What a farce

By-election candidates and DA cadre deployment of the Foolish Five

Decision makers turn to O!O first for what’s really happening in Eden
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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 5 June 2013. 08h30. The DA is this morning fighting fires about the appointment of Hendrik Botha and Jeremy Goliath in Eden.

The story below is responsible for the probable abandonment of the appointments.

Theuns Botha is refusing to react to my enqueries, and who can blame him – he HAS no answers.

If Hendrik Botha and Jeremy Goliath are not appointed in Eden, ya’all can thank O!O.

Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2013. 23h45. The ANC has nominated Michael Wagenaar and Magie Titus to replace Pieter Luiters and Hendrik Botha who resigned from the party Friday.

The DA has found employment for Botha and fellow turncoat Jeremy Goliath in Eden where they are now post level 5 employees earning some R15,000 per month. It covers Goliath, who was an ordinary councillor, but not Botha’s former earnings as a mayco member. Perhaps the DA considers Botha’s alternative revenue generations acceptable.

This is, please note, NOT cadre deployment, because it is done by the DA. Only the ANC can commit the cardinal cadre deployment sin. The DA subscribes to the best fit principle in an open opportunity society.

Only this reeks of least fit principle in an open opportunistic society.

Jurie Harmse, who wanted to kill all the boere after he won his ward for the ANC when he abandoned the DA/ID coalition in August 2010, will be the DA candidate in ward 13 .

Hendrik Ruiters, another recreant, and Ben van Wyk, the current DA Mayor in waiting, will contest wards 5 and 6.

The ANC is considering to field Japie Coetzee in ward 6, a ward this respected former councillor represented for 10 years.

The DA will focus on wards 6 and 13 and abandon Ruiters in ward 5.

Luiters will take Ben van Wyk’s spot on the proportional list. If Van Wyk loses ward 6, Luiters will probably also get a job in Eden.

O!O hopes that Wilton Kawa will be considered for a comeback. He remains the chief strategist in the local ANC and was the kingpin in the August 2010 takeover of the council from the DA.

It’s Jurie Harmse’s candidature that takes the cake. He represented the ID, the DA/ID coalition and the ANC before his current choice of T-shirt: Blue. A man of strong political principle whose talents are unfortunately lost to yachting where he would have been an exceptional helmsman to prevailing winds.

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6 thoughts on “What a farce

  1. Laat Louw maar voortgaan met sy korrupsie, sy dag sal kom! Hy moet maak soos Theuns beveel anders trap hy ‘n dinamiet af en sit op die straat. Theuns het mos destyds vir Wessie beveel om Louw heraan te stel naday Louw skuldig bevind is van finansiele wanbestuur. So Louw het sy job as MM te danke aan ou Theunsie. Ek en vele ander inwoners is onder die indruk dat Eden DM bankrot is en dat die raad van die werknemers wil retrench. Noujatoe. Wessie ek hou jou dop!

  2. There is always the Deputy Mayor’s office in Bitou.

    It would solve the travelling costs as there is nothing to do anyway so they would not need to come in everyday. Besides the ratepayers in Plett have shown to be pliable and willing to fund political appointments.

    Assistant PA and Assistant Manager Special Projects.

  3. As daar ander onsuksesvolle aansoekers was, wat van hulle?

    Kan hulle nie nou ‘n eis instel teen Eden munisipaliteit nie?

    Onregverdige arbeidspraktyk.

  4. Is die poste adverteer?

    Is daar onderhoude gevoer?

    Is die poste ooit op die organogram?

    Hoe se, Mnr Louw?

    Of voer jy maar net blindelings Baas Theuns se instuksies uit, soos altyd?

  5. “This is, please note, NOT cadre deployment, because it is done by the DA.”

    Of course it is not cadre deployment.


    It is the manifestation of the quid pro quo offered and given by the DA for them voting in an illegal way in violation of their legal duty and the council’s rules which made possible the “removal” of the legitimate Speaker and the “election” of a replacement functionary in the council of which they are [were] members.

    Whether the ruse fails or succeeds it remains CORRUPTION.

  6. Mr editor, are you now uneasy with both the ANC and the DA?
    You are running out of parties, if that is the case.
    Like me running out of Banks.

    Anyhow some of us likes your style, man.

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