DA threatens legal action against O!O

Fedex Chair James Selfe denies employment
for Hendrik Botha; Jeremy Goliath

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
… You’re reading, aren’t you!?
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 12 June 2013. 05h00. This letter is self-explanatory…


O!O will comment later today.

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10 thoughts on “DA threatens legal action against O!O

  1. Checkers, just up your street, getting better en better, se BOEREWORS NATANIEL sê hy tel NAAS oor die pale, elke keer, rugby kommentator BOTHA se liefde KAREN se trourok op en sit die rok weer stadig neer, en hy sê HY BLY TJOEPSTIL .

    Nou dan nadat ek al hierdie oudtshoorn berugte/berigte/aantuigings/uitnodigings bepeins/herkou het tot die gevolg trekking gekom. EK BLY TJOEPSTIL.

  2. O, Koek! James se broek is nat.

    Wil hy nou rerig hierdie spesifieke blikkie DA wurms oopmaak?

    Dit sal voorwaar groot sports wees as O!O in ‘n hof begin uitpak hoe dit die DA se gewoonte is om jobs vir hulle pelle te skep, hulle pelle aan te stel, mense sonder die nodige kwalifikasies aan te stel, mense met vervalste kwalifikasies aan te stel ens. Daar is voorbeelde van elk van die in Plett. Begin in die onderburgemeester se kantoor tot in die torisme raad waar Donald Grant se tjomma en die DAwyk2 takvoorsitter skielik nou ook die uitvoerande voorsitter van die ligaam is.

    Dit is glad nie ongewoond vir die DA om sulke bedenklike aanstellings te maak nie en dus “fair comment” van O!O se kant om so te berig. Boonop het O!O dit dan lankal reggestel deur te berig dat die aanstellings nie plaas gevind het nie as gevolg van die oorspronklike berig.

  3. Let them sue a see how they gonna get! I bet you Drewan these scumbags won’t sue its an emty threat because all their dirty linen will be washed in the public just prior to the general elections. I have learnt that you must never make an emty threat.

  4. He should have listened to his buddy Theunsie’s advice on communication and kept quiet.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.

    Tell us, Mr Selfe, what exactly was the quid pro quo for the Foolish Five? What made them jump off the cliff for you? Did you just tell them there was a net to catch them when in fact there wasn’t? Is that what you’re saying? That you lied to them?

  5. Vra vir Selfe waar hul Botha en Goliath joppies aangebied het, as dit dan nie in Eden is nie ?
    Ek vermoed hy sal “Selfe” nie kan se nie, dalk wil hy nie ?

    Soos altyd, net weer “egg” opp die DA se gesigte. Wat se Theunsie nou ??

  6. perhaps someone should remind the DA that they posted a poster that said “ready to rule in 2014” perhaps they should also be reminded of their slogan “stop Zuma”. Perhaps they should be called on to correct their untruths.

  7. Egg on the DA and Selfe’s face again
    Maybe Selfe can tell us what positions they have planned for Botha and Goliath, if not then in the Eden Municipality.
    What was the trade off son ? Maybe, as usual, …” hy sal Selfe nie kan se nie !!”

  8. Well done O!O! At last the DA is corresponding (talking to) with you again.

  9. Well done O!O. You got a response from the DA and at the same time confirmed that the DA, right to the very top of the tree, reads O!O.

    Given this, it is strange that Mr Selfe chose this rather insignificant “inaccuracy”, which had in any event been corrected, when O!O claimed that its pre-emptive report had derailed the appointments as the basis upon which to threaten court action. O!O has made many other more serious allegations which Mr Selfe has not responded to at all, let alone with the vigour this issue solicited from him.

    A nice example being the following as published elsewhere on O!O today.

    “The ENS forensic report found that the Executive Mayor of Eden, and DA Caucus Chair in Oudtshoorn, committed fraud, falsification, and uttering.” (What say you Mr Selfe?)

    Serious allegations and we wait with bated breath for Mr Selfe’s response to that. But not really, because there is ample proof of what happened just as there is ample proof that Mr Selfe has been deliberately derelict in dealing with this and all the many other Wessie transgressions.

    In the light of this, should one read Mr Selfe’s thundering silence regarding the appointment of Lenard Jonas to the staff of the Bitou Municipality in return for his resignation as ANC councillor, as confirmation that that did happen – with his approval – or maybe even at his instigation?

    A little bit more digging on all fronts is called for O!O.

  10. Happy to note the DA canact on something hey Ed……petty not on crucial posts

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