Oudtshoorn has an Approved Budget

Say what!? After all that’s happened!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 July 2013. 11h30. Mayor Gordon April issued the following media statement earlier today:

The budget unilaterally approved by a full Council of the Greater Oudtshoorn on March 27, 2013, will be used until adjustments are voted after the August 7 by-elections.

Counsel for Executive Mayor Gordon April informed MEC Anton Bredell accordingly on July 1.

All legislative requirements will be observed and the MEC will be provided with timeous reports in line with Oudtshoorn’s current perfect MFMA compliance status.

The Mayor thanked the MEC for his prudential advisory and assured the MEC that Oudtshoorn would not need to spend as much as the MEC had ruled provident.

The Mayor now regards the fatuous flutter created by a rogue council on May 31 as handled, and will train his energy on running Oudtshoorn with renewed commitment.

However, in the prevailing leadership spirit of optimal service delivery across political prejudice, the mayor, in an abundance of caution and goodwill, and in accommodation of even the most conservative self-serving interpretation of the status quo, and in acknowledgement of existing case law, calls on the MEC in terms of s.55 of the MFMA to take what is clearly the most appropriate step in the circumstances and instruct his party Caucus to approve the very adjusted budget the dissident councillors prefer!

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16 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn has an Approved Budget

  1. No Fred, I will not read a waffle. If the man can not get to the point, make his point then there is no point. He sounds like an informed person but I think he needs a life.

  2. Ja, Confused. But you got to read aaaaall the way to the end, man. I know its long but try your best and CONCENTRATE. And you got to think about what you read. Think irony. Think sarcasm. Think what is the message. Or just read the next, the last, sentence where he is like “Sadly, PART 3 has not been achieved and Oudtshoorn has nothing but a straw Yorkie in the race.” Duh! The verbiage exceeded your span of attention.

    As you say, CONFUSED, but others wouldn’t put it so nicely…

  3. hey Fred, read the fourth last paragraph:

    “The straw Yorkie tabled by the mayor on 27 March has been converted into a beautiful racing Grey Hound to run the race for the people.”

    I call that a cherry on a waffle, but some would not put it so nicely.

  4. Pletty… I have not expressed an opinion on an approved budget; I have merely published the mayor’s media statement on the budget.

    My only comment at the time was: “Say what!? After all that’s happened!?”

  5. Very apposite nom de plume, Confused.

    A bit lengthy, pedantic and somewhat cynical maybe, but excusably so under the circumstances, I think.

    O!O claims in screaming headline, ” Oudtshoorn has an Approved Budget”. Assuming that it is not a deliberate lie, it must point to deep ignorance of the process and is highly misleading. Explaining the process in detail then makes perfect sense. It is all relevant, factual and correct and if one assumes that everybody including the Oudtshoorn public took it seriously it is the way it should have worked. Waffle? There is nothing vague about it, quite the opposite.

  6. @Pletty – Thank you, my point exactly but I love your explanation of the whole process!

  7. @Pletty. Do you miss the days as Speaker in Plett? No-one cared what you said then and no-one cares now, even when you say it under “Pletty”. By the way, weren’t you supposed to disappear in the sunset as promised after losing against Geldenhuys in the race for Ward 2 Mr Brommer?

  8. I am afraid not.

    The budgeting process works a little bit differently to what you claim. I will be as brief as possible.

    The MFMA at section 53 states the following with regard to a mayor’s responsibilities relating to the budget process.

    53 Budget processes and related matters.
    (1) The mayor of a municipality must-
    (a) provide general political guidance over the budget process and the priorities that must guide the preparation of a budget;
    (b) co-ordinate the annual revision of the integrated development plan in terms of section 34 of the Municipal Systems Act and the preparation of the annual budget. and determine how the integrated development plan is to be taken into account or revised for the purposes of the budget; and…

    Simplistically put, the budget process can be seen as a three-step process involving firstly the mayor, then the Municipal Manager and finally the council.

