New councillors

Time for stalwart war horses to return!?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 4 June 2013. 10h55. The ANC will appoint two new proportional councillors to replace Pieter Luiters and Hendrik Botha.

This might be an opportune time to return Wilton Kawa and Japie Coetzee to council.

The ANC may want to have them fight by-elections, but I am of the opinion that the soonest return of Kawa and Coetzee will serve Oudtshoorn best.

And it is time, ANC, it is time to serve Oudtshoorn, and not the party! Do what is best for the people of Oudtshoorn, and not what you may think is best for the people of Luthuli House!

O!O calls for the soonest possible return to council of Wilton Kawa and Japie Coetzee.

At worst council’s collective IQ will rise substantially.

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4 thoughts on “New councillors

  1. @ Alleycat…. hows this one?

    sometime ago I asked WC gov whether an executive mayor can also be a ward councilor.

    the response I got was
    ”The short answer is yes.

    In many instances the Mayors are PR councillors and thus not ward councillors, but in smaller municipalities, the mayor can also be a ward councillor. It is not illegal, it goes according to party lists, number of votes, and other factors.

    Hope that this helps.”
    but here’s the thing….

    According to a Municipal Act

    (Functions and powers of ward committees

    74. A ward committee—
    (a) may make recommendations on any matter affecting its ward
    (i) to the ward councillor; or
    (ii) through the ward councillor, to the metro or local council. the executive committee, the executive mayor or the relevant metropolitan sub council)

    ….one can clearly infer from the wording that the act sought to exclude members of metro or local council. the executive committee and the executive mayor from being a ward Councillor, yet there is an executive mayor who is just that.

    this of course is a no brainer as it clearly prejudices all the other wards who have to go though their ward Councillor to get to the damn mayor!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Figure.

  2. Kawa works for the municipality and has been throwing his weight around in De Rust. Did`nt he get the job in exchange for silence? As far as I am aware municipal employees are not eligible to become councillors, but I stand corrected.

  3. Perhaps this is a time for a redeployment. Time to redeploy an ANC man with many years of experience and knowledge who is going to waste… Born and bred Oudtshoorn I believe…and a man who can step in and do what needs to be done in Odn. Simple matter of registering as voter back home. One Lulama Mvimbi????

  4. Quite right my dear Drewan ,
    Opportune time to let the ANC rule, okay?
    Not Drewan Baird .

    I’m waiting, give it your best shot!

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