A Special Council Meeting!


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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 June 2013.

16h35. The municipality issued the following media release by the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Gordon April, after the failed Special Council Meeting:

The Special Council Meeting called to approve the budget and the Integrated Development Plan ended this afternoon when the DA and Cope Councillors walked out of the meeting and refused to return even after the Municipal Manager and the Speaker granted them thirty minutes to reconsider.

The Speaker ended the meeting at 15h00 in the absence of the DA and Cope Councillors.

Another Special Council Meeting has been called for Friday, June 14, in an attempt to have the Budget and the IDP approved.

The Speaker expressed hope that the DA and Cope will participate in approving the Budget and the IDP Friday.

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Gordon April, expressed disbelief at the action of the DA and Cope as their current majority placed them in an unassailable position to have had a DA attuned Budget approved.

15h00. Die munisipale bestuurder stel aan die speaker voor dat die raadsvergadering gesluit word.

Die speaker som op: Hoekom wil die DA nie die begroting goedkeur nie?

Hy verwys daarna dat van der Westhuizen die vergadering ontwrig het nadat hy reeds by die vorige vergadering gewaarsku is daarteen.

Die vergadering worsd gesluit sonder dat die begroting en die GOP goedgekeur is.

14h45. My pot se deksel is nou dít: As die DA die vergadering laat voortgaan het, kon hulle, met hulle meerderheid, die DA se weergawe van ‘n begroting goedgekeur het!

So, nou wonder ‘n mens: Het die DA Oudtshoorn se belang voorop, of hul eie party-belang!?

Hel, Oudtshoorn kon vandag ‘n DA-begroting gehad het!

Wat gaan hier aan!?

Die Speaker kondig aan dat daar tot 15h00 gewag sal word – 30 minute nadat die DA die vergadering verlaat het – voordat voortgegaan word.

Die burgemeester sê dat dit duidelik is dat die DA eers mag wil hê voordat hulle die gemeenskap dien.

14h30. The MM informs DA Constituency Head Peter Roberts that the DA until 14h45 to return to council or the meeting will be postponed.

Die ontwrigting van die vergadering, sê die munisipale bestuurder, kan nie geduld word nie.

14h28. The Speaker advises that the remaining councillors wait to see if the DA will return.

14h00. The meeting is opened in prayer and supplication, by Councillor Charlie Wagenaar.

14h07. Wessie van der Westhuizen vra dat die mosies van wantroue oorweeg word.

Raadslid Fortuin vra ook dat die mosies oorweeg word.

Die speaker sê dat dit ‘n spesiale raadsvergadering is om die begroting en die IDP te oorweeg en die mosies is nie op die agenda nie.

Beide die burgemeester en die onder-burgemeester vra dat die gemeenskap eerste gestel word en daar by die agenda gehou word.

Wagenaar sê dat kennis gegee is oor hierdie spesiale raadsvergadering en dat daar by die agenda gehou word. Daar moet met die werk van die raad voortgegaan word. Daar moet aan die wet gehoor gegee word mbt die begroting.

Raadslid Erik Ngalo sê dat dit oor die begroting gaan; en dat Oudtshoorn gedien moet word.

Raadslid Lea Stalmeester vind dit vreemd dat daar oor mosies gepraat word terwl mense honger en sonder werk is – maar dit gaan oor mag en posisie by die DA.

Raadslid MacPherson sê dit gaan oor getalle – hy wil hê daar moet gestem word en die demokrasie moet gevolg word.

Die minderheid kan nie die begroting afdwing nie. Hy dring aan dat die mosies dadelik ter tafel gelê word.

Raadslid Gunguluza praat sommer sulke stukke Afrikaans en sê dat die mosies op die vergadering van die 19de moet dien. Die prioriteit is die begroting waarsonder die gemeenskap nie gedien kan word nie. Sy reken daar moet gepraat word oor die begroting en die GOP en konsensus bereik word.

Raadslid Nel is aan die woord. Wat op 31 Mei gebeur het, gebeur gereeld – dat die mense vertroue verloor in hulle regerings.

Die raad het die finale sê. Die meerderheid moet gevolg word. Die DA wil die begroting goedkeur met vernaderinge, maar nie sonder dat die meerderheid se toestemming nie.

As die meerderheid nie getoets word nie, sal die hof moet besluit.

Raadslid Ben van Wyk: Die DA word die muishonde gemaak. Dat die DA aan mag wou hê. Dis die ANC wat aan mag klou!