    Section 21 of the MFMA relates to the mayor’s responsibilities:


    Budget preparation process
    21. (1 ) The mayor of a municipality must-
    (m) co-ordinate the processes for preparing the annual budget and for reviewing
    the municipality’s integrated development plan and budget-related policies to SO
    ensure that the tabled budget and any revisionosf the integrated development
    plan and budget-related policies are mutually consistent and credible:

    (2) When preparing the annual budget, the mayor of a municipality must-
    (a) take into account the municipality’s integrated development plan:
    (b) take all reasonable steps to ensure that the municipality revises the integrated
    development plan in terms of section 33 of the Municipal Systems Act. taking
    into account realistic revenue and expenditure projections for future years:
    (c) take into account the national budget, the relevant provincial budget, the
    national government’s fiscal and macro-economic policy. the annual Division
    of Revenue Act and any agreements reached in the Budget Forum:
    (i) the relevant district municipality and all other local municipalities within
    the area of the district municipality, if the municipalit) is ;I local
    (ii) all local municipalities within its area, if the municipality is ;I district
    (iii) the relevant provincial treasury. and when requested. the National
    Treasury: and
    (iv) any national or provincial organs of state. as may be prescribed: and
    (d) consult-
    (e) provide, on request, any information relating to the budset-
    (i) to the National Treasury; and
    (ii) subject to any limitations that may be prescribed, t o –
    (aa) the national departments responsible for water, sanitation. electric-
    (bb) any other national and provincial organ of states. as may be
    (cc) another municipality affected by the budget.

    This must all be done by the end of March every year, because the mayor must table his budget before end of March to allow for the next step to commence. Once this is done we have what is referred to as a “tabled” budget, not an adopted or approved budget, just a “TABLED” budget. As the MBAs amongst us would say, a “straw dog.”

    The mayor now takes a well-deserved break after months of 18-hour-days wrestling with the responsibility of stretching every rand as far as possible to meet the needs of the people as expressed by them in the IDP and the process described under section 21.

    That is the point Oudtshoorn’s mayor reached on 27 March.


    At that point the Municipal Manager (and the councilors) goes into overdrive. The MM immediately publishes the straw dog budget and a whole new consultation process ito section 23 kicks off.

    Consultations on tabled budgets

    23. (1) When the annual budget has been tabled the, municipal council must consider any views of-
    (a) the local community; and
    (b) the National Treasury, the relevant provincial treasury and any provincial or national organs of state or municipalities which made submissions on the
    (2) After considering all budget submissions, the council must give the mayor an opportunity-
    (a) to respond to the submissions; and
    (b) if necessary, to revise the budget and table amendments for consideration by the council.
    (3) The National Treasury may issue guidelines on the manner in which municipal councils should process their annual budgets, including guidelines on the formation of a committee of the council to consider the budget and to hold public hearings.
    (4) No guidelines issued in terms of subsection (3) are binding on a municipal council unless adopted by the council.

    This is a time of frenetic activity. Democracy kicks into high gear as councilors meet with officials, interest groups, the public, individuals, ward committees etc etc as the decision making process is taken to the people for their direct in put and comment.

    Officials do the same from their side.

    Everybody gets involved and checks to see that the tabled budget is in line with the IDP and that their specific needs and interests are adequately addressed.

    As everybody joyously exercises their democratic rights and responsibilities, various committees of the civic bodies, SANCO, Ratepayers’ Associations, HIV/AIDS activists, sporting associations Business Chambers, Farmer’s Unions, Trade Unions, Women’s Rights Activists, just everybody, meet late into the night to ensure that the interests of their constituencies are adequately catered for. The political parties’ various branches have public meetings and consult their members. Written comments, suggestions and submissions stream in to the Municipal Manager’s office. All are carefully considered.

    Between the Municipal Manager, his officials and the mayor, they now make the necessary adjustments to the tabled straw dog budget.

    Once that is done, the now adjusted-tabled-budget is presented to the council by the Municipal Manager and councilors have a final opportunity to fine-tune it to their liking.

