All’s calm at Verwoerd Sq

Too calm for comfort?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 3 June 2013. 13h30. The Verwoerd Sq management just released the following media statement:

The administration of the Oudtshoorn Municipality is today continuing business as normal, ensuring service delivery to residents in the face even of political showmanship.

The IEC acknowledged five vacancies in the Oudtshoorn Council at 09h35 today to confirm that Messrs Pieter Luiters, Hendrik Botha, Jeremy Goliath, Hendrik Ruiters, and Jurie Harmse are no longer councillors of Oudtshoorn.

Four of the former councillors served on the Mayco, and the Mayor, Alderman Gordon April, responded immediately by announcing a new executive:

• The Deputy Mayor, Alderman Vlancio Donson;
• The Speaker, Alderman Johannes Stoffels, ex officio;
• Councillor Lea Stalmeester: Corporate Services;
• Councillor Nondumiso Gunguluza: Community Services;
• Councillor Zoliswa Phillips: Finanace;
• Alderman Charlie Wagenaar: Technical Services;
• Councillor Erik Ngalo: Strategic Services.

The Mayor this morning also extended the tenure of the acting Municipal Manager, Mr Ron Lottering, for 30 days, by his delegated authority.

The Western Cape Minister of Local Government had been approached to condone the extension demanded by the exigency of the current Oudtshoorn political uncertainty which resulted in the inability of Council to appoint the chosen candidate on Friday.

The Speaker is confident of approaching the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday to seek relief setting aside the consititution and decisions of the meeting of 17 councillors which follwed the closure of the Council Meeting on May 31.

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3 thoughts on “All’s calm at Verwoerd Sq

  1. Tony they say “small things amuses small minds” good riddence to bad rubbish. Hoe steek die small 5 hul gesigte by die deur uit. Ruggraatlose iskariotte, is hulle welkom by die DA? Geen sakeman kan sulke patete eers aanstel nie, hul sal jou resep vekoop. Goeiste vryf die sout in hul wonde ANTON BREDELL.

  2. eish bru, daar is joebs open, hoe kry ek die councilor joeb? I haves got a blue t-shirt and if its outside-in, nou is hy swart, groen en goud. Ek kan draai hom in-and-out two times a day. And ek has qualifies too. I lead from the back, that way they can’t sees if I sleeping. I is a member of the public and i need to be served. Tighten da bottle neck I says, hide behing rooi tape I says. Service and Delivery me to my pleck in die son.

  3. and that my dear friends is what is meant by…… “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.
    expect NOTHING and you wont be disappointed.

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