You are being had!

Now hear this: Trust to the DA or the ANC,
or any of the little bastard party political also rans at your peril!

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 20 June 2013. 06h00.

Warning: This post contains various references to the Star Wars canon.

It is quite amazing. The events of the last 24 hours or so. Utterly bloody astonishing.

And Oudtshoorn is the worst for it.

If the energy wasted on soi disant political maneuvering, shystering, pettifoggering, and cavillering should be focussed on running Oudtshoorn, our beloved town world be the best managed local government on this blue green rock orbiting a small star in this particular hood of the Milky Way we like to call home.

Ye gods and faeries and all the Umbarans of the dark world of Umbara deep within the Ghost Nebula, and most all the Weequay of that harsh desert planet Sriluur.

After the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA) Northern Cape and Western Cape Programme Manager, Faiez Jacobs, on Tuesday afternoon summoned all Oudtshoorn councillors to a meeting in Cape Town Wednesday at 12h00, events unfolded like this…

The Acting Municipal Manager, Ron Lottering, informed the chief whips of all the political parties holding seats in the council.

Counsel for the Speaker called Jacobs to determine that Lottering and Director Corporate Services, acting as CFO, Francois Human, would attend.

The ANC councillors; the Icosa councillor; and the two officials left Oudtshoorn at 05h00 Wednesday; the NPP councillor was already in Cape Town – what for only the Whaladon of Mon Calamari, communicating via sing-songs, would know and they could not be reached as they had been hunted since the Galactic Empire occupied the planet.

The ANC and the Cope and the NPP councillors and the two officials met with the ANC WC Leadership at around 10h00 in preparation for “The Meeting” at noon.

At this time details become fuzzy and muzzy; hazy even; blurry, bleary and blurred.

Some reports say that the ANC Alliance councillors were instructed to accept intervention by two Cogta and two provincial functionaries mandated by national minister Richard Baloyi and provincial minister Anton Bredell. Other reports claim there was no such instruction. I have reason aplenty to hold that such an instruction was indeed issued, Why!? Well, as I have said, the Whaladon are too busy surviving to talk.

So eventually the Oudtshoorn travellers arrive at Parliament as the noon gun is loaded and finally expected.

They wait. For Jacobs. For Bredell. For Baloyi… For the DA councillors.

No DA councillors.

Eventually Bredell arrives and announces that he does not intend to intervene in Oudtshoorn; that council proceeds with the 2013/14 budget; that up to 25% of the budget may be spent while the toing and froing about fonts and pagination and whatever continues; that the status quo be maintained until the three by-elections, probably early August.


No DA councillors, mind.

Then Baloyi arrives. He declares himself impressed with Oudtshoorn. But then Baloyi is generally regarded as a half a dozen or so Purkinje cells short and feeding from the leftover crumbs after the hangers on have feasted on what falls from the Zuma cabinet’s table.

Then the oikafugic ouks leave to return to Oudtshoorn.

Ye gods and faeries and all the Zhell of Coruscant!

(The Zhell are the supposed pre-evolved state of humans and were dominant on Coruscant at some point before 25,000 BBY – Before the Battle of Yavin – until the Taung conquered them. In the middle of their epic battle against the Zhell, their efforts were helped by an erupting volcano that wiped out the major Zhell city. The Taung then systematically destroyed all remaining Zhell camps.)

Now let’s be clear. I do not want either the ANC or the DA in control of Oudtshoorn. I want independent councillors representing OUDTSHOORN to have the balance of power in the council. Call me a woolgathering wacko all you want, I couldn’t care less.

Oudtshoorn is currently not run. And it is not run by the active connivery of people such as Western Cape ANC Leader Marius Fransman (in a battle to the political death with his Secretary, Songezo Mjongile) and Theuns Botha, DA vendor of chaos in his capacity as “Head of Government Business” and de facto leader of the party in the Western Cape.

You, my longsuffering Oudtshoorn resident and rate payer and voter, are being cheated, chicaned, chiseled, choused, and cuckolded.

