The case against the DA “Takeover”

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2013. 16h45. By 15h30 no opposing affidavit had been filed with the Western Cape High Court.

Here are the documents filed by Speaker Johannes Stoffels earlier today:

Notice of Motion

Founding Affidavit

Annexures JS1 to JS5

Annexures JS6 to JS10

The municipality also released a media statement late this afternoon:

The Western Cape High Court will now hear Stoffels v. Van Wyk and others only on Wednesday as the court needs to apply its mind to the founding affidavits.

Media reports that the DA had taken control of the Oudtshoorn Council is misleading as the council meeting of 31 May was properly closed by the Speaker with the status quo firmly intact.

The licitness of the subsequent meeting of 17 councillors is disputed and until the High Court rules in the matter statements of a change of government is not only premature, but false.

The Oudtshoorn Municipality trusts that the media, who has given this matter a high profile, will report the correct facts meticulously.

So, we wait and see…

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7 thoughts on “The case against the DA “Takeover”

  1. Did Kannaland municipality report the matter of Rossouw to the SAPS? If this was done, he would have been out of office by now and there would not have been any need to have Patel and Korabie to be involve with this matter.

  2. Tony – If I understand you correctly, you are saying – People will march for a minimum wage, people will strike against etolling, people will roit regarding a bucket system and such. They do this because it directly affects them. There is no desire for people to protest about the top four appointments because most know little or anything about that, it is only the more educated and elite that witness this evil.

    I am an assertive person so it is hard for me not to be confrontational but yes, more brains than balls has its merit. It is my feeling that the Southern Cape needs a platform where issues of maladministration can be channeled through. Collectively we can make a difference, individualy we will get slaughtered.

  3. @ joshcon.

    Protest action will NOT work much less happen. When on looks at the situation one needs to ask a few questions.

    chief amongst them being. What will motivate people to action.

    Well, we know that people are motivated more by fear of loss than the promise of gain. that being the case then, we need to ask, What (if anything) do the “people” have to loose? Unfortunately, the answer in NOTHING!

    the “people”, and by people I mean the majority (across political lines) have NO EXPECTATION, rendering the threat of a breakdown in service deliver, MEANINGLESS.

    the “people”, and by people I mean the majority (across political lines) pay little or no rates to speak of, rendering the fact that “their money” is being squandered, MEANINGLESS.

    the “people”, and by people I mean the majority (across political lines) have NOTHING, (that being, nothing to speak of) which in turn renders the prospect of loss, MEANINGLESS.

    the only ones with something to loos are the mm, cfo, speaker and the mayor. these are the ones with something to loose. So, I say, and say again. READ MY LIPS!

    FORGET ABOUT THE SO CALLED “PEOPLE”. they are a waste of time and energy. you will NEVER be able to educate them in any meaningful direction. (this is not to say the “people” are not necessary for political change, they are but only as useful as Imam Ghazali coined the phrase “servile conformists”.

    We need to go after the top four and when I say go after I DO NOT mean in a confrontational manner. I mean in a manner that shows THEM that WE know what they are obliged to do, in terms of the acts and that WE launch a program to hold them to what ever it is they are suppose to do.

    the game plan is that while initially we will be playing catch up (no pun intended) to their moves, however ultimatly, we will be running the municipality while the four will be what they are, mere functionaries.

    that’s the ONLY plan, which in my estimation, has any chance of working, at all.

    your comments…..

  4. Tony – there is only one way – protest action. But it needs to be a new kind of protest, a potest that cut across the colour bar – DA voters, ANC voters and all the rest. A protest that combines emotion wth logic and practical knowledge. For the Town by the Town.

  5. En wie ly steeds daar onder? Die totale gemeenskap wat net vra vir dienslewering, waarvoor belasting betaal word en wat alweer volgende maand verhoog word. En so gaan dit aan.

  6. So friends and fellow travelers…………… the question which most concerns me is that It seems that every time an action is brought either by or against the our illustrious municipality that in essence WE END UP PAYING to fight either for or against ourselves…. if you know what I mean…. I’m not a lawyer but if I were, how I would love to have the Oudtshoorn municipal account.

    But there is such a thing as wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

    Perhaps we should be going through EVERY action involving the municipality to see how much of OUR money (that should be used for what it is intended) actually goes towards fighting POLITICALLY MOTIVATED legal battles and charge the parties concerned or better yet, the litigants, in their personal capacity. After all what do I care if COPE or ICOSA the DA or the frigin ANC or any other opportunist political party or candidate has a seat at the table.

    All I really want is that they DO their job. Provided they even remember why they are there in the first place know, after spending so much time in and out of court.

    I say….. lets demand full disclosure so that we, the residents of the area can see just how much money is being wasted at the CCMA defending misguided, politically motivated dismissals, petty political infighting, fruitless and wasteful exercises (lke the case against a DA councilor by the Kannaland municipality where it is rumored that to recover costs of R800.00 they spent in excess of R250 000.00 in lawyers and advocate fees.

    We need to put a stop to this disgraceful waste of public money.

    Any comment. cause I for one, have just about had enough.

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