Chaos. Donson en van der Westhuizen en Van Wyk en die Speaker praat almal gelyk!

MacPherson maak ‘n punt van orde. Of probeer!

Sekuriteitswagte kom in; MacPherson lei die DA uit.

Ai, jai, jai, jai, jai!

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 June 2013. 05h45. One of Oudtshoorn’s two governments has demanded a special council meeting ito s29 of the Structures Act, for June 19 – next Wednesday, tomorrow week.

The other government has called a special council meeting for today – at 14h00, methinks.

The DA-led government asked the ANC government for the meeting of the 19th; the ANC-led government called today’s meeting.

Both governments are concerned about the failure to date to adopt the budget and the IDP.

Ye gnomes and faeries and that flutist from Hamelin – can he not perchance conjure a political tune here in Oudtshoorn!? (Let’s leave the gods out of this one.)

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6 thoughts on “A Special Council Meeting!

  1. “Operation Reclaim” – Remember? The DA alleged this to be a scheme to destabilise politics in the province and subvert the will of the voters. They claimed they had all the documentary proof, but never revealed a scrap.

    The ANC at the time said it was a figment of the DA’s imagination.

    It must have been true, because the DA is doing that same thing – destabilising politics in Oudshoorn to subvert the will of the voters.

    Subvert the will of the voters?

    I’m guessing it is the will of Jannie and Sannie in the street that the council give priority to passing its budget and allowing the administration to get on with service delivery and only once that is done attend to their personal petty squabbles.

  2. Dit is duidelik dat die DA net sy party blange ter hart het n niks aan die honger n werklose publiek dink nie.As hle so slim is hkm het hle ni in die vergadering gbly n hle begroter afgdwing.Die dom gud is imers d meerderheid

  3. We need a government to lead all of our governments. In fact we need a meeting to discuss the possiblity of having a meeting. The meeting must be held between the governments but no government must govern the meeting. We need a deciesive outcome so that we know who we are, where we are, how we are, why we are, if we are and should we be…

  4. Should be exciting when, for a change
    Hear ye : for a change
    Both parties future”s are at risk.

    Imagine a Speaker that is not an arrogant witch,
    Watching the watch carefully not to be late for luncheon

    The chief whips actually acting within their known iq’s

    A MM for once concentrating with an eager mind to assist
    instead of trying to find cleaver words to shun its responsibility

    Kan jy jou verbeel: counselors acting as counselors?
    and cease staring or comparing trying to outwit opposition peers.
    Those chosen ones “allowed to voice” their voices, but limited
    to the opinion of the masters voice, boys! What a choice?

    The press, confused, amused, bored
    stiff, having to report within the framework
    of the ruling government , for the time being,
    constantly continually aware that the future placements
    of the legals of the sector of the media, they peportedly
    represent depends absolutely on how they report the reports,
    more importantly
    to understand when to offend and when to defend.when
    to bend and when it is the end.

    Fully unconscious and unaware that if its not written by
    them, IT NEVER HAPPEND, you see, you don’t see, you see
    You know what I mean, read my lips. WAG THE DOG?
    Wag the dog,

    Now that concludes today’s business
    and the ratepayers in the gallery are not the wiser.
    So it should be, ….
    After all said and undone, your representatives are
    more that capable to represent one another, you see.

    Moenie my ore aansit nie, gehoor, ek hoor jou duidelik, jou blikende oor.
    Maar ek sien jou skaars. Verstaan jy die strekking van my woorde.

  5. I just wonder who will focus their attention to finalize the budget. 01 July is around the corner. Who has the communities challenges at heart. Lets wait and see. I drove on the edge to avoid the potholes.

  6. Under the circumstances you describe there is obviously no confusion among the councillors who the legitimate government of Oudtshoorn is. AFTER the putsch the DA submitted a written request to Speaker Stoffels to hold a meeting, thereby unequivocally confirming his and the ANC’s status and admitting that they were wrong. It’s all there in writing, signed, sealed and delivered. Ooops! How do you defend that in court?

    Just how deep the DA’s desire to pass the budget and IDP runs,(without which the municipality cannot function and deliver services). How serious they are about service delivery will be measurable by the amount of effort they put into getting them passed at today’s meeting.

    Hopefully the councillors will all work together to get the work done today and then next week’s meeting, I presume, will be given over to the motions of no confidence and general posturing, bun fighting and politicking under direction of the Masters in Cape Town.

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