Nic Barrow and DA Councillors accused of attempting to steal R4.5m from ratepayers

Mayor April proceeds against Barrow, Ben van Wyk and Pierre Nel

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 July 2013. 16h20. Mayor Gordon April issued a Media Statement at 16h00 today naming attorney and business leader Nic Barrow and the Oudtshoorn DA Councillors in a theft scheme to steal R4.5m from ratepayers:

I have learnt in the media on June 27 that the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, of which I am the Executive Mayor, had settled with Nel in the matter Pierre Nel v. Oudtshoorn Municipality, and that each party will pay it’s own costs.

This “settlement” is a fabrication; a farce; a fiction; and a figment of some fraught fantasy.

I instructed my attorney, Mr Hardy Mills, to investigate this outrageous attempt to saddle the ratepayers of the Greater Oudtshoorn with a legal bill amounting to an expected R4.5 million while cost had been awarded to the municipality in the High Court and upheld in the Supreme Court of Appeal.

The matter was raised with the National Leader of the Democratic Alliance, Western Cape Premier Helen Zille, who responded earlier today, subject to her own enquiry, as follows:

Re: “Deed of Settlement”

I can now write to you and say formally that:

1) There was no resolution, by any competent authority either in the Oudtshoorn municipality or in the Democratic Alliance, for anyone representing either party to conclude a “Deed of Settlement” in respect of the matter PA Nel vs. Oudtshoorn Municipality. (SCA Case# 247/2012; WCHC# 18083/2010.)

2) I note there is no Constitutional Court Case number on the document and would wish to know why this is so.

3) The so-called “Deed of Settlement” is of no force and effect. It is not justified or condoned in any way by the Democratic Alliance.

4) The DA would NOT allow a private legal Bill to be passed on to ratepayers.

5) We are undertaking the necessary steps internally to gather all the facts pertaining to this matter, after which we will determine appropriate steps.

6) We regard this matter in a very serious light.

It is abundantly clear that some political machination is afoot.

Attorney Nic Barrow, for Alderman Pierre Nel (DA); and Councillor Ben van Wyk (DA); together with Nel, signed the “Deed of Settlement” to conclude what can only be deemed as attempted theft of ratepayer money.

The specious “Deed of Settlement” was drafted to resemble an official Constitutional Court of South Africa writ and quoted an abjectly false “Resolution 14/6/13” as authorization for the said settlement.

It appears that the 11 DA Councillors, and the Cope Councillor, conspired to conjure the forceless settlement in an attempt to avoid payment of the legal costs by either Nel, or the Democratic Alliance, and burden the ratepayers of Oudtshoorn with the bill instead.

I can hardly express my repugnance at this cold-blooded chicanery.

I have instructed my attorney to proceed criminally against Barrow, Nel, and Van Wyk while I await responses from DA councillors Wessie van der Westhuizen, Raymond Wildschut, Peter Roberts, Julia le Roux, Chris MacPherson, Diane de Jager, Johan Fourie, Felicity Magxaka, Ewa Fortuin, and Pierre Nel; and Cope councillor John Maxim before acting against any one or more of them.

O!O will comment on this development over the week-end.

It would appear that this scheme was at the very bottom of the entire illegal take-over attempt of May 31.

One can only wonder what the DA will do to ratepayers when in power, if this is what the DA is capable of when they are not in power…

P.s. SAPD officers arrived at the MM’s office at 16h45 to take down the case.

P.s.s… MAS 139/7/2013

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12 thoughts on “Nic Barrow and DA Councillors accused of attempting to steal R4.5m from ratepayers

  1. Mnr Baird, met u wat nou by die munisipaliteit werk: is mnr Bolhuis, die bekende een van Pretoria wat so ‘n paar jaar gelede hier in die Suid-Kaap doenig was, nou regtig ook daar by die munisipaliteit betrokke?
    Ag laat weet tog asb.

  2. wonder wie sou die kandidate gewees het as my tribe ‘n koning en koningin gehad het ?

  3. Has Bredell and Theuns resigned yet or are they waiting for the boot ?
    Talk about ‘mediocre men ” !!

  4. It just shows that the DA is able to find simple solutions to complex problems. I don’t want to get into Brummer here because this is not about him right now, apart from saying that he was definitely a complex problem Ed.

  5. Think of Johann Brummer what you want – I happen to like the man – but what he “did” to deserve “automatic membership termination” (late payment of a couple of hundred to the DA chest) is less than N-O-T-H-IIIII-N-G compared to the attempted theft of R4.5m.

    If the DA is truly so “principled”, the Oudsthoorn caucus should be history by close of business Monday.

    Yeah. Right.

  6. Zille’s reply proves to me that the DA practices what they preach. Her firm stance on the issue, that she regards in a very serious light, and that she will act internally, all show this. They do not protect the ones who transgress, they get rid of them. Point in case: Johan Bummer in Plettenberg Bay. I rest my case.

  7. It’s extremely weird that in just 2 months the ANC’s lost 2 places and totally disregards the word of law. I’m fascinated by the fact that both were deemed “unconstitutional/illegal/rouges?”.

  8. Drewan , who is writing April’s media statements lately ? The English is way to high to come by for a standerd viertjie !!!

  9. Specious
    Specious argument, l have not heard that word being used since my second year in grade 10,
    Me thinks that that attorney Hardy Mills takes away all the fun in being a counselor
    What happened to the days when the chief whips decided what is law and what is not

  10. Sjoe – kan dit waar wees? DA vertrou ek nou nie met my lewe nie maar Nic Barrow hom skuldig maak aan so ‘n wanvoorstelling???? Iewers kruip ‘n rot weg. Groete.

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