Remember this when you go to the polls on August 7.

Note: This post contains various references to the Star Wars canon.

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7 thoughts on “You are being had!

  1. According to the DA book of ethics, chapter 1, item 1, it is acceptable practice for a councillor to dip into the public purse to cover political travel costs.


    1. General Principles

    1.1 Owing to the nature of the electoral system applicable in South Africa, it is necessary for public representatives to be mandated by both their party and by the voters. This means that public representatives have duties and responsibilities towards both the public (representational duties) and the party (political duties). In general, benefits and entitlements provided to public representatives from public money should be used to enable such public representatives to fulfil their political and/or representational duties effectively and conscientiously. Every public representative is expected to use such benefits and entitlements responsibly, and in a way which is most economical and that gives the best value to the public.”

    There it is in black and white, but that does not mean they will not squeal like stuck pigs if the ANC councillors display similar “ethics.”

  2. Auntie… As die ANC-raadslede eers Woensdag 05h00 vertrek het, kon hulle waarskynlik nie die vorige aand in die Kaap “in ‘n fensie hotel” uitgerus het nie, meen ek.

    Ek weet nie of daar eise was, of sal wees nie, maar hulle het ‘n uitnodiging van die nasionale en provinsiale ministers aanvaar… So die raad moet seker betaal?

    Die DA se Eden-burgemeester het egter volgens klagtes wél van sý raad geëis toe hý ‘n DA (nie ‘n regeringsvergadering nie) bygewoon het.

    Perdalkies moet jy oor Wessie kla, auntie?

  3. Jammer auntie

    Dis moes lees “Icosa-raadslid”, nie “Cope-raadslid” nie. Hel jy kan my seker die taipou vergewe gegewe die deurmekaarspul. Jy laat my dink aan die DA se probleem met die Aai-Dee-Pee: verskillende fonts in die voorversorgde dokument!

    Ek aanvaar ook, met dank, dat as hierdie tikflaterkie al is waarmee jy kan voutfund dat jy toegee die feite wat regtig saakmaak is korrek.

  4. If you really wanted to report on what is happening in Oudtshoorn YOU should have been at the opening of the Oudtshoorn Sport Festival on Tuesday night!

  5. Nee kyk hier, nou het jy my regtig deurmekaar! As die ANC raadslede (wat nog oor is van hulle) eers Woensdag oggend 05h00 (volgens jou) vertrek het hoekom was nie een van hulle Dinsdagaand by die opening van die SPORTFEES 2013 nie? Seker besig om uit te rus vir die groot vergadering in die Kaap – in een of ander fensie hotel (in die Kaap) op ons belastingbetalers se rekening??? En so “by the way” COPE se Maxim was Woensdag nie in die Kaap nie, maar by sy huis in De Rust. Komaan, jy moet jou feite agtermekaar kry!
    And I hope that those councillors that did attend the meeting did NOT claim any money from the Municipality!

  6. While the chinese and Indians do what the other immigrants did for 300 years the patterns remain the same.
    So vision less since Cecil John Rhodes ‘ negotiated ‘ Dom Nicolas de beer out of his right out the mines in 1898
    Joke is, it. was not Oupa De beer’s to sell, but what the hell, no one has clicked on so far.
    We are bound on the here and now, Freddie Mercury made us to understand ‘we want it all, we want it now ‘

    Advocate Pres, Vorster when introducing television to South Africa, ‘ I am the leader of a very small nation at the tip of Africa ‘
    Media mogul Ton Vosloo, ‘ons is in die minderheid en word geduld deur die mederheid, kom ons werk SAAM.’
    Antie Agang, America se pellie, RAMAsePellie, the scars of apartheid is still with us.

    All this…. While our only concern is how can scheme and dream, while Rome is burning.
    When the only solution Drewan Baird seems to suggest is independent , no baggage rule in oudtshoorn .
    Happy Birthday, ANC
    Happy happy DA

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