of which I also attach hereto for your ease of reference.

Please confirm or deny, by no later than 12h00 on Monday, July 8, that you had been party to the alleged settlement decision per apparent Resolution 14/6/13, quoted as authorization for the said settlement alleged to have been made in the Constitutional Court of South Africa on June 25, 2013.

Well, noon came and went.

All the DA Councillors, and the Cope one, will be cited this afternoon.

Even in the face of Helen Zille’s statement… even!

By the Falleen, from the Midrim region of the galaxy! And by the Gen’Dai with their resilient nervous and circulatory systems. And by the Gerbs of the thirteenth moon of Yavin.

Clearly even arrogance have now made way for plain stupidity.

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Making sure they see it your way

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2 thoughts on “DA Councillors silent

  1. investigative public, from where, little hair? (In Afrikaans sê ons mos vanwaar gehasie!)
    So, you reckon the only way to treat connivers is Public Mass Action, and you want it now?
    Ai, investigative public, you make me laugh so lekker!
    Ha ha ha!

  2. OO, only one way to treat connivers, PUBLIC MASS ACTION NOW !!
    The longer ODN waits, the longer politicians wheel and deal, slap ” mediocre wrists” grand pay outs and hand shakes and business as usual !

    Time the public FORCES Zille to put her money where her mouth is – the rot is widespread !!
    We demand to know whats happening to Theuns, Bredell, other Provincial DA connivers and ODN DA Cllrs !!!!!

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