    Having done so, the adjusted-fine-tuned-budget is returned to the mayor and he/she is given an opportunity to consider all the suggested adjustments and out of that he now prepares the budget in the form that he is going to present it to Council for approval before the end of May.


    Great excitement. The day has dawned, and the council gallery is packed with interested and affected parties. The Mayor makes a budget speech and presents his final draft budget to council.

    If the process has worked well, and the mayor has listened to all the participants and made the necessary adjustments to the satisfaction of the majority of his councilors, the budget is put to the vote and a resolution to adopted the mayor’s budget is adopted by the majority of councilors.

    Oh joy!!

    Once that has happened, the municipality now has an ADOPTED BUDGET.

    The straw Yorkie tabled by the mayor on 27 March has been converted into a beautiful racing Grey Hound to run the race for the people.

    Sadly, PART 3 has not been achieved and Oudtshoorn has nothing but a straw Yorkie in the race.

    Spin is one thing Mr Baird, but unadulterated bullshit and blatant lies are an insult to the intelligence of your readers. You do yourself and your readers a disservice when you use O!O as a propaganda tool.

    You are committing the cardinal sin of journalism by becoming part of the story. Disappointing.

  9. Sover ek onthou was die begroting van 27 Maart ‘n voorlopige (Draft) begroting – dit kan mos nie beskou word as ‘n goedgekeurde begroting wat nou gevolg kan word nie – daar is geen goedgekeurde begroting nie – maar ag f@k wat weet ek want daar is altyd iemand slimmer wat antwoorde uitdink – maak nie saak aan watterk ant nie en almal is altyd reg. Koebaai demokrasie, koebaai geld, koebaai deursigtigheid

  10. @ Nog n Oudtshoorniet – We are all aware that there is a low calibur of concilors on both sides of the political spectrum. They are in it for the money (general statement) and not to serve the community. I think you would be foolish to read too much into the events at Potchefstroom yesterday. Yes we can expect a lot of jostiling in the run up to 2016 but those who jump ship are either standing by their principils or feeble minded, I wonder which is which.

  11. Kyk Noord Drewan! 14 Politieke hoere stem teen die ANC! Ooooooi my moer!!

  12. Hi Nog n Oudtshoorniet. Sorry but I’m rather new to this blog. What court cases are you talking about, how many?

  13. Dankie auntie, ek weet nie wat se twak die klomp rook nie seker marawanha. Nou vra ek hoe is dit moontlik dat wat in Oudtshoorn gebeur het, het gisteraand in Potchefstroom gebeur en raai wat as jul nog slaap die DA het Tlokwe Munisipaliteit oorgeneem en bestuur nou vir 2de keer in paar maande die Munisipaliteit, maar owee nie Oudtshoorn nie die klomp is mos untouchable. Nou antwoord my hoe werk demokrasie in een plek maar nie in Oudtshoorn nie, niks anders as n mafia as jul my wil vra nie. En Mnr April maak steeds die een hof saak op die ander, se my hoe werk dit hy is met n demokratiese bestel uitgestem, maar soos Mugabe regeer hy steeds. Mense word wakker want dis laat al in die dag.

  14. April is living in a fool’s paradise.
    The DRAFT BUDGET was tabled at the meeting on March 27, 2013. This is the start of a process – NOT THE APPROVAL OF A BUDGET. After the draft is tabled in council it is made available to the broad public for comments and suggestions. At this meeting the council agreed that a workshop will be held where inputs from council will be entertained. Mr Roland Butler, consultant appointed to assist in the budget process, agreed to arrange a further workshop. This was never done and he even acknowledged as much in the special council meeting of 14 June 2013.
    It was at this meeting that the final draft budget was put to vote and, after consideration, rejected by 12 votes against 8. Oudtshoorn therefore does not have an approved budget 2013 /14.

  15. Ja mnr April so sal die arme belastingbetalers gemelk word jaar in en jaar uit vir julle om die een hofsaak na die ander te maak en jul se jul gee om vir die armes van die armes, moenie my laat lag nie. Jul gee net om vir jul eie sakke. Kan nie wag vir Augustus se verkiesing nie.

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