Oudtshoorn on the alter of expediency

ANC, DA uses Oudtshoorn as dispensible bargaining chip

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 10 June 2013. 11h40. It’s 57 days to election day.

Three by-elections will be contested in Oudtshoorn: Wards 5, 6, and 13.

I see no action whatsoever by any political party… except the NPP who distributed a simple, yet attractive pamphlet calling for support.

The NPP is known to have all but wiped out Icosa’s Oudtshoorn support and is optimistic about winning a second seat, and first ward, in Oudtshoorn.

O!O has the exact same disdain for every political party.

O!O would love to see independent candidates take on the political parties which have all failed Oudtshoorn dismally.

But there is not even a velleity of hope of Independent victories in any of the three wards to be contested.

Civil leadership in Oudtshoorn is limited to a Nic Barrow South Cape College exposé of municipal outrage every two years or so, and the odd braai among the manne to pontificate about a better alternative.

The ANC failed Oudtshoorn.

The DA failed Oudtshoorn.

The NPP and Icosa can each probably all but fill the new Bridgton pavillion, once.

The outcome of August 7 won’t change Oudtshoorn one bit.

A DA victory in but one of the three wards will return the party to power and only the most optimistic should expect an improvement on the party’s dismal 2007-10 record. At least this will be a certain consequence of a DA victory: The ANC will start recruiting at least one DA councillor… and will eventually succeed in creating chaos.

If the ANC wins all three wards, it’s back to June 2011, with the exception of useless councillors such as the five fools who abscinded on May 31. At least this will be a certain consequence of an ANC victory: The DA will start recruiting at least one ANC councillor… and will eventually succeed in creating chaos.

The current DA “Take-over” is nothing but an embarrassing non-event ensuring that Oudtshoorn will not be managed for the next 57 days. Not that Oudtshoorn was managed earlier, mind.

What is most disturbing, is the probable collusion behind the scenes of a town facing three by-elections:

Wessie van der Westhuizen drove the “Take-over”, mainly to escape his Eden troubles. This little adventure is stillborn as Van der Westhuizen’s dissciplinary hearing, in consequence to the ENS Report, starts this coming Monday.

Van der Westhuizen and Fransman share a close relationship. Fransman shares a close relationship with Badih Chaaban. Theuns Botha is close to Fransman, and to Van der Westhuizen, although both relationships are professionally camouflaged.

Chabaan is set to become mayor of Cederburg.

Certain allegations against ANC councillors in Stellenbosch are dissipating.

Can there be various bespoke political solutions for Botha, Fransman, Chaaban, and Van der Westhuizen, paid for in the blood of Oudtshoorn?


I’ll tell you this for nothing: The ANC is not fighting the by-elections with any measure of energy.

Nobody trusts nobody in the Eden ANC. It’s laughable to watch the cadres maneuvre; to see the body language; to hear the talk. It’s an organisation ripped apart at the seams with the NEC, the PEC, PWC, the REC and the Oudtshoorn caucus united in mutual contempt!

The REC chair and secretary, Vujani Mshini and Putco Mapitiza, are suspected of financial mismanagement. The Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, has been quoted, I am told erroneously, that the Oudtshoorn mayor and speaker are weak and local ANC leadership generally non-existent. No caucus member trusts another.

Great way to kick off an election campaign, Gwede! If you are hell-bent on losing it!

The DA has Wessie van der Westhuizen sharing stages with Theuns Botha and Chris MacPherson and Pat Wagenaar, the latter being one of, well, two or three politicians of integrity methinks.

Only a political party with no intention of winning by-elections, or a fool political party, will parade Wessie van der Westhuizen during a campaign. And the DA is not a fool party, indications to the contrary notwithstanding.

Great way to kick off an election campaign, Theuns! If you are hell-bent on losing it!

So, my dear longsuffering readers, what say you? What say you is going on!?

It is my considered opinion that Oudtshoorn is nothing but a bargaining chip.

It’s time for independents.

And do quit suspecting me of going off the boil.

Ye gods and gnomes and political leaders, all stuff of faery tales and tarradiddles!

There is but one certainty in all this chaos: There is no difference between an ANC local government and a DA local government.

Thus sayeth O!O: Thou shalt be mulct. Guaranteed. By mismanagement of corruption, thou shalt be gypped. Period.

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3 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn on the alter of expediency

  1. There is a saying:”BULLSHIT CAN TAKE YOU UP THERE BUT IT CANT KEEP YOU THERE” As long as the ANC cling to FOOLS like the stupid 5 they will experience the clayshot fall. Me thinks they dont trust colored councillors anymore but they must rather put up colored councillors with an administative an strategic management ability who did not join the ANC for financial rewards.

    The DA on the other side must cling to sidehungs like Wessie because of the colored vote. Me thinks that every Political party must put up experience to take OUDTSHOORN one step ahead before they focus their attention on political majority.

    Is their a political party with “balls” who can take the majority to CANAAN? Me want to join. Bridgton resident. STOP GIVING US “SHIT” give us people who can lead strategically. When you put up councillors put up royal characters.

  2. Drewan for president.
    Drewan has anyone ever told you that you are simply fantastic.
    Hate you or luv you are the only options,

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