Oudtshoorn is nothing but a pawn to the DA; ANC

Despicable treatment of Oudtshoorn should see both the ANC and the DA rejected by local voters.

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2013. 23h45. First he wanted to delay court action by Speaker Stoffels until the DA goes to court.

Then he wanted Speaker Stoffels to withdraw his case.

Who? A DA functionary!?


No! It was WC ANC Leader Marius Fransman who Tuesday was fixing to avoid court action and hand the Oudtshoorn council to the DA.

It makes perfect sense.

The ANC was aware of the Friday mutiny for some weeks and did absolutely nothing to avoid it.

The coup was organised by Wessie van der Westhuizen, who is as loyal, or disloyal, to the DA as he is to the ANC and who fixed a solution that may see him escape the damning findings of the ENS forensic report. Van der Westhuizen’s hearing on charges of fraud, forgery and uttering per the ENS report is set down for the week of June 17.

The close cameraderie between Van der Westhuizen and Fransman is an open secret.

Throughout Tuesday Fransman moved to have the case withdrawn by Stoffels. Eventually it took a conference call between local movers, and NPP leader of the local ANC coalition and ANC PEC member Songezo Mjongile, tasked with local government affairs, in Cape Town, to determine that the case will in fact proceed.

O!O has learned, but can not at this time vouch for the report, that Fransman and the DA struck a deal relating to an unidentified matter, apparently in Stellenbosch, and that Oudtshoorn was the ANC payment demanded. This story will be developed as more information is received.

The ANC walked into the DA’s Friday ambush with eyes wide open.

A direct result of the ensuing chaos of the rogue Friday meeting of 17 is that the ANC on Tuesday, by its secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe, united behind Gordon April in announcing that the mayor will not be removed in gavour of another cadre.

It was this new found confidence that partly inspired April to stand up to Fransman and reject the WC leader’s attempts to scuttle Stoffels’s court case.

It is my considered opinion that political parties that treat Oudtshoorn with such disdain as to reduce Oudtshoorn to a dispensible pawn on some political chess board should be rejected with contempt by the voters of Oudtshoorn.

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3 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn is nothing but a pawn to the DA; ANC

  1. Willempie my ou mater ek stem saam. Indien hulle dit nie gaan doen nie sal ek dit doen. Ja ek! Jy kort voor lank weet wie ek is. Wessie ek hou jou dop.
    IP Botha en Frans man is twee vuilgatte. Ek het nog nooit enige respek vir die twee gehad nie. There is no difference whatsoever!

  2. Is daar ‘n verskil tussen die DA en die ANC?

    Die sogenaamde “hearing” is niks anders as oeverblindery.

    Die vraag bly staan, “Wanneer gaan die Eden Munisipale Bestuurder en/of die Eden Speaker kriminele klagtes voortspruitend uit die ENS verslag, aanhangig maak teen Wessie en sy maatjie? Is daar nie eers een Eden raadslid met die nodige integriteit om te doen wat hulle weet hulle regsverpligting is om te doen.”

    Die kriminele klagtes moet en sal kom.

  3. Is there ANY DIFFERENCE between Theuns Botha and Marius Fransman ???

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