Now it’s up to the High Court!

Who will govern Oudtshoorn until the by-elections?
ANC fires first election salvo
The foolish five wined and dined; then shunned

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2013. 08h25. Rumours everywhere have it that both the DA and the ANC made generous offers to the foolish five – Jurie Harmse, Hendrik Botha, Jeremy Goliath, Hendrik Ruiters, and Pieter Luiters – to secure, change, secure, reward, change, and confirm their political allegiance.

It’s the stuff of principle.

It’s infused with ethical attitude and moral fibre.

It clearly called for the application of minds by people who put the community first and foemost and above self-interest.

The Foolish Five were transported to Jeffrey’s Bay over the week-end, so one story goes, and returned with party packs. Party packs for five foolish hacks? Nice ring. Half decent cadence too. Cadence for the cadres… control yourself, Baird!

Then, so another stories goes, the ANC offerred the Foolish Five R100,000 each to hear yet a another community calling.

The consideration was this: Is R100,000 enough to show principle?

Perhaps someone clever should read the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act 12 0f 2004.

Perhaps someone should suggest to the Public Protector to investigate the principles of the Foolish Five and the DA leaders involved in focussing the principles thate are at this time displayed in Oudtshoorn.

An ANC regional executive member denied the cash offer; a senior DA councillor did not deny the Jeffrey’s Bay handouts, but could not comment on the “aard en omvang” of the “ondersteuning“.

Whatever. I have no confidence left over in South Africa’s politicians.

The Western Cape High Court will rule this afternoon on the validity of the DA’s urgent motion on Friday; on the validity of the meeting convened by 17 councillors after the Speaker closed the council meeting; and on the decisions of the second meeting.

O!O will, of course and as usual, be first with the news. Watch this space.

The DA is talking of presenting evidence that a motion of no confidence in the mayor was introduced at an earlier council meeting; and that urgent motions such as the party introduced during Friday’s council meeting are not only legal, but necessary.

The new Oudtshoorn DA members – Jurie Harmse, Hendrik Botha, Jeremy Goliath, Hendrik Ruiters, and Pieter Luiters – were shunned, a day after the early Jeffrey’s Bay Christmas, when attorneys acting for the 12 DA/Cope councillors refused to accept court papers on behalf of the foolish five.


In the meantime ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe; NEC member Jesse Duarte; several members of the Provincial Working Committe; and members of the Regional Executive Committee meet today with the remaining ANC councillors and local ANC leadership. This meeting was scheduled on May 23 already.

Tonight mantashe will address a public meeting in Bridgton in an ecent seen to be the opening saalvo in the ANC’s by-election campaign.

But, instead of benefitting Oudtshoorn, today will see all energies focussed on Keerom Street in Cape Town.

What a circus.

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3 thoughts on “Now it’s up to the High Court!

  1. the fullish five are oppertunist seeker be carefull of them very carefull.They are not for the people and town but for ther own personal gain.

  2. This disgusts me, not anyone has mentioned the constituency’s and voters who put their faith in these five, six if you include BITOU in this mess! So us lowly voters mean nothing our votes are thrown away like yesterday’s trash! How dare they jump ship the people voted for them under the ANC, now they parade around in blue. The DAceavers are becoming more and more like their foe each day! If the ANC illegally offered them100k each and they turned it down then what the hell did the DAceavers give them, not just party bags I’m sure. No wonder toilets were emptied as a gesture against the DA because politicians are indeed shitheads!

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