No Administration! Or not…

Everything happened; nothing happened

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 19 June 2013. 15h50. Only one conclusion is possible after the ofttimes macabre happenings in Cape Town today: I do not; I have never; and I probably never will understand politics. Period.

By the way, whomever claims to understand politics is a bare faced liar. Another period.

Without embarrassing party political sensitivities, and I know that such a halcyon disposition is not exactly “me”, I am going to simply say this: There will, apparently, be no intervention in Oudtshoorn by either Province or the National Government.

Bredell is not about to intervene; Baloyi is “impressed” with what Oudtshoorn is doing.

No, don’t ask me; I know nothing. And I think politicians are idio… idiosyncratic.

Only the ANC Councillors attended; there were no DA Councillors present, even though, so I am led to believe, Bredell was present… and Baloyi. But, hey, who knows!?

I put calls through to Gwede Manatshe and Jesse Duarte and Badih Chaaban. I had a great chat with Badih – a more convivial fellow you will not meet, truth be told. But I learned N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

All Oudtshoorn councillors meet in Cape Town Wednesday at 12h00

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 18 June 2013. 19h55. The Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA) Northern Cape and Western Cape Programme Manager, Faiez Jacobs, on Tuesday afternoon summoned all Oudtshoorn councillors to a meeting in Cape Town Wednesday at 12h00.

Jacobs writes that he acts on the direction of National Cogta Minister, Richard Baloyi, and that the urgent meeting – “sorry for short notice” – will be between the councillors and WC Minister of Local Government Anton Bredell.

O!O has obtained reliable information that Bredell approached Baloyi to place Oudtshoorn under administration. Baloyi refused.

The Cape Town meeting, according to Jacobs’s summons “will decide Oudtshoorn’s future”.

O!O will report on the outcome of the meeting the moment it concludes.

Several high level meetings were called in preparation for this critical, according to Jacobs, meeting immediately after the summons was received.

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One thought on “No Administration! Or not…

  1. Kan Bredell enigiets regdoen ?
    Onthou die Overberg en Swellendam debakel, hul ploeter van krisis tot krisis.
    Hoogtyd dat Bredell plekmaak vir n meer innoverende ervare en jonger persoon !

    Anton, gaan jy self die stewels ophang of wag todat die mat verpligtend onder jou uit gepluk word.
    In hierdie spel is daar nie plek vir ‘mediocre men” nie !

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